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Chapter 202

Su Ran recalled her feeling before. That moment, indeed she felt her whole world would collapse. She was thinking as long as Song Ting Yu woke up, and could live. She would do anything.

"Em." Su Ran didn't deny the truth.

"See, if it's not because of act. Now you still wouldn't know clearly my position in your heart. Admit it Su Ran. You love me." Song ting Yu's voice was full of confidence and joy.

At first, Su Ran placed her head on his arm. Hearing those words, she raised her head and without avoiding his eyes, she nodded: "Yes, I love you. Do I ever say that I don't love you? What about you? You? Song Ting Yu, do you love me?"

"What do you think?" Song Ting Yu kissed her red lips. They were so close to each other: "I am willing for you, to sacrifice everything. You are not only be in my heart, but also my flesh and blood. In my every cell."

Su Ran covered her face: "Song Ting Yu, how could you be that corny?"

"I'm just being corny with you."

"Then I would thank you."

Song Ting Yu smiled: "Your welcome."

Su Ran felt this man is really incurable. He is too arrogant and confident!

"Sleep." Su Ran switched off the light and just left a small light. In the moment, the nurse would come over to help him take off the IV drip.

They both were in silent. Song Ting Yu patted Su Ran's shoulder: "Su Ran, we would have a kid again, so don't be too sad…."

Su Ran just felt her eyes to be teary. She used her hand to wipe her eyes and nodded. She buried her face on his embrace: "I know…."

That kid would be the scar in her heart forever, but at the same Song Ting Yu's too.

They both were in silent for a moment. Then Su Ran remembered about the car accident: "Tomorrow the police would come interrogate me. You were driving while intoxicated. How could you drank so much and drove?"

"That time, how could I worry so much? A Zhan wanted to go home and accompany meet his wife. Bro wanted to accompany Tian Mi. Tang Zi Chu would go back to have a date, and just left me alone….."

"So you were looking for excitement?" Su Ran looked at him.

Song Ting Yu coughed for a while: "So my brain was not working that well."

Su Ran smiled.

"The one that you crashed, how was the driver?"

"I didn't hit any car, I just turned the steering wheel and avoided that car. But I just crashed into another fence….."

"Next time don't you drink any alcohol."

"Okay. Don't provoke me again."

"Em." Su Ran said it then looked at his IV drip. It almost finished. At first she wanted to press the bell, but when she turned her head, she looked that he took it off by himself.

Because it was too powerful and too quick, so it was quite b.l.o.o.d.y. Su Ran took the tissue and wiped it: "How could you always be like this, why didn't you wait for the nurse?"

Song Ting Yu lowered his voice: "Wouldn't the nurse do it in the same way?"

Probably because Song Ting Yu's body is healthy so his injury healed faster. In a week time, he could be able to get off the bed and walked around.

After several days, he took off the gypsum and discharged from the hospital.

The day he was discharged, Song Ting Yu said that he wanted to eat Su Ran's homemade cooking. So after Su Ran picked him up and went home, she went to nearby supermarket to buy ingredients.

Song Ting Yu stayed at Song Wei Xi's room and accompanied him to play game.

Butler w.a.n.g stood up on the door, and knocked several time: "Mister, downstairs there is a lawyer looking for you. He said it was Ms Chen's lawyer."

Because after being captured, Song Ming Xuan immediately arranged the divorce paper so now she isn't the part of Song family member again. Butler w.a.n.g also doesn't call her with the same address again.

"I know." Song Ting Yu was startled for a while. Chen Jing's lawyer looked for him?

In her condition now, who would willing to help her?

In the past she always help the one who helped her to cover his ident.i.ty, now wouldn't it mean that she would leak the ident.i.ty of who helped her?

Song Ting Yu put down his phone and stroked Song Wei Xi's head: "Wei Xi, play by yourself first. Papa has something to do for a while."

"Okay." Song Wei Xi's eyes kept staring on the screen, he was so serious.

Song Ting Yu left Song Wei Xi's room and went downstairs. He looked at the one who was wearing grey suits. The lawyer opened his suitcase and took out a folder. He immediately stood up : "Mr Song."

Song Ting Yu entered the living room, and nodded to him: "h.e.l.lo."

Everyone sat down. Then the man took out a folder and gave it to Song Ting Yu: "Mr Song, this is my business card. I am Chen, Madame Chen's lawyer."

Song Ting Yu felt quite interesting: "You are her lawyer?"

Lawyer Chen nodded: "Yes, I am the legal aid. Ms Chen didn't have any lawyer, so I offered her a free aid."

Song Ting Yu put down the business card on the table: "Why do you come here to see me?"

"It's like this. Ms Chen asked me to look for you."

"For what?"

"Ms Chen said that she wanted to see you once. Please come and meet her."

Song Ting Yu was silent for a while: "Didn't she have anything else to say."

"No, Ms Chen just said that if you come, you would get the information of what do you want to know."

Song Ting Yu smiled: "Okay, I know."

"Mr Song, you mean?"

Song Ting Yu didn't answer him, but he changed the topic: "How is the current condition of Ms Chen? Regarding her case how is it progressing?"

"It's still in investigation, but her condition is not really pleasing…" Lawyer Chen said then looked at Song Ting Yu. Actually he also didn't understand the matters of the rich and powerful family. How could Ms Chen turned into prisoner.

The first day he met her, she was still bright and neat, but after period of time, she changed. Perhaps because of the conditions inside. Everyday he came, he noticed she was changing.

She changed into thin and pallid.

As her lawyer, of course he knew what had she done and understood how could she be like this.

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