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Chapter 939 - Unfathomable Zero Wing

Peerless's sudden suggestion had stunned not only Youlan and her group, but it had also surprised Zero Wing's Vice-Leader, Aqua Rose.

Aqua Rose had to admit that Peerless's suggestion was tempting.

Both Pantheon and Zero Wing's teams would struggle to take down three Level 45 Bosses simultaneously. If not dealt with properly, a team-wipe would not be surprising.

If the two teams joined hands, however, their chances of defeating the three Bosses would increase tremendously.

Although Aqua Rose was not at all familiar with the strength of Pantheon's team, the fact that they had made it this far proved that it should not be underestimated.

Peerless also firmly believed that his proposal would interest Shi Feng.

After all, the team's ultimate goal was to enter t.i.tan City. Moreover, more than one team could reach the Holy City as long as they cleared the entrance trial. There was no conflict between them in terms of profit.

Moreover, befriending a Super Guild was far more beneficial than creating a new enemy.

However, Shi Feng replied with three, indifferent words.

"No, thank you!"

After responding, Shi Feng swung Killing Ray.

Lightning Edge!

After reaching Tier 1, Lightning Edge's range had extended to a maximum of 50 yards. The damage spread could envelop over half of Peerless's team.

Strike after strike of blue lightning arced towards Pantheon's members.

Shi Feng's Attributes were already exceptional. Even Cola could only endure a few of his normal attacks.

In the blink of an eye, the lifeless bodies of over half of Peerless's team members fell to the ground. Even the MTs, who had activated their Lifesaving Skills, had lost their lives. Only those who had been outside of Lightning Edge's attack range and those who possessed Skills that provided a brief invulnerability had escaped with their lives. However, these players were only a minority of Peerless's team.

After Lightning Edge ended, less than ten players remained standing on Peerless's side.

Lightning Edge was in no way weaker than a Boss's team-wipe Skill.

"What is he doing?" Youlan was flabbergasted.

Initially, she had agreed with the proposed cooperation. Not only would this eliminate the possibility of earning Pantheon's ire, but they might also have the chance to form a friendship with the Super Guild. Both she and Zero Wing would benefit greatly from an amicable relationship with Pantheon. Furthermore, their chances of clearing the entrance trial would increase.

Yet, Shi Feng had rejected the offer. Moreover, he annihilated the majority of Pantheon's members without a second thought.

Youlan even began to wonder if Shi Feng had some sort of unresolvable grudge against Pantheon.

Shi Feng's actions had even stunned Aqua Rose. Bloodsucker was gobsmacked as well.

No matter what was said or done, these people were still Pantheon members, yet Shi Feng had killed them without any hesitation. Shi Feng's decisiveness to kill another player even made a Dark Player like Bloodsucker involuntarily tremble.

He was now even more afraid of Shi Feng than he was of a bloodthirsty killer such as himself!

However, Shi Feng did not bother to explain his decision. Or rather, he could not.

Only the first team to enter the Holy City of t.i.tan would be awarded Reputation. He would not give up the guarantee of gaining the Holy City's Reputation just to gain a dispensable partner, not to mention a partner that had initially planned to use his team to distract the Bosses.

In G.o.d's Domain, only one's strength mattered. Everything else was secondary.

"I'll butcher you!" A vein popped in Peerless's eyes when he saw his dead companions. If hatred were tangible, his would've drowned Shi Feng. These players were the capital he needed to clear the entrance trial. Now, Shi Feng had annihilated them. Peerless then activated his Berserk Skill. He raised his silver greatsword and charged at Shi Feng.

However, before Peerless, whose body had grown slightly, could reach Shi Feng, a figure appeared between them and forcibly stopped the Berserker's charge. This person was none other than the Guardian Knight Turtledove.


Peerless boiled with rage. He swore to himself that he would fight Shi Feng to the end. Without hesitation, he sent a horizontal slash at the Guardian Knight in his way, intending to take advantage of his enhanced Strength to send Turtledove flying.

In response to the vicious attack, Turtledove swung her longsword to meet the Berserker's blade, activating Steel Impact before the two weapons collided.


The counterattack sent Peerless flying ten yards away. It had also forced him into a Fainted state. His 26,600 HP dropped by more than 3,000 as well. Turtledove's immense Strength stunned Pantheon's members.

They all knew just how powerful Peerless was.

Although he could not compare to the Battle Wolves' Sirius, he was one of Pantheon's apex experts who had reached the Void Realm. He even wore a piece of Epic Equipment, while the rest of his gear consisted of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment. In terms of Basic Attributes, few people were capable of matching the Berserker.

The Berserk Skill Peerless had activated also boosted his Strength, Agility, and Endurance. In this state, he could even stand against a High Lord of the same level without giving way, yet a tall, slender female Guardian Knight had sent him flying. Their shock was indescribable.

"Boss Peerless, I'll help you!" A Level 40 burly a.s.sa.s.sin dashed forward to a.s.sist Peerless, who had removed the Control effect plaguing him as soon as he had received it.

However, before this Level 40 a.s.sa.s.sin could reach the Berserker, numerous arrows flew towards him, forcing him to block the attacks. His actions, however, broke his Stealth.

Isn't that Pantheon's Three Tigers? Why is he here? Youlan was surprised upon seeing the a.s.sa.s.sin. It seems Pantheon really wants into t.i.tan City. After this incident, Zero Wing and Pantheon will definitely be mortal enemies.

The exposed a.s.sa.s.sin was Three Tigers, an apex expert from Pantheon. He was also the Super Guild's fifth-ranked a.s.sa.s.sin. His attacks were famed for their violence. Others often called him the Man-slaughtering Tiger.

However, the instant the Man-slaughtering Tiger was exposed, he felt death loom over him. Hastily, he used Wind Steps and threw himself to the ground. Unknown to him, the sharp blade of a short sword had sliced across his back. If not for the brief invulnerability that his Skill provided, the blade would've ripped through his body.

What is that style of footwork?! Even so close, I didn't detect her at all! Three Tigers felt his body grow cold when his gaze fell on Fire Dance, who had appeared behind him suddenly. If not for his ability to exert his five senses to their limits, which allowed him to sense the subtle fluctuations in the air as Fire Dance launched her attack, he would've fallen prey to the female a.s.sa.s.sin's attack.

As expected, my Void Steps are still rough and crude. Fire Dance inwardly berated herself after Three Tigers dodged her blade.

After evading Fire Dance's ambush, Three Tigers discovered an incoming volley. White Night had fired these arrows and did so from the male a.s.sa.s.sin's blindspot. As a result, Three Tigers didn't notice them until it was too late.

d.a.m.n it! Why are there so many experts?! Three Tigers instinctively activated Vanish, repelling the arrows and remaining unharmed.

He had just been forced to use two of his major Lifesaving Skills in a row. Three Tigers had never experienced a situation like this since he had joined G.o.d's Domain.

However, shortly after Three Tigers vanished, he discovered that he could not move. Before he realized it, pitch-black walls rose from the ground and surrounding him.

This attack was none other than Violet Cloud's Black Coffin, and she had timed the spell to activate just after Vanish's 1.3 seconds of invulnerability had ended…

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