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Chapter 25 – Surprise
Translated by: 白酒鬼

"We're here!" Liu Mengxiao said with a smile, "I brought the rest of the guild here to greet you!"

Lin Fan looked at the people behind Liu Mengxiao. There were 30 people. Even though it wasn't much for guild, it was still plenty strong in the early game.

"This is the expert I was talking about. His the current number one on the level rankings, Devil May Cry!" Liu Mengxiao pointed at Lin Fan as she talked to the guild members. "He's also one of Empire's founding members!  You guys should pay your respects to him!"

Upon hearing that, the guild members weren't too surprised. After all, Lin Fan was armed to the teeth. 4 pieces of green armor and 1 blue staff were enough to showcase his prowess.

"Hehe, big bro Lin Fan, where's my staff?" Ye Mengru didn't hesitate in the least as she pestered Lin Fan.

"Uh… I can't give to you now. I still need it for a few days." Lin Fan scratched his head as he spoke, "I managed to get a new staff, but I don't have enough money to get it appraised. And even if it was appraised, I'm probably still too low-levelled to equip it."

"Don't have enough money to appraise it? It can't be that you got something which costs fifteen gold again!?" Liu Mengxiao asked Lin Fan with surprise. She still remembered the dagger which cost 15 gold to appraise. It's just too expensive."

"I have enough!" Liu Mengxiao grit her teeth and said to Lin Fan. Then, she sent a trade request.

"You'll need the money to develop the guild! How can I take it!?" Lin Fan shook his head and rejected the trade request.

"Developing the guild in the early game may be important, but your strength is even more vital. Besides, the equipment you gave us is worth much more than this!" Liu Mengxiao said to Lin Fan.

"Fine, then treat it like a loan. I'll return the gold in two days," Lin Fan said as he accepted the request. While taking the gold, he handed over the Acuity Set.

"Ah!"Liu Mengxiao was shocked when she received the Acuity Set. Then, she said to Lin Fan, "this set is worth far more than 15 gold. Look like I'm owing you more and more."

"I'm a member of the guild. It's my duty to help!" Lin Fan chuckled.

Liu Mengxiao immediately put on the set after hitting accept. The set effect kicked in, causing a light azure wind to envelop her, further exemplifying her beauty.

"Set equipment!" Seeing what happened to Liu Mengxiao, the players behind her immediately knew that she was wearing a set. At first, they were discontent with Liu Mengxiao for giving Lin Fan 15 gold, but after seeing this, they no longer felt displeased. A green set was worth around 50,000RMB. Compared 50,000 in cash, what was 15 gold worth?

"Great! Now that big sis Xiaoxiao has a set, she can be a walking billboard! This will make recruiting players in Holy City much easier!" A young female a.s.sa.s.sin standing next to Liu Mengxiao enviously cheered.

"I'll go appraise the staff!" Lin Fan said as he handed Thunder G.o.d's Authority and 15 gold to the appraiser.

Then, the staff began emitting a rich purple light. Upon noticing this, the guild members stared at the staff on the table with greed. Especially the few mages in the group. They were already drooling. This was a purple staff! The best among them were only using green staffs, and the rest were still using white items sold in shops. They'd barely even seen any blue equipment, so how could they resist the allure of a purple item?

[Thunder G.o.d's Authority(Purple): M.ATK 75, INT+7, SPI+10, doubles damage of all thunder magic, can be used 10 levels lower than requirement, Required Level:20]

Seeing that effect, Lin Fan's jaw dropped. Originally, the level requirement was 20, but thanks to the effect, the staff could be used at level 10. That was simply horrifying.

Moreover, it doubles the damage of all thunder magic. To begin with, my Thunderbolt is at the intermediate level, letting it deal an extra 50% damage. If I include the staff's effect, I can definitely deal at least 50 damage to Vampire Count Romundt!

Lin Fan immediately equipped Thunder G.o.d's Authority and handed Ye Mengru his blue staff, causing her to grin.

"This is for you!" Lin Fan then remembered the Seven Star Cauldron in his inventory and gave it to Xia You whose subcla.s.s was alchemist.

"Wow! This cauldron is great!" Xiao You's jaw dropped when she saw it's effects. Then, she continued, "Right now I'm still using a white cauldron. With this instead, I can make use of higher levelled ingredients!"

Just as Lin Fan was about to speak, Chaotic Sky rushed into the store. Most people, upon seeing the crowd, would walk around them. However, Chaotic Sky wasn't "most people". He directly cut through them and walked up to Lin Fan. Then, he stretched out his hand and demanded, "My Dagger!?"

After seeing Chaotic Sky's actions, the crowd creased their brows. A few of them even considered stepping up and teaching him a lesson. But, when they saw his gear, they immediately backed. Someone with 3 green equipment and 2 blue equipment wasn't someone they could beat.

"Here!" Lin Fan said while shaking his head. This guy's still the same. The only thing he fears is there not being enough chaos in the world. He's always itching for a fight. No matter how many people you send after him, he'd take them all on.

"Hehe!" Chaotic Sky laughed as he gazed at Toxic Fang, "What a beautiful shape. I love it!" Then, he handed it over to the appraiser.

Then, a purple light was emitted from the dagger. This left the crowd absolutely stunned, what the same thought on their minds, "Another purple item! Who the h.e.l.l are these people!? Which BOSS's lair did they raid!?"

"Everyone, you all came here from Willowed Moon. I know you guys think that Empire doesn't stand a chance against them. I also know, that the only reason you followed is because of some conflicts and disagreements in the guild. But let me tell you, Empire will be rise. We will rise far above Willowed Moon. So high that they can't even reach our feet! Maybe when you came you thought that we didn't have any experts to hold the fort. But let me tell you this, we have two aces that are far stronger than Holy Knight Fortress. They were famous in the past, so you should have heard of them. They are the Spellstorm, Blameless and the Clandestine Marauder, Chaotic Sky!"

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