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Chapter 27 – Undead Lord Set
Translated by: 白酒鬼

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"With this dagger, clearing Nightmare Castle will be much easier!" Lin Fan stared at Chaotic Sky and said, "From now on, focus on levelling up. Try to reach level fifteen as soon as possible. Once we get there, we should be able to beat Nightmare Castle's final BOSS."

"Alright!" Chaotic Sky chuckled, "Since I have nothing better to do right now, I may as well help you with your quest. Besides, I'm curious what kind of ridiculous rewards a five star quest gives."

"You'll find out soon enough!" Lin Fan rubbed the Ring of Conversion on his hand. It was his first 5 star quest that gave him that gift from G.o.d. Lin Fan was very clear how good the rewards of a 5 star quest were.

"You guys should come along too!" Lin Fan turned to Liu Mengxiao and spoke, "Let's party up and head to Nightmare Castle. When the time comes to deal with the Vampire Count, I'll need your guys's help!"

"Luckily we don't have anything to do right now. Let's go!" Liu Mengxiao said with a smile. With the Acuity Set equipped, she was much stronger than before. It was only natural that she would be more confident.

"I won't be going. I'm a crafter. Combat just isn't for me!" Xia You said with a cute smile. Naturally, no one opposed this. To begin with, Xia You was a crafter, level didn't matter to her as much.

"Let's go then!" After Lin Fan bought a bunch of potions, he began heading to Nightmare Castle. Because Hua Feng was around, he didn't bring as many HP potions. Most of the potions were MP ones.

After opening the door, Lin Fan got Chaotic Sky to lure over all the vampires, then had the rest of the part obstruct them. All he had to do, was safely cast Ground Spike. Soon, the 30 over vampires died.

"So fast!" Liu Gang exclaimed with surprise. The vampires were level 15 monsters. And yet, Lin Fan dealt with them easily. In just 2 or 3 attacks, they all perished.

"The BOSS is here!" Lin Fan stared at the ceiling. The boss had finally flown down and was looking at the group. Then, it advanced.

"Thunderbolt!" Lin Fan didn't bother waiting. After equipping Thunder G.o.d's Authority, Lin Fan's damage had soared to new heights. It actually dealt 200 damage to the Vampire Baron. As for Chaotic Sky, he suddenly appeared next to the Vampire Baron and ruthlessly stabbed it's neck.

This caused 120 damage. Even though it was quite a bit less than Lin Fan, Chaotic Sky was using a green dagger. That he could deal that much damage was amazing.

"Focus on damage output! Our attacks are the strongest so the BOSS's aggro will be on us. Don't hold back!" Lin Fan spoke as he dodged an attack.

Upon hearing this, the party immediately bombarded the Vampire Baron with all they had.

Soon, the group found out a depressing truth. Their combined damage was still less than that of Lin Fan and Chaotic Sky's individual damage. Even with her new Acuity Set, Liu Mengxiao couldn't keep up with either of them.

"They really are a pair of freaks!" Yun Duo swore under her breath as she saw the damage numbers constantly come out of the BOSS's head. In that string of numbers, the two most prominent ones were a 200 and a 100+. As for the rest, they were below 100. Even Liu Mengxiao could only deal 50 damage.

Under their intense barrage, the Vampire Baron let out a pitiful wail and fell to the ground. Upon it's death, Liu Mengxiao, Liu Gang and Hua Feng levelled up.

"I'm level 13 now!" Liu Mengxiao smiled from ear to ear as she spoke. "I thought it'd only be just before I logged off that I'd level up. Who would've thought that that Vampire Baron would give so much experience!"

"Me too! A level twenty BOSS really does give tons of experience!" Liu Gang was shocked as well. He didn't expect that he'd actually level up again so soon.

"I'm still only level 12! Sigh… there's no helping it. After all, my starting was worse than your guys's." He too didn't think that the BOSS would give so much experience.

As for Ye Mengru and Yun Duo, even though they were still level 12, they only need a bit more EXP to hit 13.

"I should be able to hit level fifteen after beating the second floor's BOSS!" Chaotic Sky chuckled. Then, he looked at Lin Fan and mocked, "Your death was really fortunate! I'm first place on the level rankings now!"

"Screw off! Lin Fan saltily glared at the guy wallowing in his misery and said, "My damage is higher than yours, so the experience I get is higher too. I'll catch up soon enough!" Lin Fan took a look at his own EXP bar. There was still 80% left till level 15. But, to Lin Fan, that was nothing much. After all, the 2nd floor's BOSS gave a ridiculous amount of EXP. It would probably be enough for him to level up. Moreover, the 2nd floor also had a couple hundred vampires. With that experience on top of the BOSS's, he'd definitely be able to reach level 15. When that happened, he would finally be able to equip the Undead Lord Set, which would make dealing with Romundt much easier.

"It dropped 3 items!" Ye Mengru picked up the items and excitedly said, "one Undead Lord's Boots, one Undead Lord's Armlet and one Fine Iron Shield."

"Undead Lord's Boots, Undead Lord's Armlet!" Lin Fan's eyes lit up. He didn't expect that two parts of the Undead Lord series would drop. This was an unexpected boon.

"Hand the Undead Lord stuff to Lin Fan. He probably has a few pieces already. As for the shield, give it to Liu Gang. Warriors can use shields too." Liu Mengxiao happily said to Ye Mengru.

"Alright!" Ye Mengru nodded her head gave the two Undead Lord items to Lin Fan. Then, she said to him, "Remember to give me all your old stuff and help me find some new stuff too!"

"I know," Lin Fan bitterly smiled. This girl is really good at taking advantage of people.

After receiving the items, the other 3 Undead Lord equipment in Lin Fan's inventory began glowing with a dim light. Then, new text was added to the description of the 3 already appraised items.

[Undead Lord Set (⅝): INT+5, SPI+5]

When he saw this effect, Lin Fan reflexively whooped. The Undead Lord series was definitely a set. Moreover, it was an 8 item set. It was clearly going to be much better than the 5 item Acuity Set.

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