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Chapter 21 – Acuity Set
Translated by: 白酒鬼

After placing the dagger in his warehouse, Lin Fan bought a bunch of potions and returned to Nightmare Castle.

There, the monsters hadn't resp.a.w.ned yet and the portal was still there, so Lin Fan directly went to the next stage.

Upon exiting the portal, Lin Fan found himself in a s.p.a.cious corridor which gave off a much more ominous feeling than that of the first floor. Look around the corridor, he notice a fair amount of vampires. The vampires, upon seeing Lin Fan, charged at him.

"Ground Spike!" Lin Fan cast Ground Spike while dodging their attacks. Soon, the 10 over vampires were wiped out.

"The drop rate here is better than on the first floor!" Seeing the items on the ground, Lin Fan couldn't resist grinning. Every Vampire dropped a bottle of Mystic Fountain Water as well as 1 silver. This drop rate was extremely high. After picking up the items, Lin Fan chortled, "this time, I won't have to worry about potions running out."

Seeing that there were no more vampires, Lin Fan continued down the corridor. Upon reaching the end, he discovered a large hall.

"*Roar*!" The hall was filled to the brim with vampires. As soon as Lin Fan appeared, they roared and rushed at him by the dozen.

"Holy f.u.c.k!" Lin Fan cussed as he dashed back the way he came. If he got surrounding by that many vampires, he'd still be disconnected no matter how many extra lives he had.

"*Roar!*" The hundred over vampires constantly roared as they charged at Lin Fan. There were so many of them that they actually obstructed each other, causing only the 6 frontmost vampires to be able to face Lin Fan.

"Ground Spike!" Seeing this, Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief. If it was only 6 at a time, Lin Fan was more than capable of dealing with them. After all, Lin Fan's gear was better than last time. With the addition of all those Mystic Fountain Waters, Lin Fan had nothing to worry about.

Lin Fan constantly cast Ground Spike and Fire Shield. But even so, he was still soon pushed up a corner. However, this actually helped him. After all, with help from the walls, only 2 vampires could approach him each time. This greatly lowered the pressure on Lin Fan, to the point where he didn't even need to use Fire Shield.

Eventually, under Lin Fan's masterful use of Ground Spike, the hundred over vampires in front of him were exterminated.

"Hu!" After the last vampire went down, Lin Fan relaxed and took a look at his EXP bar. He had just levelled up from killing that Vampire Baron, so Lin Fan thought that being able to level up once more before logging off would already be quite good. But unexpectedly, he had actually filled up 95% of the bar and was about to level up yet again.

After picking up the items, Lin Fan was stunned. There were seven pieces of green equipment that didn't need to be appraised and over a hundred bottles of Mystic Fountain Water. Even 10 inventory slots wouldn't be enough to store them! Adding on the money they dropped, Lin Fan's gains this time were immeasurable.

"It's set equipment!" Lin Fan exclaimed when he saw what the vampires dropped. Even green sets, when completed, showed power exceeding that of 4 blue items.

[Ring of Acuity(Green): P.ATK 3-8, AGI+2, Required level:10 (VIT+10, AGI+10, P.ATK+10 when complete set is equipped)]

[Leather Plate of Acuity(Green): P.DEF 17, M.DEF 17, VIT+3, Required Level:10 (VIT+10, AGI+10, P.ATK+10 when complete set is equipped)]

[Boots of Acuity(Green): P.DEF+10, M.DEF+10, AGI+2, Required Level:10 (VIT+10, AGI+10, P.ATK+10 when complete set is equipped)]

[Bracelet of Acuity(Green): P.DEF+5, M.DEF+3, STR+2, Required Level:10 (VIT+10, AGI+10, P.ATK+10 when complete set is equipped)]

[Necklace of Acuity(Green) P.DEF+5,M.DEF+5,ATK SPD+1, Required Level:10 (VIT+10, AGI+10, P.ATK+10 when complete set is equipped)]

Lin Fan took a deep breath when he saw the stats of the set. This set mainly added to agility, so it was very well suited to agility based cla.s.ses like archers and a.s.sa.s.sins.

"Should I give this to Mengxiao or Chaotic Sky!?" Lin Fan's head hurt as he thought about it. If I gave it to Liu Mengxiao, she would be able to match up to me and Chaotic Sky even despite her lack of ability. On the other hand, if I gave it to Chaotic Sky, taking into account that unappraised purple dagger, he'd likely be able to solo level 25 BOSSes

"I'll give it to Mengxiao!" Lin Fan said after thinking it over. With this set, she'd be able to carry her squad. As for Chaotic Sky, he should be good enough to get his gear himself. I don't need to bother with him too much.

Apart from the Acuity Set, there was still a bracelet and a necklace in Lin Fan's inventory. After a moment's thought, he decided to equip them. After all, even though these two items were practically useless to him at the moment, those two slots were empty and every bit of defence helped.

I'm out of MP and HP potions too. Oh well, there's over a hundred Mystic Fountain Waters. They should be enough to last me through the boss fight.

Lin Fan once again returned to the hall. With all the mobs gone, it was extremely s.p.a.cious. Lin Fan turned his head up and looked towards the ceiling. There, he saw several mobs roaming about.

"That's…." Lin Fan spotted a vampire standing in the corner that was dressed differently from the others.

[Vampire Baron Papas: The son of Vampire Count Paros. Even though he has the t.i.tle of baron, he lacks the strength of one.]

"Why is it a level 20 Elite? The first floor's BOSS was a level 20 BOSS, so how could the second floor's BOSS be a mere Elite?" Lin Fan curiously looked at the Vampire Baron is he talked to himself.

"Screw it, I'll think about it after I kill him!"  Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt without any hesitation, attracting Vampire Baron Papas's attention.

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