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"No, No…..!"

Under Gu Dong Cheng's order, these people were ruthlessly hit Tang Zi Chu ruthlessly. Su Ran finally looked that Tang Zi Chu fell down to the ground. Despite his resistance, it's still useless. Because he was alone, he really unable to hit those people back.

Tian Mi tried her best to stand up, she dragged Gu Dong Cheng's collar: "Let them go, let go… they, Gu Dong Cheng. I will go back with you… go back…"

Gu Dong Cheng smiled coldly: "Do you think you have any choice?"

Because there was too much noise outside, the people inside came out. Yet they seemed to be afraid to help.

"Gu Dong Cheng…." Tian Mi spoke out hardly. Suddenly, she fainted.

Gu Dong Cheng's eyes changed and immediately extended his hand to hug her to make sure she didn't fall down.

The security guards came forward and help to settle the condition.

Gu Dong Cheng carried Tian Mi to go: "Let's go."

Under his order, his bodyguards finally let Tang Zi Chu go. Su Ran also freed, she immediately ran toward Tang Zi Chu: "a.s.sistant Tang…"

Tang Zi Chu laid down on the ground. His eyes looked at Gu Dong Cheng's car, which started to leave. Gu Dong Cheng pa.s.sed by his side. Then Gu Dong Cheng looked at him through the window and said to them: "You guys dare to kill my daughter. I will not let this matter go easily. Su Ran, wait for me."

The people came out and helped to take Tang Zi Chu. Now his condition was not really good. Tian Mi's previous room now was occupied by him.

His lower leg suffered a fracture, there's also a lot of bruises in his body. Although it was only superficial wound, yet it's quite serious.

The time he came out from the surgery room, he had a fever. Unexpectedly he kept on calling Tian Mi's name!

Su Ran didn't sleep the whole night to take care of him. In the middle of the night, she got from Lin Cheng Huan: "Ran Ran, how is Tian Mi's condition after the surgery?" He hadn't known Tian Mi's condition right now.

"The kid is aborted. But by the time we went to leave the hospital, Gu Dong Cheng found us. He brought many people to hit Tang Zi Chu. Now Tian Mi is taken by him."

"How's Mr Tang's condition?"

"His lower lack is fractured. He also has a lot of bruises. He's having a fever now." Su Ran looked at the laying Tang Zi Chu and sighed.

"Take a good care of him. Wait until he is better then you guys can come back. As for Tian Mi, I will ask someone to find her."

"It's useless. When Tian Mi was taken, she fainted. I don't know her condition now. But after this, Gu Dong Cheng should be positively take a good care for her. I'm afraid that without kid, Gu Dong Cheng will be ruthless toward her…"

Lin Cheng Huan also didn't expect that Gu Dong Cheng can be this powerful, even no one dared to help in front of the hospital.

Moreover, he didn't expect that in this short time, he could find Su Ran. At first he thought that he already prepared all very well. At least, they wouldn't be discovered in America. Gu Dong Cheng would just block them when they would arrive in the airport.

Yet in just a day, Gu Dong Cheng could find them in the hospital.

Tang Zi Chu was young so his bruises recovered quite fast. The next day, his fever was gone. He stayed in the hospital for two days. Even his fracture was not yet well, but he was unwilling to stay longer in the hospital.

Su Ran booked two tickets home and got a wheelchair for him.

Tang Zi Chu was a bit embarra.s.sed: "It's better if you just help me to walk…."

"Don't say it. If it's not because of us, then you will not be like this…"

They didn't know where was Tian Mi, whether she was in America or she's back.

They returned to An City. Lin Cheng Huan took Song Wei Xi to come and pick them out. Su Ran didn't go home immediately, she came to meet Lawyer Zhou. These days she kept on communicating with Lawyer Zhou regarding Song Ting Yu's current condition. She didn't know what would Song Ting Yu feel that these days she didn't come to visit him.

At first Lawyer Zhou wanted to reason as the evidence is insufficient, and wanted to discuss with police to let the person go, yet Gu Dong Cheng clearly had intervened so the polices unwilling to let Song Ting Yu out.

Su Ran looked at how Lawyer Zhou discussed with the police. It seemed it would be hard for Song Ting Yu to come out. She remembered the moment in the America, When Gu Dong Cheng said her to "Wait for me", it let her understand that he would be crazier than ever.

Because she helped Tian Mi to kill his daughter…

Su Ran ma.s.saged her temple. She closed her eyes. Gu Dong Cheng thought they killed his daughter, but why didn't think that he also killed her daughter….

It's really ridiculous……

Gu Dong Cheng held the most powerful position in Song company. He was as powerful as Song Ting Yu. Everyone was moving forward to fawn on him. In their eyes, Song Ting Yu was just a deceased family dog. He was useless.

So when Lin Cheng Huan asked someone to help Song Ting Yu. It's also useless.

"Lawyer Zhou, just let it be…." Su Ran said.

"Mrs Song?"

Su Ran stood up: "Let's go. It's useless. Let's not talk with them furthermore."

The time they went out of the police station, Lawyer Zhou apologized: "Sorry, Mrs Song. For this matter I really can't help. At first I thought we can release him from custody and pending the investigation, but now…"

"It's not because of you, you've tried your best." Su Ran shook her head and smiled: "Now I want to visit Ting Yu, can I?"

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