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Madame Song also calmed down quickly, she said: "Then let Ting Yu to leave Song company first. I will let everything to be handled by me and Gu Dong Cheng. Are you guys satisfied?"

For these result, they were quite happy, they thought it was quite an achievement that they could make Song Ting Yu fall down.

They were silent for a moment and said: "Okay, then let settle down for this matter. We will wait for you news."

"But…" Song Zhen Hai remembered something and said: "But during your investigation, we hope that you could include one of us…"

Madame Song's face turned dark: "Song Zhen Hai, enough! What do you mean? You think that I will make an evidence to deceive you?! I tell you even Song Ting Yu is no our family, I know my ident.i.ty as part of my status. If he is really not our part our family, I will ask him to leave too!"

The reality was cruel. If Song Ting Yu and Song family are not related, Madame Song wouldn't let him say, even though she was unwilling.

But it's no way out, it's impossible to let Song family be handled by outsider.

Song Ting Yu has a great ability. If he is not part of Song family, but he stayed in Song company, it can't guarantee that Song company wouldn't fall into his hand.

But Song Ting Yu was trained and educated personally by her and her husband, so she is afraid and unwilling….

But she couldn't not do it…..

"Madame Song, I don't mean it that way, I just want everyone to be at ease." Song Zhen hai smiled.

"Okay, okay." Madame Song didn't want to talk any further with these man, she already felt really tired: "I will."

Hearing her answer, all the broad directors and shareholders finally left. They were leaving with smile.

Su Ran saw that Madame Song looked unwell. She held her to sit down on the sofa: "Grandma, how do you feel?"

Madame Song waved her hands and let Song Wei Xi sit beside her. Looking at his little face, her heart was so sad. Song Wei Xi always be her family jewels. If Song Ting Yu is not part of Song family, it means that she also unrelated with Song Wei Xi. She couldn't accept this.

Song Ting Yu and Su Ran knew her current feeling when she looked at Song Wei Xi. They both just stood there and didn't say anything.

After a while, Madame Song just raised her head to look at Song Ting Yu: "Ting Yu, now in tis current condition you should leave Song company. We don't have any way to defeat them so we could only do it this way…"

Song Ting Yu nodded: "I understand…>"

"It's good that you understand." Madame Song also felt unwilling to accept this. She wanted to investigate Song Ting Yu's ident.i.ty. If she could find evidence, she could defeat them all.

But this matter had happened thirty years ago, if she wanted to investigate the truth, it would also quite a work.

Madame Song was quite for a moment and said: "Ting Yu, give Dong Cheng a call. I have something to say to him." She continued, "This temporary moment let him handle all of the matters. Oh right, you also need to investigate this. You could ask Zi Chu, I trust him more than anyone else…."

Song Ting Yu nodded and when he was about to call Gu Dong Cheng, Madame Song said: "Regarding your father, we also need his help. But we don't know where he was right now. These two days he hasn't gone home, I'm worried…."

Madame Song knew clearly Song Ming Xuan's feeling toward He Jin, that year he was really willing to give up Song company for being togehter with him.

"Em."Song Ting Yu nodded.

He called Gu Dong Cheng. Then very quickly Gu Dong Cheng arrived at Song house. He said to Madame Song: "Grandma, what is that you want me to come quickly? What happened? Is it because of the shareholders and broad directors?"

Madame Song pointed at the sofa: "Let's sit first. I already expected that they will not be easily compromised. If I didn't faint yesterday, they definitely wanted me to take responsibility immediately. But I fainted so they just stopped for a while. Today when they heard they I came home, of course they would come…"

Gu Dong Cheng sat: "Then what happened now?"

Madame Song smiled bitterly: "We could only temporarily let Song Ting Yu leave Song company….

"How could this be?" Gu Dong Cheng was surprised.

Madame Song sighed and shook her head: "At this moment we don't have any way. So we could only do it this way. Let Song Ting Yu leave for temporarily to keep their mouth shut. So I think that now I need to investigate that year matters throughly. I already said it to them. So this temporarily time you and I will be responsible for Song company. But it seems I couldn't do anything. You need to take a good care of Song company, while care of Tian Mi now. I'm sorry to trouble you…"

"Grandma, this…."

Madame Song knew what would he say, but didn't give him any chance: "So it's settled then. This period of time there's a lot of problems, so I want you to help to share the burden……."

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