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Chapter 843 - Showing Off One's Trivial Skills before a Master

At the sight of his companions reduced to ashes, Quirrell's mouth twitched slightly. This large-scale destruction Spell came all too suddenly.

Evidently, Shi Feng had long since been prepared to cast the Spell while he was approaching them. He had only voiced that question earlier to tempt them into attacking him and draw them into his trap.

They did not have any time to evade this surprise attack at all.

If not for Quirrell being near the edge of the Spell's coverage, he would not have been able to utilize the brief invulnerability Wind Steps provided to rush out of the flames in time. At this moment, he would have most likely suffered the same fate as his thirteen other companions.

"Leader, what should we do?" a Level 37 Elementalist asked softly.

"We'll retreat!" Quirrell replied, gnashing his teeth. Although he didn't want to back off, since the man before them was capable of defeating Ordinary Stranger and Thunder Tiger, just the five of them would not be able to do anything to him at all.

Previously, they had eighteen players on their side—enough hands to activate a magic array to suppress their opponent. Now, however, that plan was no longer viable. If they remained to fight, the only outcome would be a complete team-wipe.

"Don't think you can escape that easily."

Shi Feng smirked slightly as he looked at Quirrell and the others gradually moving away from himself. With quick steps, he approached the closest Level 37 Elementalist.

Previously, in order to survive his Firestorm, these players had already used up all their Lifesaving Skills. It would be near-impossible for them to escape him now.

"Don't hold back when going up against him! I'll pin him down! Ranged cla.s.ses support me!" When Quirrell saw Shi Feng approaching them like a gale, he hurriedly activated his Berserk Skill, and his Attributes increased by a large margin. He then used Shadow Steps to appear directly behind Shi Feng and stabbed his fanglike dagger at Shi Feng's heart.

Absolute Strike!

This was the fastest and most powerful Skill of the a.s.sa.s.sin cla.s.s. In addition to Quirrell's flawless movements, there was practically no time-lag between the activation of Shadow Steps and Absolute Strike. It was simply impossible for ordinary players to guard against his attack.

Moreover, after Quirrell activated his Berserk Skill, the power and speed of his attack were both boosted to inhuman levels.

The Elementalist at a distance also shot one Fireball after another at the locations Shi Feng dodged to, his coordination with Quirrell seamless.

The Ranger standing on the other side likewise sent a barrage of Frost Arrows at Shi Feng, his attacks accurately targeting the Swordsman's vital points.

Looking at the coordination of the three players, even Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, who rarely fought other players, could tell that their enemies were very powerful. Immediately, panic appeared on their faces.

All at once, however, Shi Feng disappeared. Quirrell's and the others' attacks all struck air.

"Where is he?" Quirrell hurriedly observed his surroundings. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he rushed at the distant Elementalist, shouting, "Dodge, quickly!"

At this moment, Shi Feng had already appeared behind the Elementalist using Silent Steps. He then violently swung the Sacred Sword in his hand.

A streak of blue light flashed.


Although the blue light was fast, when it landed on the Elementalist's body, it moved no further—as if it had struck an impenetrable wall.

Ice Barrier? Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he looked at the Elementalist, who was currently covered in a layer of ice. The Elementalist looked just like an ice sculpture right now. Ice Barrier was the strongest Lifesaving Skill of the Elementalist cla.s.s, providing the user with invulnerability for eight seconds. However, after activating the Skill, the user would not be able to do anything else. This Skill was extremely rare. Generally, finding one or two people who had learned the Skill, out of 100 expert Elementalists, was unlikely.

Helpless against this Skill, Shi Feng could only shift his sights to someone else.

However, just as he started searching for a new target, a blue magic array appeared above his head. In the next moment, the rumble of thunder echoed in the cave. Quirrell, who stood at a distance, also revealed a cold sneer on his face.

This magic array was the result of him using a Tier 2 Magic Scroll, Thunder h.e.l.l. Not only would the Spell deal a frightening amount of damage to a certain area, but it could also prevent players within the affected area from wielding any of their Skills. It was a Magic Scroll that was meant to counter experts in particular.

"Die!" Quirrell shouted as he guided arcs of lightning to descend from the sky.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Arc after arc of lightning descended from overhead, turning a radius of 20 yards into a world of thunder and lightning. Any player caught within the region of Thunder h.e.l.l would not survive. Only the Elementalist, who had activated Ice Barrier beforehand, would remain unharmed by the Spell.

"Hahaha! Team Leader is still the best!" the Ranger laughed proudly as he looked at the flurry of lightning bolts crashing before him.

Players were fated to remain as only players. Even if they had extremely high Attributes and combat standards, actual field battles did not rely on just these two things. External tools still had great influence on the outcome of a battle.

Even if Shi Feng possessed Attributes rivaling those of a Chieftain of the same Level, if he could not use any of his Skills, he would definitely succ.u.mb to the destructive power of a Tier 2 Spell with the pitiful amount of HP he possessed.

Seeing the lightning storm devouring Shi Feng, Quirrell breathed out a sigh of relief as well. Although Shi Feng's Silent Steps had surprised him somewhat, the latter must not have expected him to possess a Magic Scroll that was meant to counter expert players. Only, this Magic Scroll had a relatively long activation time. However, the Elementalist just happened to earn him quite a lot of time.

"Alright, you guys are next." Quirrell then shifted his gaze towards the distant Thoughtful Rain.


At this moment, the previously celebrating Ranger suddenly screamed as numerous streaks of blue light bloomed on his body. The Ranger's body then collapsed to the ground, a piece of equipment dropping off his body.

"How did you manage to escape?!" Quirrell's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets at the sight of Shi Feng standing behind the dead Ranger. Moreover, the Swordsman was entirely unharmed.

"Do you think you're the only one who has a Magic Scroll?" Shi Feng smirked as he picked up the dropped equipment.

The appearance of Thunder h.e.l.l had indeed shocked him. Fortunately, he always carried around plenty of Magic Scrolls when he went out—especially the lifesaving Instantaneous Movement Scroll. Although the Magic Scroll had a Cooldown of ten minutes, the scroll boasted instantaneous activation. It was an item specifically meant to counter Control Skills.

"Just who are you? Why are you targeting us?" Quirrell asked, his complexion deathly pale.

However, while Quirrell was posing his question, he was also making subtle gestures, signaling the two other a.s.sa.s.sins in Stealth to circle around and ambush Shi Feng.

The two stealthed a.s.sa.s.sins nodded silently. They then began approaching Shi Feng with light steps. Both of them were experts capable of melding their actions with their environment. Even a top-tier expert would find it difficult to discover them while they were in Stealth.

"Trying to divert my attention?" Shi Feng laughed as he shook his head. He then turned around without any warning and used Thundering Flash.

Several arcs of lightning streaked across s.p.a.ce. Immediately, two figures emerged in the path the lightning arcs traversed. They were none other than the two stealthed a.s.sa.s.sins whom Quirrell had signaled to before. At this moment, both their bodies fell to the ground abruptly, both their HPs having already hit rock bottom.

Shi Feng had activated Omniscient Eyes as soon as the battle began. Hence, he could see the two stealthed a.s.sa.s.sins approaching him as clear as day. He had only pretended not to notice them. However, now that they were taking the initiative to present their lives to him, how could he possibly refuse their offer?

"You…" Quirrell's complexion darkened significantly when he saw this scene.

"Alright, now you're the only one left," Shi Feng said in a low tone.

"Only me?" Quirrell was inwardly confused. There was clearly an Elementalist still present. Why would Shi Feng say that he was the only one left?

In the next moment, a crimson dart appeared in Shi Feng's hand. He then threw the dart at the Elementalist stuck inside the ice.

Flame G.o.d's Fury!

The instant the duration of Ice Barrier ended—before the Elementalist could even react—Blazing Meteor had already appeared before him. Shi Feng's grasp on time had reached perfection. Right after, flames devoured the Elementalist completely, reducing his body to a pile of smoldering ash.

"Just who are you?!" Quirrell asked, fear painted across his face.

After he had set up so many traps, even the apex experts in his Guild would have succ.u.mbed to death by now. Yet, as if he had been playing in Shi Feng's palm all this time, none of his traps had worked on Shi Feng. Just thinking up to this point made his heart shudder in fear, a sense of powerlessness spreading throughout his entire being.

"Do you have any last words?" Shi Feng asked softly, not bothering to answer Quirrell's question. Instead, he slowly walked towards the a.s.sa.s.sin, step by step.

For each step Shi Feng took, Quirrell unconsciously retreated by a step as well.

Despite his Berserk Skill being active right now, Quirrell was not the slightest bit confident he could win against Shi Feng. Meanwhile, Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, who were watching this scene, were both stupefied.

"I am part of King's Return's Falcon Legion! Are you trying to make an enemy out of King's Return?!" Quirrell demanded, gnashing his teeth.

He did not wish to die. The Guild's cla.s.s compet.i.tion was rapidly approaching. If he died now, the loss in Level, equipment, and Skill Proficiency would have a significant effect on his performance in the compet.i.tion.

Now, his only choice was to reveal his ident.i.ty.

Previously, the reason they had concealed their ident.i.ties was to avoid letting Zero Wing take preventive measures against them. With their ident.i.ties unknown, their subsequent operations would flow much more smoothly. Now that everyone except for himself had died, there was naturally no need to continue hiding this fact.

Moreover, the stronger an expert was, the more knowledgeable they were about how powerful Super Guilds were. If the opponent still dared to make a move even after he revealed this fact, this person would definitely be a fool.

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