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“No, it’s because he is not in the same situation as me yet. Wait until his heart is occupied with a woman that he cares and loves deeply. Toward other women, of course he will have a high self-control as me.”

Su Ran nodded and felt a bit worried: “Then what will happen now? Ding Chen and Lin Cheng Huan are in relationship, but what will happen to Ding Chen and Han Lei……..”

Song Ting Yu held her hand: “It’s not problem to worry. Earlier Ding Chen has solved it well. In the past you also watched the time Han Lei hugged another woman right?”

“Yes, what happened?”

“So that woman is pregnant. In the morning, Ding Chen threw all the mistakes and problems to Han Lei. She said that it is Han Lei who let her down. She also said that she and Lin Cheng Huan are in relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend…….”

“A……” Su Ran thought she heard it wrongly, how can it turn this way?

Lin Cheng Huan just went to Singapore and when he is back, he gets a fiancee….

This time Mother Lin would feel surprised or horrify….

“Ding Chen that little girl is really smart, at first it is Han Lei’s mistake. Being engaged for so long, how can he not cut off his relationship. He even let her be pregnant. Han family is wrong so they will not make things hard for Ding Chen for breaking off the marriage.”

For Ding Chen’s way of thinking, Su Ran also cannot deny that it’s really too sensible act, but……………

“They really want to be together? That kind of marriage, wouldn’t it be a kind of harm?”

Lin Cheng Huan is a really good man, too good. Su Ran regards him as her brother, she always hopes that he could get his happiness.

“Don’t worry. I think everything will turns out the way you want.” Song Ting Yu comforted Su Ran .

Su Ran nodded and knew that it’s useless to worry about those thing, because it’s happened. Lin Cheng Huan now is Ding Chen’s boyfriend. Supposedly quickly, Lin family will react. Lin Tian You would become a threat. When he looked at the cooperation between Lin and Ding family, didn’t know what he will do.

Lin Cheng Huan should be careful.

Tian Mi called this time. She was surprised and curious: “Ran Ran, I heard that Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen are together.”


“Song Ting Yu tells you right?” Tian Mi asked: “It’s too outrageous.”

She heard it from Tang Zi Chu. But she didn’t understand the whole story. She thought Su Ran didn’t know it so she call Su Ran impatiently.

“Actually this was Bai Zhi Rui’s plan to trick Ting Yu and Ding Chen be togehter, but last night Lin Cheng Huan stayed in Song Ting Yu’s hotel room so at last it turned out to be Lin Cheng Huan and Ding Chen….”

Tian Mi finally understood it: “Bai Zhi Rui is too shameless right? How can she do something like that…..”

“For a benefit, she can do anything.” Su Ran shook her head.

The door was opened, Su Ran noticed it was Auntie Fang, who brought thermos and Song Wei Xi.

“Tian Mi, I will not chat with you now. Wei Xi is here.”

“Mrs, eat a bit of things.” Auntie Fang put the thermos down and poured the porridge inside to the bowl.

“Thank you.”

Su Ran felt the porridge was still hot so she put it aside and waved her hand to Song Wei Xi to let him come to her.

Song Ting Yu carried Song Wei Xi and let him sit down on the chair. He rubbed Song Wei Xi’s head: “Chat with Mama.”

Song Wei Xi nodded.

Su Ran took Song Wei Xi’s hand and placed it on her belly: “Wei Xi, let’s talk with little sister okay?”

This words made Su Ran realized she was wrong. The baby is just one month, how can they know it’s a boy or girl?”

Yet according to Song Ting Yu’s wish, all the day he kept on saying this should be a girl. She was affected by him that now she called it “little sister…”

Looking at how Su Ran glared at him, Song Ting Yu raised his eyebrow: “It’s a girl.”

In the afternoon, Song Ting Yu helped Su Ran to take care of the administration so she can be discharged. He drove her back home.

Song Ming Xuan waited at home. When he noticed Su Ran was back, he came quickly and asked: “Ran Ran, how do you feel now?”

Actually Song Ting Yu had informed him that Su Ran is okay, but Song Ming Xuan wanted to hear it personally from her.

“Pa, I’m okay.”

“Good.” Song Ming Xuan nodded.

Recently his condition started to get better so he already moved to the main house.

“Pa, I have something to say to you.” Song Ting Yu said.

They both went upstairs. Song Ming Xuan sat down on the sofa and looked at him: “What do you want to talk about?”

“That year why did grandma oppose Gu Dong Cheng to be together with Jiang Rou?”

“Jiang Rou?” Song Ming Xuan seemed to not have any memory about that name.

After all it’s been more than ten years. The time Gu Dong Cheng and Jiang Rou be together, he was just twenty years old, now he is thirty eight years old….

It’s been too long…

“Gu Dong Cheng’s first love.” Song Ting Yu reminded him.

That year Gu Dong Cheng and Jiang Rou be together, he was too young and too simple-minded. Madame Song also didn’t tell Song Ming Xuan anything so he didn’t know too much about it.

He just remembered that Madame Song hated Jiang Rou and opposed she and Gu Dong Cheng be together.

But now to think about it, the year Jiang Rou is dead, Gu Dong Cheng was so heartbroken that he locked himself in the room. If not Madame Song asked someone to open it, maybe he would still be inside.

That time he was miserable and didn’t want to go to school. He just stayed inside his room to smoke and be drunk. He didn’t eat anything.

Afterwards Madame Song asked someone to force him to eat. He threw up it all, Madame Song scolded him, how can he let down his parents!

After that Gu Dong Cheng started to get better and go to school

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