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"Madame, this…" Song Zheng Hai displayed a difficult expression: "This, I also don't know how could this be, but it's quite strange. I also don't think that Song Ting Yu will do this. But his death indeed…….. is a bit strange. Moreover, he had been my a.s.sistant for so many years, he did his utmost so I also feel quite sad and sorry for him…."

"I heard from the police that night of the accident, he drunk a lot of alcohol, couldn't it be he also forced by someone to drink that much? Moreover, he drank a lot of alcohol, how could he drive his own car home? Couldn't it be there's someone that forced him?" Madame Song laughed then said.

Song Zhen Hai couldn't say anything more.

Director Zhang said: "Madame Song, this matter has happened. Now look at the rumors spread out in the internet, it attacks our Song company's reputation. It's unfavorable from us, we should think of a way to solve this. Moreover we also need someone to handle the a.s.sistant's family, if they keep on going then we will be……"

Madame Song of course knew the most important thing of this matter was looking for a way to compensate and solve this matter, if not the Song company will be attacked more and more.

"I will ask someone to solve this." Madame Song said.

Then another broad director said: "But how will you solve this? Now they all attack Song Ting Yu….."

Madame Song raised her head to see him: "What do you mean?"

The broad director didn't cower and looked directly at Madame Song's eyes "Madame Song, I think the best way is that you publicly announce the birth ident.i.ty of Song Ting Yu that he is unrelated to Song family, thus he is unrelated to Song company. Perhaps it could help our reputation. If not this matter will be even harder to solve….."

Madame Song was really angry and pointed at him: "This is the best way that you can think of?"

"No, Madame Song, I also think that this way is the best one. I hope you could think of this present condition. I know that these years you always thinks Song Ting Yu as your biological grandson. You put all your effort and hope on him. We don't have anything agains him but we don't have any way now. He is not our Song family member, he also doesn't have any qualification to have anything of Song family, including Song company. If Madame Song keeps on leaving him here, then one day he will take over our company. For the wholeness of Song company, you should be more ruthless. Don't be that we have investigated it clearly then you will regret it." Song Zhen Hai urged though it sounded full of well-meant words, but it was clear that he was so aggressive.

He forced Madame Song to choose.

"Madame Song, now all of these are attacking him. At once during the time, the most important thing we need to clear up our relation with him…."

Madame Song's face was gloomy, she looked unwell: "He already left Song company, you still want me to do this?"

"Madame Song, we don't have any other way. I hope you could announce it……." Director Zhang: "As for your ongoing investigation, we will not hinder it. If you could investigate that he is really our Song family, we will definitely accept it. After all Song Ting Yu's ability has been obvious to everyone of us. But if he is not, then it will be a danger to leave him here!"

He continued: "I think Madame Song understands what I mean."

Madame Song's face turned really unsightly. Suddenly there was a knock.

"Come in."

Someone opened the door and it was Gu Dong Cheng, his face was imposed.

Madame Song knew something bad had happened, she said: "Dong Cheng, how is it? How is your talk with the family?"

Gu Dong Cheng looked at her: "Grandma, when I came to their house, they were unwilling to let me in. After a long time, they opened the door, but the mistress kept on staying upstairs. She didn't go down. After a while, there was a scream from upstairs, the time everyone got in, we just found out that she cut her wrist to suicide…."

The time Gu Dong Cheng said it, the atmosphere turned really cold.

Madame Song was surprised and stood up. Her face was paled and fell down.

Luckily Butler w.a.n.g kept on standing on her side, so very quickly he could support her: "Madame Song…"

Gu Dong Cheng also held Madame Song and rushed to the door: "Hurry up call the driver to prepare the car."

Gu Dong Cheng took Madame Song to the car. Butler w.a.n.g followed and got inside the car. He called Song Ting Yu to inform him.

Madame Song immediately being brought to the surgery room. It seemed that it was not simple attack.

In the preliminary diagnosis, she probably suffered a paralyzing stroke.

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran came over.

"Bro, how is grandma? What happened?"

"Doctor said that it's probably a mild stroke…." Gu Dong Cheng said: "Oh right, you knew what had happened right?"

"Em." Song Ting Yu frowned. The time he came over, he tried to call Song Ming Xuan, but it's off. He sent a message, supposedly it was useless.

"It's because something that happened in Song company this morning."

"Right." Gu Dong Cheng nodded: "Grandma is quite angry, supposedly she was furious inside the meeting room. She thought the security guards were weird because they appeared not too late or too early, they waited until the woman finished a word. They even broke a lot of other people's phone. It's too weird, who's dare enough to do this?"

Song Ting Yu nodded. This morning Madame Song and him had thought about it and they had same way of thinking.

That time Madame Song wanted to go to Song company to clarify what had happened. But because of Song Ting Yu couldn't temporarily leave the Song company, so he didn't follow her, but he asked Butler w.a.n.g to accompany her

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