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Chapter 24 – Defeated
Translated by: 白酒鬼

Early next morning, Lin Fan had just woken up. He checked the time, and seeing it was only 6 am, decided to get dressed before sitting cross-legged on his bed. Then, he silently exhaled and closed his eyes. Finally, he began operating his breathing technique.

This  breathing technique was one pa.s.sed down through Lin Fan's family for ages. However, Lin Fan didn't even know its name. When he was little, he found this technique in his ancestral home and decided to practice it out of curiosity. Even though it didn't have any effects on his body, it increased his reaction speed, and mind. It was this technique that allowed Lin Fan to be the greatest among legendary gamers.

Right after eating breakfast, Lin Fan logged in. Despite an entire night pa.s.sing, the BOSS still hadn't resp.a.w.ned. Moreover, the portal was still there. Before entering, Lin Fan decided to look in his inventory. Inside, there were over 10 pieces of equipment as well as over 30 bottles of Mystic Fountain Water and 7 bottles of Divine Fountain Water.

"I'm running out of Mystic Fountain Water, but the 7 bottles of Divine Fountain Water should count as several hundred bottles of Mystic Fountain Water. This should be good enough!" After pondering for awhile, Lin Fan took a deep breath and stepped into the portal.

"d.a.m.ned human[1], you actually dare challenge my majesty!?" As soon as Lin Fan stepped out of the portal, he heard a booming roar.

"The BOSS?" Lin Fan was shocked. I didn't think I'd get sent straight to Vampire Count Romundt! Isn't he supposed to be the final BOSS of nightmare castle?

Romundt wore a jet-black robe which contrasted his snow-white face and sharp ivory fangs. All in all, he looked extremely sinister.

"d.a.m.ned human, since you've come, I shall grant you the honor of becoming my meal!" Romundt howled as his teeth suddenly lengthened and he licked his lips with his blood-red tongue.

"Thunderbolt!" Lin Fan completely ignored his lines as he struck Romundt with a Thunderbolt, dealing 28 damage.

"Dammit, he's a level 25 BOSS with ten thousand HP. This is gonna take forever." Lin Fan grimaced as he looked at the Vampire Count in front of him. He couldn't even begin to guess how long the fight would take.

"*Roar!*" Romundt  moved almost instantly as he rushed forward and stabbed Lin Fan with a dagger that suddenly appeared in his hand and did 200 damage.

Lin Fan paled at this sight. What the h.e.l.l? Why's this guy so strong!? I d.a.m.n near got insta-killed by that attack. And there's that speed of his. That's basically teleportation.

"Dammit! Lin Fan retreated as he cast a Thunderbolt. Unfortunately, the damage was pitifully low.

"*Roar!*" Vampire Count Romundt roared once more as he dashed forward and stabbed Lin Fan in the neck with his dagger.

A [-500] appeared over Lin Fan's head. Like so, Lin Fan was forced back to the city by Vampire Count Romundt.

After a black screen, Lin Fan found himself in Holy City, his eyes full of helplessness. Vampire Count Romundt was just too strong after all. There was simply no way Lin Fan could beat him with skill alone.

Lin Fan checked his inventory. He dropped a bottle of Divine Fountain Water, a Necklace of Acuity, and the rest of his Mystic Fountain Water. The loss was still acceptable. However, Lin Fan's level dropped to 13. Luckily, the bar was at 99%.

"Where are you?" Lin Fan bitterly smiled as he contacted Liu Mengxiao.

"We're farming. What is it?" Liu Mengxiao asked. "You're done with your quest?"

"Nope! I got killed!" Lin Fan bitter laughed. "Come back for now, I'll hand you the set equipment!"

"What!? You got killed?" Liu Mengxiao exclaimed before saying, "Alright then, we'll return. Where should we meet?"

"The same old place." Lin Fan took a look in his inventory, and seeing that there was still several equipment in need of appraising, went to the appraiser's store.

"Where are you?" Lin Fan asked Chaotic Sky.

"Farming gold! Come over here,I've almost got enough!" Chaotic Sky shouted. Then he asked, "So, did you finish the quest?"

"Nope! I got killed!" Lin Fan helpless laughed, "Why don't you help me with it later? Maybe with some backup I could complete it."

"Alright!" Chaotic Sky said. "I'm heading back with the money now! Haha, get ready to hand me that purple dagger!"

"Yeah yeah, just get over here already!" Lin Fan said as he stepped into the appraiser's store and handed the appraiser the equipment.

"19 gold." The appraiser said after looking at the equipment.

"As expected, there's a purple item!" Lin Fan smiled at the news and asked, "Which is it?"

"It's this staff. Moreover, it's a top quality purple item too," the appraiser picked up the Thunder G.o.d’s Authority and said to Lin Fan.

"Appraise the other 4 items first!" Lin Fan bitterly smiled as he kept away the Thunder G.o.d’s Authority. He only had 8 gold on him. So, he had the other 4 items appraised first.

"Alright!" The appraiser appraised the items without another word.

[Undead Lord's Mantle(Blue): P.DEF 25, M.DEF 20, +5% to all magic damage, SPI+6, Required Level:15.]

[Undead Lord's Sacred Ring(Blue): P.DEF 7, INT+3, +3% to all magic damage, Required Level:15.]

[Belt of Vitality(Blue) :+10 Inventory slots, +300 Max HP, Required Level:15.]

[Seven Star Cauldron(Blue): Increases the chance of successfully crafting potions by 20%, No level requirement.]

Lin Fan grinned when he saw the descriptions. The Seven Star Cauldron was pretty much made for subcla.s.ses. As for the other 3 items, they would be of use to him. Especially the Belt of Vitality. For a mage, that extra health was extremely useful.

"Lin Fan" Liu Mengxiao called out from behind him while Lin Fan was deep in thought. Behind her, was a large group of people

"I'm here!" she to Lin Fan with a smile.

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[1] The boss refers to Lin Fan as 人类 I.e. Human. Which is strange considering he's a devil in-game. I guess the two races look similar? Same with chapter 19.

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