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Chapter 887 - Black Card

"Are you serious?" Yuan Tiexin was visibly moved.

The Strengthening Device had only appeared on the market recently, and there were still very few available. Not only could it extend a player's time in combat, but it could also help players save meaningless travel time and some repair fees.

Various large Guilds were also hungering after Bronze Mounts.

Unfortunately, obtaining a Bronze Mount was immensely difficult; even the Secret Pavilion only had a few thus far. By the time the Guild members reached Level 40, most of the Guild's experts would only have Common Mounts. One should not underestimate the difference between a Bronze and a Common Mount. Although a Bronze Mount was only slightly faster than a Common Mount, the former could a.s.sist players in battle. It could significantly impact a player's combat capabilities in the field.

As for Guild Mounts…

Various Super Guilds already had a ma.s.sive headache over obtaining the Stable Design, much less taming a Mount.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing's Guild Mount was one of the major reasons for the Secret Pavilion's optimistic view of the Guild.

Zero Wing's advantage would surface as G.o.d's Domain's players reached Level 40. With the Secret Pavilion's resources, Zero Wing could quickly expand into the several surrounding countries and stand to rival super-first-rate Guilds. Without its potential, the Secret Pavilion would not have approached an upstart Guild with no background with such a generous offer.

"Of course. I'm just not sure if the Secret Pavilion is interested," Shi Feng said, laughing.

"It seems I have underestimated Zero Wing once again. I had not imagined you had such a card." Yuan Tiexin scratched his head awkwardly. If Shi Feng had offered anything else, the Secret Pavilion would've undoubtedly rejected the offer. There would be no rooms for negotiation whatsoever. However, the Pavilion was interested in the Strengthening Devices and Bronze Mounts. "I'll need to consult with our Guild Leader."

"Sure." Shi Feng understood that Yuan Tiexin did not yet qualify to make such important decisions.

Yuan Tiexin the left the reception room alone, returning after fifteen minutes or so. His gaze, which had been hesitant, was now firm.

"I've contacted our Guild Leader about this. We will provide five training slots. However, you need to give us 100 Bronze Mounts and 10,000 Strengthening Devices in return. There is no room for negotiations on this," Yuan Tiexin said in determination.

"You guys sure are asking for a lot. It's not a guarantee that we will be able to nurture five Domain Realm experts." Shi Feng frowned slightly. Although the simulation training system was valuable, it was not that valuable.

Based on the current market price, a Bronze Mount was worth roughly 300 Gold. However, while there was a demand for Bronze Mounts, their supply was practically nonexistent. n.o.body would truly sell a Bronze Mount. Even if one offered 500 Gold, one might not find a seller. After all, they were simply too rare, even rivaling Epic items.

Yet, the Secret Pavilion wanted 100 Bronze Mounts. Even with a conservative calculation, the total value would be at least 50,000 Gold!

As for the Strengthening Devices, based on current market value, 10,000 devices was worth roughly 100,000 Gold. All in all, the Secret Pavilion was asking for 150,000 Gold!

Even to first-rate Guilds, 150,000 Gold was astronomical. Even if the Secret Pavilion were a transcendental power, this sum was ma.s.sive. It would take the Pavilion several days to gather so much money.

Moreover, even if one had 150,000 Gold, purchasing so many Mounts and Strengthening Devices was impossible, yet the Secret Pavilion had asked for exactly that in exchange for only five training slots.

They were essentially asking Zero Wing to foot the bill for their members' training.

"There are only so many training slots available each year. The few we have aren't even enough for our own use. Even I am surprised that our Guild Leader has agreed to sell any." Yuan Tiexin spread his hands in a helpless gesture, showing that this was not his will, either.

"It's not that Zero Wing doesn't have these resources; I just want ten slots. Uncle Yuan, you understand that, now that the Mind s.p.a.ce System has launched, this is the best opportunity to gather as many advantages as possible. If you don't take the opportunity to do so now, it will be far more difficult in the future." Yuan Tiexin's response had not angered Shi Feng. Chuckling, he continued, "Moreover, these ten slots don't really matter to the Secret Pavilion. Even with the ten slots, you aren't guaranteed to nurture more Refinement Realm experts. It is even more unlikely that you will successfully nurture a monster with a Domain. On the other hand, by losing these ten slots, the Secret Pavilion will have a headstart over the other major powers. It will also be easier in the future to attract major corporations' investments. Isn't that so?"

When she heard Shi Feng's logic, Wen Hua shot him a contemptuous look.

The man was speaking as if the training slots were worth nothing at all when, in fact, countless first-rate Guilds yearned for an opportunity like this. How could anyone compare them to cabbages that one could buy on the street? Limited High-level Energy sold annually. The money the Secret Pavilion spent to obtain what they needed each year was astronomical.

However, Shi Feng paid no mind to Wen Hua's gaze.

He understood how much influence the Mind s.p.a.ce System had on the world's major corporations. As long as the Secret Pavilion obtained a high-ranking personal s.p.a.ce, it would not have to worry about attracting investors. If the chance to gain a headstart presented itself, G.o.d's Domain's major powers would fight over it like wolves.

Yuan Tiexin was shocked when he heard Shi Feng's words. He had never dreamed that Zero Wing had hidden its strength so deeply. Despite the Secret Pavilion having exhausted all of its resources to collect Bronze Mounts, they currently had less than 30. Yet, Zero Wing could offer 100 without hesitation, not to mention the highly sought-after Strengthening Devices.

"This is…" Originally, Yuan Tiexin had intended to refuse, attempting to force Shi Feng into lowering his price. However, as he watched Shi Feng get up from his seat and prepare to send them off, he quickly changed his words and continued, "I'll need to discuss this further with my Guild Leader."

Yuan Tiexin had to admit that Shi Feng had caught on to the Secret Pavilion's Achilles' heel.

Yuan Tiexin finally understood why Zero Wing had left its Workshop's management to a youth like Shi Feng. The boy was as cunning as an old fox.

With no better choice, Yuan Tiexin left the room to contact his Guild Leader once more.

After a lengthy period, Yuan Tiexin reentered the room. Sighing, he looked at Shi Feng and said, "Our Guild Leader has agreed to your demands. However, there is a condition. You need to give us the items within five days."

"Impossible. Bronze Mounts and Strengthening Devices aren't cabbage. I can only guarantee ten Bronze Mounts and 2,000 Strengthening Devices within the first five days. You will receive the remaining items within twelve days." Shi Feng shook his head.

Currently, he did not even have one Bronze Mount. Manufacturing the Bronze Mounts required time. It was simply impossible to produce all 100 Mounts in five days.

However, after completing t.i.tan City's entrance trial, in addition to the Meditation Rooms and Special Workshops, it should be possible to achieve that number within twelve days.

"You…" Yuan Tiexin felt cheated by Shi Feng. However, regret was pointless now. The Bronze Mounts and Strengthening Devices were simply too important. "Fine, then. Let's establish a contract now."

After both parties signed the contract, Yuan Tiexin placed ten of the twenty black cards he had prepared beforehand on the table.

"These ten login cards are proof of identification needed to login to the simulation training system. They are effective for one year. Take care of them. If you lose them, we cannot replace them. You can access the Secret Pavilion's latest training s.p.a.ce through the virtual gaming cabin," Yuan Tiexin reminded. "However, take note of one thing. It is best to prepare a few bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids. The burden the various high-level battles in the training s.p.a.ce have on the human body is no laughing matter."

After saying so, Yuan Tiexin's party left the reception room, leaving only Shi Feng and the ten black cards in the room.

As Shi Feng stared at the black cards on the table, excitement welled up within him. After suppressing his emotions as much as he could, he called out for Liang Jing, who stood just outside the room, saying "Liang Jing, call Fire Dance and the others here."

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