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Chapter 893 - Battle Tower

Kong Haoran and his companions laughed when they heard Shi Feng's question.

There were a total of 350 people in the simulation training system. If they had to fight so many people every day, they would die from exhaustion. Not to mention, no one had that much time to waste.

After all, every person here was a professional gamer. They spent most of their energy in G.o.d's Domain. A players' strength did not only rely on combat standards and techniques. Weapons, equipment, and tools also factored into a player's combat power. Otherwise, players wouldn't pursue better weapons or equipment.

"The simulation training system's ranking compet.i.tion isn't a compet.i.tion between players. Rather, it depends on your results in the Battle Tower. The Battle Tower is somewhat like the Divine Colosseum's Trial Tower," Kong Haoran explained. He then pointed towards the large portal in the middle of the hall, saying, "That's the Trial Tower that decides our ranks.

"The Battle Tower has a total of seven floors. The higher the floor you reach, the more Combat Points you will earn. In the end, the system uses the Battle Value to determine our ranks. Inside the Battle Tower, everyone's Attributes are normalized. However, you can only enter the tower once per day, and the ranks are determined every midnight. Generally, you must be prepared before challenging the tower. Otherwise, you'll likely be eliminated and waste your chance."

"So, that's how it works." Shi Feng could not help his growing interest in the Battle Tower. He shifted his gaze back to Kong Haoran and asked, "Which floor have you guys reached so far?"

"This…" Kong Haoran scratched his head. Awkwardly, he replied, "We're still on the first floor."

"Is it that difficult?" Shi Feng asked in surprise.

He could tell that Kong Haoran's combat standard was quite high. Although the man was no match for Red Feather, he was not far off. In a first-rate Guild, he would be considered a top-cla.s.s expert there.

In terms of the Divine Colosseum's Trial Tower, Kong Haoran would be a sixth-floor expert at the very least, yet such an expert was stuck on the Battle Tower's first floor. How difficult was this tower?

"In truth, all of the newcomers are stuck on the first floor. Only the Pavilion's group have reached the second floor. Violent Bear, for example, is on the second floor. However, he ranks among the top of those on that floor," Kong Haoran explained. "The experts who have reached the third-floor rank within the top 100. Their ranks practically never change. The most we can do is fight for the top 200 spots. The top 100 are monsters.

"The Battle Tower's difficulty has been set incredibly high. I really don't know why the Secret Pavilion made seven floors. I've heard that, even so many years after the Pavilion created this training system, n.o.body has the seventh floor. The highest record is the sixth floor."

When they spoke of the tower's difficulty, both Huo Zhengyang's and Du Xin's expressions twisted into something ugly.

They were their Guild's prided geniuses in G.o.d's Domain. Countless players looked up to them, yet upon joining this simulation training system, they had been stuck at the bottom of the food chain. Although Kong Haoran had entered the top 300 ranks, it was beyond these two, and they were limited to a pitiful 20 points each day.

"The record-holder has only reached the sixth floor?" Shi Feng was even more surprised.

A transcendental power like the Secret Pavilion should have a few old monsters who had, at the very least, reached the Domain Realm, yet even they had only managed to reach the sixth floor. It was hard to imagine just how difficult the seventh floor must be.

As he learned more, Shi Feng's curiosity about the Battle Tower grew.

Since Shi Feng currently had 900 points, he had no interest in the starter pack. At the very least, he needed a Void Realm Expert as a decent opponent. However, simulating Void Realm experts required 1,000 points. As for Domain Realm experts, facing them cost 2,000 points.

Following which, under Kong Haoran's guidance, Shi Feng entered the Battle Tower.

As Shi Feng entered the Battle Tower, news of his overwhelming victory over Violent Bear spread like wildfire.

After all, this was the first time a newcomer from another Guild had defeated a Secret Pavilion elite. Furthermore, Violent Bear was an expert that ranked among the top 150.

Many people, curious about how well Shi Feng would fare in the Battle Tower, rushed to the Battle Fortress to watch.

"Since this brat had easily defeated Violent Bear, he shouldn't have any problems reaching the third floor. If he does, someone's going to get kicked out of the top 100.

"How can that be? The third floor isn't easy to reach. Moreover, Violent Bear had handicapped 10% of his Attributes in that battle."

"d.a.m.n, which Guild did that guy come from? He's so strong. If he reaches the third floor, he'll place a new record."

"Mhm. I recall that the best record an expert from a different Guild had set on their first try was the second floor. However, that person is a true genius. Even the Pavilion is trying to recruit them."

The Battle Fortress's main hall exploded with commotion as everyone focused on the ranking lists before the Battle Tower. Even now, people streamed into the main hall, all talking about Shi Feng.

For a time, Shi Feng was the fortress's focal point.

"Quick, look! Isn't that Wen Hua?!"

"Why is she here?"

"Are you kidding me? Is she here to watch Shi Feng? Who is this guy?"

As everyone discussed Shi Feng, a beautiful woman in purple-red martial artist robes appeared in the hall. Instantly, the focus shifted towards her.

Everyone's, including Kong Haoran's group and Purple eye, who rested in a corner, jaws dropped.

Most people in G.o.d's Domain might not recognize the woman, but in this simulation training system, Wen Hua was a celebrity. Everyone knew about her.

Why is she here? Did she discover Shi Feng's ident.i.ty as well? Watching Wen Hua slowly walk into the hall, becoming the center of attention, an indescribable sense of jealousy and admiration welled up in Purple Eye's heart.

In terms of appearance, Wen Hua could even stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Snow G.o.ddess of Ouroboros, Gentle Snow. In terms of talent, however, Wen Hua surpa.s.sed Gentle Snow by leaps and bounds.

Wen Hua was very young, much younger than Gentle Snow.

To experts, age was a form of capital. Some people could reach the Refinement Realm at the young age of 18, while others only did so after turning 20. Although there was only an age difference of two years, this time gap could determine how far a player would go.

Although both were considered geniuses, the difference in talent was ma.s.sive.

If one reached the Refinement Realm at the age of 18, there was a high chance for them to reach the peak of the virtual gaming world during their lifetime. They would likely become an old monster, becoming a Domain Realm expert in the future. However, those who managed to enter the Refinement Realm at the age of 20, without any special opportunities, would, at most, become an ordinary upper echelon in some Super Guild.

Meanwhile, at the young age of 17, Wen Hua had reached the Refinement Realm. Currently, at 19, she had reached the peak of the Flowing Water Realm. The Pavilion's old monsters commented that Wen Hua was lacked inspiration and could break through to the Void Realm at any moment.

A 19-year-old Void Realm expert would have endless opportunities in their future. The Secret Pavilion had treated Wen Hua like a rare, precious seedling and spared no expense to nurture her. The Pavilion's old monsters often offered her pointers. She was likely to become the Secret Pavilion's future heir.

Meanwhile, such an amazing woman had actually shown up to watch a newcomer. Why wouldn't this be shocking?

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