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Chapter 34 – Eternity

Translated by: 白酒鬼

The next day, Lin Fan woke up early in the morning, opened up The Strange World's official site, and checked for any new updates. There was one.

Because the equipment of some players was too eye-catching, it was now possible to hide the light emitted by equipment. With regards to this, Lin Fan was delighted. After all his gear really was too noticeable. Whenever he walked through the streets of Holy City, everyone would be looking at him. To Lin Fan, being able to hide equipment light, was some great news.

After reading this, Lin Fan put on the helmet and once more entered the game. He was still at the archon's office. After opening the menu and searching for a bit, he found the option to hide equipment colours.

After hiding it, Lin Fan let out a sigh of relief. After all, without it, the Undead Lord set was enough  to make Lin Fan a scenic attraction.

After all., the Undead Lord set was a blue set. At the moment, the effects of a blue set were simply earth-shaking.

After leaving the city, Lin Fan once more went towards Nightmare Castle. Currently, the place was filled with people. After all, it had become an instance. The rewards gained from completing an instance were quite good even though they weren't as dazzling as the original.

"After a few days, green equipment probably won't be worth much anymore," Lin Fan slightly sighed. Upon completion of the Nightmare Castle instance, there'd be a large drop rate for green equipment. Moreover, Holy City had plenty of players. There were definitely quite a few parties capable of clearing the Nightmare Castle instance. When that happens, the value of green equipment would drop greatly.

"Where are you?" Liu Mengxiao's voice came from a chat window.

"Outside the city, I'm on my way to Nightmare Castle! It just became an instance, so I feel like trying it out!" Lin Fan laughed.

"Me, Mengru and the others are there too! Are you going to enter as a party or solo it?" Liu Mengxiao asked.

"I'll try doing it on my own," Lin Fan replied after thinking over it. "The beginner difficulty should be tailored for level fifteens. Even the final boss shouldn't be past level twenty. You guys should be able to handle it."

"I know that we're only doing the beginner instance, but it's still quite tough. After all, it's the early game and everyone's level is quite low. After talking it over, we decided to split ourselves into two groups and help people beat Nightmare Castle. This should help out with our guild's popularity!" Liu Mengxiao said with a smile, "With our equipment and levels, we should be able to handle a level fifteen instance."

"That's a good idea. Besides, the EXP is higher than normal hunting. It can help you level up faster!" Lin Fan nodded his head.

"Yep, I'll be going now," Liu Mengxiao nodded as she hung up.

"Select instance, solo Intermediate!" Lin Fan said. Instances had four difficulties, Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and Master. The quest Lin Fan completed was roughly at Master, so originally he wanted to select Expert. But to play it safe, he chose Expert.

Lin Fan once more stepped into the first floor of Nightmare Castle. Seeing the vampires coming at him, Lin Fan simply cast Scorching Heaven which he had just learnt. A wave of fire shot out in front of him, and a string of damage numbers flew out.

"This damage is f.u.c.king high!" Lin Fan was shocked at what he had done. He actually killed off over half the monsters in front of him in a single attack.

After casting Wrathful Wave once more, the remaining vampires were wiped out. TAnd once more, the Vampire Baron appeared. Even though he was level 20 like last time,  he was far weaker than before. After all, he was no longer a BOSS. Instead, he had dropped to a mere Elite. He was basically the same as that phony on the 2nd floor. With Lin Fan's current strength, the Vampire Baron fell in a few attacks. 

On the second floor, Lin Fan swiftly slaughtered everything there and went up to the BOSS room. Paros was still a level 20 BOSS, but in front of the newly decked out Lin Fan, he didn't stand a chance.

On the third floor, he once more faced Vampire Count Romundt.  Faced with Lin Fan, even if Romundt was stronger, he still wouldn't be able to cope with Lin Fan's output. Soon, Romundt was beaten to verge of death by Lin Fan's Thunderbolts

This time, being a mere Intermediate instance, Romundt didn't evolve. The most he did was release a large AOE attack and the swarm of bats. But, under Lin Fan's Wrathful Tide, the bats were reduced to dust instantly.

Upon Romundt's death, a chest appeared in front of Lin Fan. This was the Instance's final reward. As an Intermediate Instance, it had the chance to give blue equipment. Albeit, the chance wasn't high.

[Player has completed Nightmare Castle Instance, Score: Perfect, +5000 EXP, acquired equipment: Life Ring]

[Life Ring(Green): P.DEF 7, +10% to effect of all healing spells, Required Level: 9, Required Cla.s.s: Priest.] It was a low level Priest item, but it was still quite good.

After leaving the instance, Lin Fan saw a message from Liu Mengxiao.

"Lin Fan, hurry to the north gate, Ye Mengru was killed by some guys from Eternity and she dropped the Scepter of Darkness!" was the message.

Lin Fan checked the time the message was sent. It was 2 minutes ago. Apart from Liu Mengxiao, several other people sent him the same thing. Hua Feng, Ye Mengru, pretty much everyone's but Chaotic Sky.

"Where are you?" Lin Fan called Chaotic Sky. Chaotic Sky's chat permissions were set to private, so apart from Lin Fan, n.o.body could contact him.

"In the instance. Hehe, it's at Expert difficulty and I'm on the third floor!" Chaotic Sky chuckled and said, "Once I've finished this, I should level up at least once."

"Mengru got killed by people from Eternity and lost the Sceptre of Darkness!" Lin Fan said to him.

"What!? Where are you? I'll be there soon. To actually dare harm one of my people… They can forget about staying in Holy City anymore!" Chaotic Sky growled. Then, he tore a Return Scroll and ran to Holy City's north gate.

"I'll be there soon!" Lin Fan sent a call to Liu Mengxiao and said, "Calm down, me and Chaotic Sky are on our way!"

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