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Chapter 19 – Vampire Baron
Translated by:白酒鬼

After levelling up, Lin Fan learned Ground Spike. Then, Lin Fan stepped forward. Following his step, the 4 coffins started moving once more.

I was right. These coffins have sensors. When they detect someone within a certain distance of them, they send out vampires.

While the coffins were moving, Lin Fan wasn't wasting time. He sent out a chain of thunderbolts, killing a vampire before it even left the box. With only 3 vampires left, things were much easier for Lin Fan. And after taking a look behind him, his eyes lit up. With the previous 4 vampires cleared out, there was plenty of s.p.a.ce, making dodging convenient.

"Ground Spike!" Lin Fan hurriedly cast Ground Spike when the 3 vampires pounced towards him. Immediately, countless spikes shot up and impaled the vampires for 48 damage.

"The damage is quite good!" Lin Fan whooped. Then, he ran forward, causing the 4 coffins to spit out another batch of vampires which glared at Lin Fan.

"Seven vampires. That's about right!" Lin Fan said in a low voice. With only 7 vampires, even if Lin Fan performed poorly, he'd still be able to get away. However, anymore than that, and even with the Ring of Conversion, Lin Fan would be put in a tight spot. After all, his level was just too low, resulting in his mana pool being too small. There was simply no way for it to hold out against so many enemies.

Seeing the 7 vampires charge over, Lin Fan immediately cast Ground Spike, causing a bunch of numbers to pop up over their heads. However, Lin Fan wasn't exactly well off either. Several vampires had managed to claw his head, taking out half of his MP and HP.

Lin Fan hastily retreated and guzzled a mana potion. Then, he charged forth once again and used Ground Spike. Following which, before the vampires could react, he dodged backwards, avoiding all their attacks. When his MP had recovered somewhat, Lin Fan went forward and cast another Ground Spike.

"Ow!" The vampires let out a groan as they collapsed to the ground. Upon seeing this, Lin Fan let out a sigh of relief.

"Great! They dropped some potions!" Lin Fan quickly grabbed the items the vampires dropped. When he saw the potions they dropped, he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

[Mystic Fountain Water: Upon use, recovers 20HP and 50MP every second. Lasts for 10 seconds.]

"Good stuff!" Lin Fan exclaimed when he saw the item description. 50MP!, that's way better than the c.r.a.p I buy!

Ah but seeing how I only got two of these things from the seven vampires, the drop rate is really low. After picking up the other Mystic Fountain water and silver coins on the ground, Lin Fan set forth once more. This time, he attracted 8 vampires. After luring them over, he finished them off like the previous batch. Soon, after repeating the steps several more times, he had killed the 30-over vampires and even levelled up. However, all that was left was an empty room with no way to reach the next floor.

"Kacha! Kacha!" The sound of a wooden board moving attracted Lin Fan's attention. Lin Fan hastily located the source of the sound. It was a blood red coffin directly above Lin Fan that was shaking non-stop.

*Screech!* Under Lin Fan's focused gaze, a resounding screech sounded out from the coffin, following which a bat flew out. The bat charged at Lin Fan with a big whoosh and shrieked into his ears, causing Lin Fan's HP to drop by a large amount.

Lin Fan quickly glugged down a bottle of Mystic Fountain Water, allowing his HP and MP to slowly recover. Then, he faced the bat.

At the moment, the bat was slowly stopping in front of Lin Fan. Seeing Lin Fan looked at it, the bat screeched once more before turning into a youth. The youth had a pale white face and blood red eyes. It looked at Lin Fan and coldly laughed, "Arrogant thing, you actually dare intrude into the Nightmare Castle. Let I, the Vampire Baron Barbot show you the price of your arrogance."

[Vampire Baron: Level 20, 4200HP, A direct subordinate of Vampire Count Romundt]

"BOSS!" Lin Fan's eyes lit up. If the monster was just an elite, it wouldn't say anything. Only BOSSes had lines.

"Ignorant human, I shall feast on your corpse!" The Vampire Baron cackled as it charged at Lin Fan with his knife-like claws.

"So fast!" Lin fan's expression turned grave. The two of them were extremely close, and the make things worse, the Vampire Baron was extremely fast. This made it hard for Lin Fan to avoid attacks.

"Fire Shield!" Lin Fan reflexively cast Fire Shield out of desperation. Fortunately for him, the Vampire Baron's claws landed on the flames.

*Screech* The Vampire Baron screeched once more as a huge [-200] appeared over its head.

"Damage reflect!" Lin Fan's eyes lit up. I didn't expect that damage reflect probability to pop up now! Heck it even did 200 damage!

Seeing the Vampire Baron back off in pain, Lin Fan retreated as well and used the coffins to obstruct the Vampire Baron.

"Thunderbolt!" Lin Fan cast Thunderbolt, dealing over 40 damage. Under constant usage, Lin Fan's Thunderbolt had long since reached the intermediate level. An intermediate Thunderbolt did tons of damage. Even a level 20 BOSS lost over 40 HP .

*Screech* The Vampire Baron screeched once more and grew a pair of red wings. It flew towards Lin Fan and bit him.

[System Notice: Player has been bitten by Vampire Baron. Status effect: Blood Poison has been applied. Player paralyzed for 5 seconds.]

I'm screwed! 5s of paralysis is enough for this guy to kill me G.o.d knows how many times.

[-80] and [-90] appeared over Lin Fan. Lin Fan's MP gauge was immediately empty and this time, he HP was extremely as well. One more hit and it would be over.

But right when Lin Fan was about to die, a [Miss] popped up.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Fan hastily retreated and chugged two bottles of Mystic Fountain Water and heaved a sigh of relief.

With the previous lesson fresh in his memory, Lin Fan didn't dare be careless. The Vampire Baron was fast enough as is, and that was without flight. But, as long as Lin Fan was careful the Vampire Baron's speed was still manageable. So, taking advantage of the coffins to restrict the Vampire Baron's movements, Lin Fan slowly but surely whittled away at its health. Soon, the Vampire Baron fell.

"Grah!! d.a.m.ned human, my master won't let you off!" Right after saying those words, the Vampire Baron perished.

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