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Tian Mi was trembling, she moved his hand away: "Gu Dong Cheng, you are really an evil person!" She pounded her body to his. But because she was weak now so Tang Zi Chu could easily push her away. She fell down and breathed heavily. She glared at him

Gu Dong Cheng sat down beside the bed and looked at her: "Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu killed my daughter, how could I let them go easily? I want to let them live and slowly torture them. I want to look them struggle to survive, then it's much more worthy. Don't you think so?"

"Gu Dong Cheng, how could you be so despicable! You are disgusting!"

"Disgusting?" Gu Dong Cheng pinched her chin and let her raised her head. He kissed her powerfully."

"Then I will let you be disgusted for a long time. Tian Mi, you kill my one daughter, you think I will let it go? I will let you have it one again…"

"Gu Dong Cheng!" Tian Mi pushed his hands away from her face. He looked at her face: "This lifetime I wouldn't let you go away from my grasp.

Tian Mi looked at his figure: "Gu Dong Cheng, I curse you, you wouldn't have a good life or death!"

Gu Dong Cheng stood on the door side: "Tian Mi, don't you worry. If I die, I would let you follow me too."

Song Ting Yu's case would soon come to the court, Tang Zi Chu couldn't help anything because his fractured leg so these days it was Su Ran followed Lawyer Zhou to be busy for looking for more evidences.

Now Su Ran had followed Song Ting Yu's order to move to Lin Cheng Huan's house because she was also really worried that Gu Dong Cheng would do something scary toward them

She always feels that Gu Dong Cheng endures this silently for these period, for the time to force Song family to collapse. He wouldn't let go that easily. Now he was using the opportunity of Song Ting Yu being locked up. He would do his best to attack and wouldn't let Song Ting Yu out.

Today Su Ran answered a call from Xi He: "Ran Ran, where are you?"

"I'm at home, what happened?"

Xi He was silent for a while: "Someone wants to meet you, could you come for a while?"

"Who wants to see me?" Su Ran was startled for a while, in reality she couldn't understand who would like to meet her.

"He said that he is Song Ting Yu's friend, he wants to chat with you." Xi He said: "We are in the hospital now, can you come for a while? Oh right, his name is Mu Chu Cheng."


She hung up. Su Ran was silent for a while. Then she took her phone again and dialed Tang Zi Chu.

Su Ran told Tang Zi Chu about that name, Tang Zi Chu was surprised: "Mu Chu Cheng is coming to An city? Where is he?"

"He is in the hospital. My friend call me, she said that Mu Chu Cheng wants to see me. She asks me to come over for a while. Zi Chu, is Mu Chu Cheng know Ting Yu?"

"Yes, they knows each other from a long time."

"Then okay, I will come over to meet him." Su Ran thought supposedly Mu Chu Cheng wanted to communicate with her to ask about Song Ting Yu's current condition. Yet didn't know why he chose a hospital to meet up and contacted her from Xi He?

Xi He also knows him?

"Let me go with you."

"It's okay. It's better for me to go alone. With your condition now, it's better for you to rest there and recover." Su Ran felt worried so she shook her head and declined.

"Now I'm okay. It's better if I'm going with you."

Tang Zi Chu was persistent, Su Ran just could compromise with him. She left Lin family and drove her car to pick him up. Then they went to the hospital.

Su Ran was curious about Mu Chu Cheng's status: "Mu Chu Cheng is?" Su Ran was silent for a while, then her brain started to think: "Is he Mu family…."

"Yes, he is part of Mu family of Jiang City." Tang Zi Chu answered her.

Mu family of Jiang city is one of influential family. They previously a family that started business in arms dealer. Now they changed profession? But they still an influential one.

They arrived in parking area of the hospital. Su Ran gave a call to Xi He to ask where should they meet.

"Let's go."

Hearing Mu Chu Cheng's coming, actually Su Ran's quiet emotional. Recently, they were tired because they couldn't do anything, but maybe now Mu Chu Cheng could help them out.

They arrived in the room that Xi He told before on the phone. Su Ran knocked and Xi He opened the door. She smiled: "Ran Ran, Mr Tang, you guys are here."

"Xi He."

Su Ran also greeted her and smiled. She noticed there was Xi Nuan Nuan, who was laying down on the. She was hugging the man on the bed: "Uncle, when I grow up, I will really marry you. You need to promise me, you cannot broke our promise."

Xi He's tone turned serious: "Nuan Nuan! Come down."

"Mama!" Xi Nuan Nuan naturally didn't want to obey: "I don't want, Uncle hasn't promised me yet."

The man raised his head to see Su Ran and Tang Zi Chu then he lowered his head: "But your mama said that you have a little boyfriend."

"I don't have! I want to marry uncle!"

"Xi Nuan Nuan, go down now!" Xi He went over and carried Xi Nuan Nuan down. Xi Nuan Nuan was unwilling and she was shocked by Xi He's action so she cried: "Wah, wu wu…. Mama, you bully me!"

It's clear that this kid was joking around. Mu Chu Cheng also joked around before.

"Xi He, you scared Nuan Nuan…"

Xi He looked angry and pulled crying Xi Nuan Nuan: "You guys can chat first, I will take him out."

"Mama, I don't want to go. Uncle hasn't promised me." Xi Nuan Nuan cried and her eyes were red. It made everyone felt pity of her.

Xi He let Xi Nuan Nan's hand and went to the door alone: "Xi Nuan Nuan, I will count to three. If you don't come out, then Mama will be really angry! One…." She waited for a while: "Two…."

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