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Chapter 883 - New System

Shi Feng was momentarily stunned when he heard the system announcement.

Isn't the fourth evolution happening a little too soon?! Shi Feng frowned deeply.

This was not good news for G.o.d's Domain's players. Every evolution the Main G.o.d System underwent increased the realism and difficulty of the fights against monsters.

Moreover, this was the first time Shi Feng had seen a system upgrade require 40 hours.

Generally, system upgrades only lasted from 12 to 24 hours. Even in the past, none of the upgrades had needed more than 24 hours to complete.

However, Shi Feng did not have time to consider the situation. He only had ten minutes left to log out of the game. He needed to find a safe location quickly.

After the Mutated Dragon's death, the Dark Sanctuary over the valley had begun to dissipate.

Either due to the Silver Dragon's absence or some other reason, many monsters began to appear in the previously scarcely populated valley. Moreover, these were not low-leveled monsters. The lowest among them was Level 30, while some were even Level 45. Among them, there was no lack of Elite monsters. To current players, monsters of this Level were still dangerous opponents.

Finally, after finding a stream without nearby monsters, Shi Feng logged off.

The morning sun shone brightly. Suddenly, the virtual gaming cabin in the room opened, and Shi Feng climbed out.

Compared to when Shi Feng had first entered G.o.d's Domain in this life, he was much stronger and more muscular. He had also grown slightly taller. In addition, his aura had changed tremendously. He gave off a calm and comfortable aura, which attracted others.

"Since this system upgrade will be so long, G.o.d's Domain must be chaotic right now." Shi Feng smiled. He then instructed the AI housekeeper turn on the television.

Just as Shi Feng had predicted…

Many television programs were already covering G.o.d's Domain's system upgrade.

After a period of development, G.o.d's Domain's influence on the real world had gradually expanded. In addition, the ma.s.s-production of G.o.d's Domain's virtual reality helmets had begun, which resulted in the helmet's continuous price drop. Now, more and more people could enjoy G.o.d's Domain. Gradually, G.o.d's Domain had become a big part of most people's lives.

Moreover, the game's advertising had grown, with the game's biggest selling point being the various lifestyles and entertainment it offered, in addition to its ability to extend one's lifespan.

Although technology constantly improved, there was still a limit to how much it could extend a human life.

Meanwhile, G.o.d's Domain could indirectly extend the human lifespan, allowing everyone to enjoy nearly double their natural life expectancy. This alone attracted many people. Furthermore, the game played a medicinal role.

The current technology in the field of medicine had reached a very high level, and most diseases could be cured. Unfortunately, even now, disabilities remained unconquered. However, upon entering G.o.d's Domain, blindness, deafness, or amputation did not matter; these people could live an ordinary life.

As Shi Feng understood it, after widespread promotion, many ill people had joined G.o.d's Domain. Many of them even refused to leave the game world.

"The following report regards G.o.d's Domain's latest change. The game's official developers have expressed their sincerest apologies regarding players' dissatisfaction with the latest system upgrade. They have also explained why this upgrade requires so much time. There are two main reasons for this.

"The first reason is that the Main G.o.d System has collected sufficient data and can undergo another system upgrade.

"The inclusion of the Mind s.p.a.ce system is the second reason. This system will attract even more people to this virtual reality game in the future, turning it into a true second world!"

When the reporter mentioned this, Shi Feng was taken aback. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

Didn't this new system only launch two years after G.o.d's Domain's release? Shi Feng glared at the holographic screen's message.

The Mind s.p.a.ce System was also known as the Realm of G.o.d.

In the past, during G.o.d's Domain's first year, the game had been very popular. However, its influence on the real world had been limited. The most the game had achieved was the expansion of the virtual gaming industry's influence on the real world, growing from a niche industry to a household concept.

However, the Realm of G.o.d's appearance had pushed G.o.d's Domain to its peak as an industry.

Due to the Realm of G.o.d, any G.o.d's Domain player could create their own virtual s.p.a.ce. If players did not want to play the game, they could enter their virtual s.p.a.ces for some rest and entertainment. While in a private s.p.a.ce, they could adjust the environment to their liking. However, the more realistic the environment and the larger the s.p.a.ce was, the more resources one needed to pay. One could even go as far as adjusting the flow of time inside their personal s.p.a.ce.

As far as Shi Feng knew, one could adjust the flow up to ten times that of natural time.

In other words, ten days in one's personal s.p.a.ce was the equivalent of a single day in the real world. Hence, theoretically, it was possible to extend one's lifespan by up to ten times. Meanwhile, while in one's personal s.p.a.ce, a player's body would remain at its peak health. Age would not limit their enjoyment.

Due to this reason, G.o.d's Domain had become irreplaceable in the real world. Countless people had gone crazy over this new system. To enjoy longer lifespans, some wealthy tyc.o.o.ns had even paid an exorbitant price to construct their own s.p.a.ce. G.o.d's Domain had truly raked in the money once it released the Realm of G.o.d.

In Shi Feng's previous life, he, too, had set up his own s.p.a.ce and often invited his friends for get-togethers.

However, Shi Feng's s.p.a.ce had been quite average. He had only increased the time flow by four, and the s.p.a.ce had only been roughly as large as a football field. Even so, he had earned the envy of many ordinary experts.

Constructing a personal s.p.a.ce was not as simple as establishing a Guild Residence, where one only needed to purchase a plot of Land and invest some Coins. To construct a personal virtual s.p.a.ce, one needed memory!

Players could not simply construct a personal s.p.a.ce because they desired it.

Sustaining a personal s.p.a.ce placed a heavy burden on the system. The more luxurious and s.p.a.cious the s.p.a.ce was, the more memory its support required.

In G.o.d's Domain, memory had a different, well-known name.


Constructing a personal s.p.a.ce required Mana. However, it required more than just a little. Players could not use the low-quality Mana from Magic Crystals. Rather, one needed Seven Luminaries Crystals!

However, Seven Luminaries Crystals were insanely rare in G.o.d's Domain. This was clear just by looking at Star-Moon Kingdom. Throughout Star-Moon Kingdom, one could only find Seven Luminaries Crystal in the capital.

Furthermore, Seven Luminaries Crystals were astonishingly expensive. An ordinary expert could only look on, powerless, with their measly finances. If an ordinary player got their hands on a few, selling them, they could live the rest of their lives without any concern for money.

This was why Shi Feng had been so excited when he had reached the Forgotten Lands and encountered the Seven Luminaries Mountain in the G.o.d's Grave. Unfortunately, his strength had been limited. He hadn't been able to leave that area with a single, small chunk.

After the news report regarding G.o.d's Domain ended, Shi Feng ate a casual meal. He intended to check on the newcomers Lei Bao had been training during this time.

Zero Wing could not compare to Super Guilds, where the latter had a perfect expert nurturing system and no shortage of talents.

Fortunately, Zero Wing now had the Big Dipper Training Center to support it, providing an excellent training environment.

Shi Feng had a few of Zero Wing's newcomers sign a series of agreements and directed them here to undergo special training. They were the experts that Zero Wing nurtured internally. Unfortunately, Zero Wing's funds were limited. It could not afford to train enough newcomers. To a large Guild like Zero Wing, these few were like a drop in the bucket.

Shi Feng's female a.s.sistant, Liang Jing, suddenly called him and reported, "Master Shi Feng, a gentleman named Yuan Tiexin has arrived, looking for you. He claims to be an acquaintance of yours. Do you wish to meet him?"

He sure moves quickly. Shi Feng smiled faintly. "Have him wait for me in the main hall's reception room. I'll head over right away."

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