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Chapter X – Chapter t.i.tle
Translated by: 白酒鬼

Faced with a BOSS, Lin Fan didn't dare be careless. He lifted his hand and used Wrathful Tide, dealing 30 damage.

"The f.u.c.k? Isn't this too strong!?" Lin Fan cursed in surprise. Then, he cast Thunderbolt, dealing just over 10 damage. Upon getting struck by lightning, the evil locust overlord's evolution was completed. The evil locust overlord spread its two green wings and glared at Lin Fan who had more or less pushed its species to extinction.

"*Roar*" the evil locust overlord roared as it charged at Lin Fan. Its extra pair of mandibles, under Lin Fan’s surprised gaze, started flying at him. They stabbed at him like a pair of giant flying swords.

"f.u.c.k me!" Lin Fan shouted as he dropped to the ground. Lin Fan broke out in cold sweat as he saw the two giant blades fly over him. Lin Fan's stats may be strong, but in the face of a level 35 BOSS, they were nothing.

Even though Lin Fan was wearing a full set of level 15 blue equipment, which was roughly equal to 4 pieces of level 20 purple equipment, the evil locust overlord was a level 35 BOSS. Moreover, it specialised in offense. Lin Fan knew full well that just two attacks was enough to end him.

After the giant blades flew past Lin Fan's head, they flew back to the evil locust overlord. Then, the overlord roared once more and rushed at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan swiftly rolled. Then, he stood up and cast Wrathful Tide followed by Fire Shield. After blocking the attack, he cast Thunderbolt.

Within that short minute, the evil locust overlord had attacked numerous times, but failed to damage Lin Fan in the least. Instead, Lin Fan had dealt over 60 damage to it. To begin with, the evil locust overlord only had 300HP. Lin Fan's attacks had taken out a fifth of its health.

"*Roar*" the evil locust overlord knew it was in danger. If things carried on like this, it would definitely die.

The evil locust overlord roared once more, and its body suddenly grew several times larger. In front of the new overlord, Lin Fan felt extremely tiny. Even its mandibles were bigger than Lin Fan's body.

At this moment, the evil locust overlord finally looked like a true BOSS. A cold glint flashed past its emerald-green eyes as it spread its giant wings and batted them towards Lin Fan, sending a typhoon his way.

"*Roar*" After battering him with wind, the overlord sent its mandibles at Lin Fan's head once more.

This time, the blow struck, dealing 400 damage. What the h.e.l.l!? That took out at least half of my HP and MP!

"Thank G.o.d I have the Ring of Conversion. I would've died without it!" Lin Fan calmed himself and cast Wrathful Tide once more, dealing just over 20 damage. Then, he drank a bottle of Mystic Fountain Water, and let out a sigh of a relief as he saw his bars fill back up.

Of course, there was no way the evil locust overlord would let him rest. It spread open its mouth and tried to bite Lin Fan.

"Fire Shield" Lin Fan hurriedly cast Fire Shield to block the attack.

With Fire Shield blocking the bite, Lin Fan had full view of the overlord's razor sharp teeth. He reflexively fed it a Thunderbolt.

"*Buzz*" with its insides struck by lightning, the overlord screamed and coughed up smoke. From above his head, a [-30] appeared. It was clear from this that its internal organs were relatively delicate.

Unfortunately, it learned its lesson and wisely kept its mouth shut from then on. The overlord decided to stick to slashing with its mandibles.

Lin Fan was exceptionally careful as well. The trauma from getting struck by those blades was still fresh in his mind. If I get hit by those things a couple times, I'm a goner.

After dodging the mandibles, Lin Fan once more cast Wrathful Tide. In response, the evil locust overlord roared. Then, it spread its wings a battered Lin Fan with a strong gust of wind, sending him flying.

"*Roar*" Seeing Lin Fan fly, the evil locust overlord roared and charged at him with its mandibles wide open.

"Wrathful Tide!" Seeing the overlord flying at him, Lin Fan hit  it with a Wrathful Tide. Unfortunately, the explosion didn't obstruct it in the least.

One of the mandibles landed on Lin Fan and sent him smashing towards the ground.

Lin Fan paled when he saw the damage. He was now left with barely over 10HP. Just a light tap was enough to kill him.

Lin Fan hurriedly drank a bottle of Divine Fountain Water, restoring all his HP and MP. Then, seeing that the evil locust overlord was charging once more, Lin Fan cast fire shield and blocked the attack. Afterwards, he cast Thunderbolt. Now, the evil locust overlord had barely over 10HP left as well.

"*Roar!*" The evil locust overlord unresignedly roared. It once more felt a threat to its life. Accompanying that roar, was a nigh infinite storm of wind blades.

The damage of a single blade wasn't high, but the whole bunch was a different story. Moreover, they all flew towards Lin Fan in a matter of seconds. He couldn't dodge them all, and was. .h.i.t by several tens of blades, resulting in over 600 damage. If it wasn't for the Ring of Conversion, he would've been sent back.

"Wrathful Tide!' Lin Fan hurriedly cast Wrathful Tide, killing the Evil Locust Overlord. Fortunately for him, upon its demise, the wind blades disappeared.

When he saw the sliver of health he had left, Lin Fan sighed in relief. He had triumphed.

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