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Chapter 881 - 3-star Promotion Order

As the golden glow engulfed Shi Feng's body, the rest of the team experienced the glow as well. Some even experienced the phenomenon twice, their Levels launching from 40 to 42.

The bountiful EXP that the Mutated Dragon had provided stunned them all.

Even at their Level, the Mutated Dragon had awarded them enough EXP to level up at least once. They had just saved several days of effort.


"We won!"

Everyone cheered as they looked at the motionless Mutated Dragon.

The Mutant had been far stronger than any monster they had faced before. They shouldn't have survived it at their level, yet they had defeated it. Although they had relied on Shi Feng's strength, they were excited.

Some of their excitement was also due to the system notification they received after the Dragon had died.

System: Congratulations! You have received the "Dragon Slayer" t.i.tle. Wielder of this t.i.tle will gain a 10% increase to their Humanity Reputation.

Although this t.i.tle did not affect their combat power, many players dreamed of the buff it provided.

In G.o.d's Domain, Humanity Reputation was crucial.

Aside from the fact that one needed a certain amount of Reputation to purchase Land and housing, higher Reputation allowed players to enjoy discounts when repairing or purchasing items in NPC cities. After reaching the highest achievable Reputation, one could even enjoy a 40% discount.

Although players were discovering more methods of earning Coins, players still needed more.

Aside from purchasing Consumables and some luxury items, such as delicious food, most of a player's money went to repair fees. Moreover, as players equipped higher quality and leveled equipment, the repair fees increased.

With a 40% discount in cities, a player could save a large sum of money.

Moreover, as players gained more Levels, raising one's Reputation in a single city would not be enough. Many high-resource leveling spots were quite far from starting cities; traveling back and forth was inconvenient. If a player wanted to level up quickly, they needed to have high Reputation in multiple cities.

However, Reputation was not easy to obtain. Even until now, players still had headaches over gaining Reputation in their respective cities.

Now that these players had the Dragon Slayer t.i.tle, they wouldn't have to put in as much effort. It was especially true for independent players.

However, the team was more interested in the Mutated Dragon's loot.

The Mutated Dragon had dropped over ten items!

Needless to say, such a powerful monster's loot would be astounding. It would not surprise any of them if it even dropped an Epic item.

Watching Shi Feng collect the items, one after another, they nearly drooled.

However, White Night had promised Shi Feng that he could claim all of the drops. Hence, they could only watch enviously.

"Look; is that an Epic Weapon?"

"c.r.a.p! Look at that Magic Scroll! It can concentrate Mana naturally. It should be a Tier 3 scroll at the very least, right?"

"That design is huge!"

Although these players realized that the items belonged to Shi Feng, they still wanted to know what they were.

As Shi Feng picked up the scattered Coins and items, he noticed a purple-gold, diamond-shaped token. A single word had been engraved on this token.


As expected of a Dragon, its loot is awesome. Shi Feng tried to calm his excited heart as he looked at the token. If not for White Night and the others' presence, he would have laughed like a maniac.

This Promotion Order was no ordinary Promotion Order; it was a Shop Promotion Order. Moreover, it wasn't a 2-star Shop Promotion Order, but a 3-star Shop Promotion Order.

In G.o.d's Domain, even 2-star Shop Promotion Orders were extremely difficult to obtain.

Throughout Star-Moon Kingdom and its neighboring kingdoms, no other trading firm, aside from the Candlelight Trading Firm, possessed a 2-star Shop. Only the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion in the Black Dragon Empire had a 2-star Shop. Moreover, the super-first-rate Guild had only obtained it a few days ago.

Current players had no hopes of getting their hands on a 3-star Shop. To obtain one, players would need to kill a relatively high-leveled, high-tiered Field Boss, open a high-rank Treasure Chest, or complete the Challenge Quest.

Obtaining a 3-star Shop Promotion Order from a Field Boss was unrealistic, as only Level 50 or higher Tier 4 Field Bosses had a chance of dropping them.

As for Treasure Chests, the Promotion Order would only appear in Dark-Gold Treasure Chests found in Level 50 or above maps.

As for the Challenge Quest, its difficulty approached that of a Legendary Quest. The money required just to accept the quest would send cold shivers down the spine of any large Guild in G.o.d's Domain.

Take the 2-star Shop in the Black Dragon Empire for example. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had accepted the Challenge Quest to promote that Shop. However, the super-first-rate Guild had challenged the quest three times before it succeeded, and each challenge had cost 6,000 Gold. Ordinary Guilds could not afford that right now. Only super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds might have enough to take on the Challenge Quest.

Although promoting a shop to 3-star status was exceedingly difficult, any Guild that could afford the fee would make an attempt.

After all, there was a qualitative difference between a 3-star Shop and a 2-star Shop.

The greatest difference was that, when a Shop reached 3-star status, its 1-star Shops could be promoted to 2-star status. This one aspect was more than enough to throw the various large Guilds into a frenzy.

Aside from this, a 3-star Shop offered far more functions than a 2-star Shop.

After reaching 2-star status, a Shop would gain access to the Special Workshops. At 3-star status, a Shop would gain access to the Basic Meditation Room.

As the name suggested, the Meditation Room was a s.p.a.ce that allowed players to process their thoughts. Moreover, due to the dense Mana inside the Meditation Room, players could maintain a clear state of mind, allowing them to better-exert their abilities. The Special Workshop, on the other hand, only altered the environment to adjust one's mood.

Of course, the Meditation Room also offered every function a Special Workshop possessed, allowing a player to alter the room's environment.

This was the main reason why the various Lifestyle Masters in the past had surged towards high star-ranking Shops. A positive work environment was crucial to Lifestyle players.

However, there were two downsides to the Basic Meditation Room in 3-star Shops.

The first was the cost. To maintain the Mana density inside the room, one needed to spend a lot of Magic Crystals. Maintaining the Mana density for a day cost a total of 300 Magic Crystals. The price of a single Magic Crystal had already reached 25 Silver. A total of three hundred crystals was the equivalent of 75 Gold Coins. Hence, Meditation Rooms were only used to produce high-valued items.

The second drawback was its scarcity. At 3-star status, a Shop could only offer three Basic Meditation Rooms. For an establishment like the Candlelight Trading Firm, that was far from enough to satisfy its Advanced Lifestyle players.

Forget it. It's better to not have one at all. Melancholic can worry about it later. Shi Feng chuckled. He then stored the Promotion Order. Currently, he was eager to return to White River City and promote the Candlelight Trading Firm there to 3-star status.

Among the many items that had dropped, there were also two Tier 3 Magic Scrolls, four bottles of Exotic Potions, and three Forging Designs. The rest were weapons and equipment. Among these items, the most valuable, outside of the Promotion Order, were the two Epic items. One was a scale-covered shield, engraved with divine runes, while the other was an aqua robe.

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