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Immediately, a bolt of lightning directly struck down. The enormous electric current directly bombarded Lin Fan's body, ruthlessly smashing him down from the sky. After which, Xue Sha raised his hand and a large fireball suddenly formed on his palm and shot explosively towards Lin Fan.


Lin Fan cursed and dodged to the side, avoiding Blood Slaughter's attack.

After that, he immediately activated the Wind G.o.d's Shield, and a lightning spell directly hacked towards Lin Fan's hand.

Soon after, Lin Fan immediately activated the Fire Dragon Skill attached to the Heavenly Spirit Medal. After Lin Fan activated the Fire Dragon Skill, a deep dragon roar resounded from the medallion, and following which, a large amount of intense flames abruptly exploded out from the s.p.a.ce in front of Lin Fan, turning into an incomparably violent fire dragon.


The dragon's roar carried an incomparably powerful pressure as it directly shot towards Blood Slaughter. After which, the Fire Dragon's huge dragon claw directly smashed towards Blood Slaughter. The terrifying power of the dragon claw only needed a single slap to reduce Blood Slaughter's HP by more than 500%. After that, the Fire Dragon directly sprayed a scorching dragon flame at Blood Slaughter.

As Blood Slaughter's body was. .h.i.t by the scorching black dragon flames, he immediately let out a miserable shriek. Following that, his health was greatly reduced.


After shooting Long Yan, the Fire Dragon let out a low growl and then disappeared in front of Lin Fan.

Ten seconds, from the time the Fire Dragon appeared to disappear, only ten seconds had pa.s.sed. But in these ten seconds, the Fire Dragon's strength left Lin Fan in a daze.

Blood Slaughter, a LV45 Boss. Even though it was a Mages and had very little HP and low defense, it was still a tough bone to deal with. However, in front of the Fire Dragon, this seemingly tough bone was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

If not for the Fire Dragon's Cooldown Time being 42 hours, Lin Fan would have been almost invincible.

"Dragon, this is truly worthy of being called a top pyramid BOSS. Even an illusory fire dragon is powerful to such a monstrous degree!"

Seeing that his HP was less than 2000 points, Lin Fan couldn't help but let out a happy smile. Right now, this hungry wolf bandit boss didn't have much health left, so it was a good chance to fight him head on.

"Ice Wolf Explosion!"

Lin Fan immediately shot out an Ice Wolf Blast, hitting Blood Slaughter's body and making him take another step back. Immediately after, the Corrosive Devil Flames activated and instantly hit Blood Slaughter's body. The persistent damage value caused Blood Slaughter's HP to once again go berserk.

"Well done!"

Toku struggled to stand up. When he saw Lin Fan make Blood Slaughter so miserable, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of admiration. He then swung the dagger in his hand toward Blood Slaughter once more.


The dagger pierced through Blood Slaughter's body and once again struck down his HP. At this moment, Blood Slaughter only had around 500 HP left.


The Death G.o.d's Magic Scholar also activated the Six-Point Star Formation. A grey shockwave immediately shot out, striking Blood Slaughter's body. His HP fell once again.

"Good chance!"

Lin Fan's eyes lit up. At this moment, they had less than 300 HP left. As long as they tried a little more, they would definitely be able to kill him.

However, it was clear that Lin Fan's wish was wonderful. As a 45 level BOSS, Blood Slaughter couldn't possibly not use his own methods. At this moment, Blood Slaughter finally launched his own attack.

"The Last Thunderbolt!"

Accompanying a deep and loud roar, Xue Sha's eyes suddenly turned red, and a large amount of huge lightning arcs suddenly appeared around him. After that, bolts of lightning instantly appeared above Xue Sha's head, and even the lightning arcs around him collectively began to converge towards the sky.

"Bang, bang!"

A low and deep m.u.f.fled sound immediately resounded over the sky. After which, Xue Sha's body suddenly trembled. The terrifying lightning above his head suddenly pushed towards the group of people.


Seeing this, Lin Fan and Token's expressions changed and they hurriedly ran behind them. Although they didn't know the offensive power of this spell, just by looking at its might, they knew that it wasn't something they could compare with.


A huge magic explosion swept through the area. As the first Death G.o.d Magic Scholar to be struck by the magic, he didn't even have the chance to react before being struck by the violent lightning bolts from the apocalypse, leaving not even his bones remaining.

As for Lin Fan and Tokus!

As a Boss of the a.s.sa.s.sin profession, Token's speed was extremely fast. When the Thunder Rage was about to reach him, Toku immediately ran behind him, only to be hit by the shockwave. However, Toku was almost killed by the shockwave; after all, Tokus' HP was only a sliver of HP left.

As for Lin Fan, he flew directly into the sky, but was still hit by the huge lightning bolts. Fortunately, Lin Fan was not in the center of the explosion, so even if his HP was reduced by more than 700 points, including the ring of transformation, he was still able to survive.

However, there was only a sliver of blood left.

"System Notification: The Boss' Blood Slaughter has used an incomplete Forbidden Spell, Thunder Anger. Entering a weak state. Under this weak state, the Boss' stats have been reduced by 50%!"

Seeing this system prompt, Lin Fan couldn't help but be stunned for a moment. Immediately after, a lightning bolt landed on Blood Slaughter's body, dealing over a hundred points of damage.

"It's over!"

He didn't know when he had appeared behind Blood Slaughter, but he had no idea when he had done so. He wiped Blood Slaughter's throat with his dagger, and with his shrill scream, Lin Fan ascended another level.

"This leveling speed is really fast!"

Lin Fan couldn't help but be a little surprised, but he also understood that the level of the monster he killed was higher than his level 14 Boss. The experience gained was obviously higher.

"Alright, brave warrior, I also want to go in and save my people. Wait for me here!"

After killing the blood, Token heaved a sigh of relief. He then looked at Lin Fan and smiled.


Lin Fan stared at the equipment that Blood Slaughter dropped, his eyes filled with greed. The equipment dropped from a Mage was most likely suitable for a Mage.


Nodding his head, Token rushed straight into the village, leaving Lin Fan standing alone at the entrance of the village.

"Look at what's out there!"

Lin Fan licked his lips and ran to Blood Slaughter's corpse, his eyes frozen in place.

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