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“Wait for a while, I will prepare first here then I’ll call you again.”

“Okay.” That man hung up and looked the situation outside.

He noticed Ding Chen’s bodyguards were outside now. He was worried they would discover him.

Actually the work here was done, there’s just little work left. After Song Ting Yu attended the business dinner, he got a call from Tian Mi. He was told that Su Ran was unwell so he left Lin Cheng Huan to deal with the aftermath work. He immediately booked the ticket home.

Before Song Ting Yu called him and let him to call him to inform him about Su Ran’s condition.

Song Ting Yu promised him and said goodbye because he needed to check-in.

In the hotel, Lin Cheng Huan put down his phone and stood on the balcony to enjoy the beautiful view of Singapore.

He felt that this moment he needed to drink alcohol. He noticed there’s none in his room so he called the room-service and let them to send him some.

The service in the hotel was quite good, very quickly someone knocked on his door.

Lin Cheng Huan opened the door, the waiter pa.s.sed him a gla.s.s: “Mr Lin, your wine.”

“Put it there.”

After the waiter left, Lin Cheng Huan just poured it and stood on the balcony.

Didn’t know whether it’s because of the beautiful view, he felt dizzy. Though he knew that he just drunk a bit.

He put his gla.s.s down and sat down on the sofa. He ma.s.saged his temple. His sight was fuzzy, his breath was quicken.

It’s the air-conditioning in the room too hot?

Lin Cheng Huan stood up and looked for the remote. He set it on the lowest temperature, but he still felt hot. He undid her tie and leant on the sofa.

He fell asleep and felt his whole body was hot. He didn’t want to sleep but at least he closed his eyes.

Bai Zhi Rui’s car stopped in front of Song Ting Yu’s hotel. She answered a call: “Okay, I know it.”

She looked at the time and dialed another number again: “Okay, you can send her in thirty minutes.”

She waited inside the car and looked a familiar car stopped outside the hotel. Ding Chen was carried inside.

For safety, Bai Zhi Rui didn’t follow them inside, they just waited outside.

The time both men carried her, they glanced at Bai Zhi Rui.

It’s all ready. They just needed to take Ding Chen to the room.

They carried the unconscious Ding Chen to the elevator, there’s someone waited for them outside. He opened the door.

“It’s inside, hurry up.”

The light inside was not really bright, the time they sent Ding Chen inside, they noticed a man leaned on the sofa.

They placed Ding Chen on the bed and when they pa.s.sed Lin Cheng Huan. One of them said: “He will be here? If not let’s bring him to the bed?”

Another man thought if they left there too long, there would be trouble. He just waved his hand: “Don’t worry. He will go to the bed by himself. Let’s go.”

They both left the room and closed the door.

The time the door was closed, Lin Cheng Huan noticed it.

He slowly stood up.

He really felt hot so he went to the bathroom. The time he came out after having a cold shower, he still felt dizzy. He couldn’t make the hotness gone.

He went to the bed. He lifted the blanket and laid down. Then suddenly he felt he pressed down something. That thing was moving under her.

He shifted on the bed and tried to open his eyes to look over. He distinctly felt that the one laid down on his bed was a person.

“Who is it?”

He couldn’t look clearly who was it.

He felt that person tried hard to move her body and finally rolled over. Without opening her eyes, a hand suddenly slowly hugged Lin Cheng Huan’s waist.

Her white little hands pulled her. How can Lin Cheng Huan control this moment. He just wore a towel on his waist, now it slipped because of her action.

This moment Lin Cheng Huan swallowed his saliva and felt that hand kept on rubbing him. That hand could cool down him.

So he kept on following her hand and hoped that her can ease his suffering…….

Until the end the time she stopped, Lin Cheng Huan couldn’t bear it anymore, finally he rolled over and pressed her down on the bed. Then lowered his head to kiss her red lip.

The next day.

Lin Cheng Huan was waken by a continuous sudden knock. He tried hard to stand up and unconsciously felt something.

He was startled and looked over. He just looked at a face. Although the hair was messy, but she was beautiful.

The time he looked more clearly, Lin Cheng Huan was surprised.

Ding Chen also opened her eyes at the same time and glared at Lin Cheng Huan.

The time they haven’t really understand the situation, the door was opened.

Ding Chen knew that she didn’t wear anything so she pulled the blanket to cover her.

And Lin Cheng Huan also instinctively blocked her front and glared at those who rushed inside.

There’s polices and reporters and also the employees of the hotel.

The polices looked at them expressionless: “We received a call that there’s an illegal activity in the room. You guys hurry wear your clothes and ready for investigation.”

The reporters recognized Ding Chen and immediately took photos of her.

Ding Chen was furious and threw the pillow: “What is it? Do you think being a police is so great? You just received a report? Who was the reporter? Tell me. We, Tian Hai group, always pay a lot of taxes? Do we pay it for raising up you group of rubbish

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