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When the time for the system update arrived, everyone could not help but log out of the game.

Lin Fan put down his helmet and breathed a sigh of relief. After four months, a new chapter in the game was finally released. It was the first player city in Beijing to be built in his own hands.

For Lin Fan, if he wasn't excited or proud, it was a lie. However, Lin Fan also understood that he would need to work hard to protect the Imperial City!

Putting these things aside, Lin Fan walked out of the room. At this moment, everyone was already seated in the hall.

"Boss, we are discussing the construction of the city!" "Let's discuss it together!" Hua Feng couldn't help but ask with a smile as he saw Lin Fan come out.

"Forget it, I'll leave it up to you guys then!" Lin Fan shook his head, looked at the crowd and said, "At that time, you will have to put in a lot of effort to build the imperial city!" "I'm not too familiar with these things!"

"After you're done with your work, come home with me!" Lin Fan walked to Liu Meng Xiao's side and wrapped his arms around Liu Meng Xiao's waist. He softly said, "In a few months, your stomach will swell. Now, let's ride home and meet my father!"

"En!" Hearing this, Liu Meng Xiao couldn't help but reveal a bashful expression as he nodded.

"Cough, cough!" Looking at the gazes of the crowd, Lin Fan immediately coughed and said to the crowd in front of him: "There's one more thing you need to pay more attention to!"

"What is it?"

"The Elves in the Elf Mountain Village are all treasures. Don't use them recklessly!" Lin Fan said to everyone and then told them everything that he and Ariel had said to each other!

"No way!" "Are you saying that as long as we hold the city, the elves will help the archers of our Guild to change their jobs and become Elven archers?" Everyone looked at Lin Fan in shock, their minds buzzing. Hidden Professions, and all Hidden Professions, that was way too exaggerated!

"Yes, although they are not the complete Elven archers and only have a small amount of strength, they are still of great a.s.sistance. Therefore, these Elves are of great use!" Lin Fan nodded and said.

"We understand!" Everyone could not help but reveal a slight joy when they heard this. As long as they were able to protect the city, the benefits that the a.s.sociation would obtain would be inestimable.

"Also, it's time to use the batch of potions that we previously concocted!" Lin Fan looked at the crowd and said, "Those potions that came out of the snake holes are extremely powerful. When the siege begins, they will be distributed to melee players and archers!"

"We've already considered that. Moreover, Xia Yu has recently produced 100 vials of Vampire Poison and a few other potions that are very useful on the battlefield!" Liu Mengxiao nodded and said with a smile.

"Xia Yu can make potions now?" Lin Fan's face lit up. It had only been a week since he completed the Mystic Potion Job Change, but Xia Yu had already fully mastered the Mystic Pharmacist skill.

"All of them are rather basic potions, but their attributes are pretty good!" Xia You said with a reddened face.

"That's good. When the time comes, I'll use the potions you made!" Lin Fan smiled and nodded, speaking out loud. Actually, Lin Fan still had some confidence that he could complete the mission. After all, the empire and several large unions were jointly defending the city.

The only thing Lin Fan was worried about was that the Undead Xue Sha and the Murderous World would come out and cause trouble. If these two ran out and large groups of monsters attacked the imperial city, then it would be really difficult to protect them!

"At that time, if these fellows really come running over, don't blame me!" Lin Fan revealed a sneer as he muttered to himself.

Lin Fan's backpack still had the explosive potions produced by Long Hai. Each bottle of explosive potion's power was comparable to Lin Fan's Thunder Anger Apocalypse. With such a terrifying killing move, Lin Fan wasn't afraid of the undead blood fiend's attacks.

"Thinking about the Undead Blood Fiend?" Liu Mengxiao looked at Lin Fan and asked.

"En!" Lin Fan could not help but reveal a bitter smile when he heard this. He spoke out, "This fellow Undead Xue Sha is not easy to deal with!"

"I heard that the Undead Xue Sha recruited many people to join his guild. In addition, many second-rate guilds have also joined his guild. When the time comes, we'll be fighting a tough battle!" Liu Meng Xiao also frowned and said.

"Don't worry. In terms of strength, the Undead Blood Fiend is indeed very strong. However, if the few of us join hands and the Undead Blood Fiend dares to attack us, I will not let him off lightly!" Lin Fan's eyes flashed with a cold light as he said, "Unless, the Undead Blood Fiend doesn't want to create a city!"

"Indeed. Although the Undead Blood Fiend and Everlasting Guild are powerful, they are still a bit inferior to the combined strength of the Three Great Guilds and our Empire!" Hearing this, Liu Meng Xiao could not help but nod his head and say.

"In terms of the number of experts, the Undead Xue Sha is comparable to the number of experts in our empire. This is the tricky part!" Lin Fan frowned and said.

The Empire's high-end forces could be considered extremely powerful. Explosive technique, hidden thief, Zhanmadao, three great myths suppressing the battle, coupled with Mo Feng, Bai Chen, and a series of other rising talents, had long left the major unions far behind. Moreover, there were also thirteen teams of top a.s.sa.s.sins, and if they were to compete in high-end positions, the Empire would be able to dominate the entire server.

Other than the Empire, there was the Blood Evil of the Undead, the killing moves of the Undead were endless, and they could even be compared to Lin Fan and Heaven Breaker. Other than the Undead Blood Evil, the so-called Four Protectors were also close to Chaotic Heavenly Mo Feng's strength, and were extremely difficult to deal with.

"When the war really begins, everything is hard to say!" Undead Xue Sha and Murderous World had invested a large amount of gold coins in the game and recruited many experts. In terms of background, at this moment, perhaps the Undead Xue Sha's background was even more terrifying than Lin Fan and the others', and the elite group was already extremely powerful.

"The ambition of this bunch of fellows has long been obvious!" "Let's be careful!" Lin Fan breathed out, looked at the crowd and said.

"En, we understand!" Everyone nodded when they heard this.

"Work hard!" "Take advantage of the fact that I have seven days to do what I need to do. It's best if you can help me level up as soon as possible!" Lin Fan looked at the time and said to Mo Feng, "I've been levelling by myself for the past few days. I've already started levelling!"

"Alright!" After Mo Feng heard this, he couldn't help but nod his head. Lin Fan's speed was extremely fast, especially when he was alone. If Lin Fan was levelling alone in these seven days, he would be much faster than everyone else. …

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