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Chapter 842 - Ye Feng Arrives

"They died?"

When Quirrell heard the report, he quickly called out the system team window.

Sure enough, among the list of team members, both the names of Ordinary Stranger and Thunder Tiger had turned gray, which meant that the two of them were no longer alive at this time.

When the other members of the team heard this, they promptly checked their team windows as well.

They simply could not bring themselves to believe what they were seeing was true.

Ordinary Stranger and Thunder Tiger were both top-tier experts in their Guild. Their strength was equal to Quirrell's. If the two of them worked together, even a team of ordinary experts would be helpless against them.

It was truly hard to imagine that these two experts had died.

"Leader, should we head back and take a look?" an a.s.sa.s.sin asked. "We can't just let someone kill the members of King's Return and do nothing about it. If we don't deal with this matter properly, the other Super Guilds will surely make fun of us."

"No. Just traveling back to the entrance will take us more than half an hour. By that time, the enemy would have long since disappeared," Quirrell said, shaking his head. "Moreover, we don't have a clear understanding of the situation over there. First, find those two women. We'll talk about what to do next after we've gotten rid of those two. If the enemy is capable of killing both Stranger and Tiger, we cannot underestimate their strength. It is highly likely that the enemy is a powerful team that came here to grind. It won't be too late for us to deal with them after we complete our mission."

In Quirrell's opinion, even a Great Lord ranked monster would not be able to kill Ordinary Stranger and Thunder Tiger. No doubt the two of them had died at the hands of other players. Moreover, the enemy had to have very large numbers. They should also have many top-tier experts among them. Otherwise, with the two's strength, at least one of them should have survived.

As the number of opponents was high, resolving this matter would definitely be time-consuming. Their primary mission was to kill Zero Wing's core members. They would risk letting their targets get away if they chose to deal with this new enemy first. The losses greatly outweighed the gains. Now that they were close to completing this mission, they naturally could not give up halfway.

Following which, Quirrell and the other members of the Falcon Legion continued to move deeper into the lair of the Crystal Wolves, defeating one pack of Crystal Wolves after another.

"Leader, I found the two women's footprints up ahead. Judging from the tracks, they should have moved through here only recently," an a.s.sa.s.sin, who had Detection activated, said as he looked at the light-blue footprints on the ground.

These light-blue footprints showed that players had pa.s.sed through this place before. However, these footprints were visible only to players using the Detection Skill.

One could make rough judgments based on the size and brightness of these footprints. The brighter the footprint, the more recently it was left behind.

"Good. We can finally put an end to this game of hide-and-seek." Quirrell revealed a cold smile as he looked at his map.

As Quirrell said so, the members of the Falcon Legion began slowly walking in the direction indicated by the a.s.sa.s.sin.

"Rain, what should we do now?" Blue Bamboo, who was hiding in a crack in a rock wall, asked nervously as she looked at the slowly approaching Falcon Legion, her hands tightly clenched around her staff.

They were currently Level 39. If they died now, it would take several days of hard work to make up for the loss.

"There's nowhere else to hide. When the time comes, we can only make a last stand." Thoughtful Rain was also out of ideas. Previously, they had used up their Instantaneous Movement Scrolls to escape from the sudden ambush. Afterwards, to shake off the pursuit of their ambushers, they had no choice but to hide inside the Crystal Maze. Now, however, it seemed that all their efforts were still in vain.

As the eighteen members of the Falcon Legion moved increasingly closer, Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo began casting their respective Spells, resolved to fight to their very last breaths.


When the Falcon Legion was roughly 100 yards away from Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, a roar suddenly resounded throughout the cave. The members of the Falcon Legion halted their steps as they turned to look for the origin of this roar one after another.

They immediately discovered a tiger the size of a house slowly approaching them, step by step, the paws of this tiger covered in pitch-black flames.

Surprisingly, there was actually a person sitting on top of this giant tiger. However, as this person wore a Black Cloak, the members of the Falcon Legion could not discern this person's appearance or ident.i.ty. They could only tell that this person was a man.

"A player?" A hint of fear woke in Quirrell's heart as he looked at this cloaked man riding the giant tiger.

He had already used an Identification Skill, which confirmed that the man on the tiger was indeed a player. Then, this situation could only mean one thing.

The mysterious player before them was at least Level 40. As for the giant tiger, needless to say, it was this player's Mount. Moreover, its quality should be very high.

Currently, in G.o.d's Domain, the top ten players on the Ranking List of empires were only Level 39. Quirrell had yet to hear of anyone reaching Level 40. Since this mysterious player had managed to attain such a Level, needless to say, his strength was extremely extraordinary.

"Leader, that person is coming over. What should we do?" a Level 37 Ranger asked somewhat anxiously.

The Ranger could feel significant pressure coming from the Demonic Flame Tiger before them.

However, the player capable of possessing such a Mount was definitely even more powerful.

For a time, the members of the Falcon Legion were at a loss as to what to do.

"Let's find out what his goal is for now." Quirrell did not hurry in making a decision.

Although they had the advantage in numbers, the fact that the other party dared to walk over all by himself showed that he had no fear of them whatsoever. Otherwise, he would have long since turned around and left.

When dealing with such an expert, making rash decisions was not wise.

"Isn't that Big Brother Ye Feng's Mount?" The giant tiger gave Blue Bamboo a great sense of familiarity. However, she was also somewhat uncertain. After all, the likelihood of them encountering Shi Feng at this place was abysmally low.

"That's right. That is indeed the Demonic Flame Tiger." Thoughtful Rain's eyes flickered with joy. She had never thought that they would be able to meet Shi Feng here. However, after a brief moment of joy, her heart filled with anxiety.

After all, she could tell that the Falcon Legion was specifically targeting the core members of Zero Wing. Meanwhile, Shi Feng was someone important in Zero Wing's upper echelon. He was sure to be one of the Falcon Legion's targets. If they found out Shi Feng's ident.i.ty, they would immediately jump him for sure.

Every member of the Falcon Legion was an expert. Many in the legion were capable of defeating Gunfire and Death Wind in a one-on-one. Among them, the leading a.s.sa.s.sin, Quirrell, was incomparably powerful, trouncing even the experienced Death Wind in just a few moves.

Shi Feng would definitely end up in an extremely dangerous situation if these eighteen experts surrounded him.

Just as Thoughtful Rain was thinking of a way to warn Shi Feng…

Seated atop the Demonic Flame Tiger, Shi Feng looked down at Quirrell, who stood at the head of the team, and asked, "So you're the ones looking for trouble with Zero Wing?"

When Quirrell heard Shi Feng's question, his expression suddenly changed. He immediately understood Shi Feng's objective. Moreover, he was very certain that Ordinary Stranger's and Thunder Tiger's deaths had something to do with Shi Feng.

"Kill him!" Quirrell abruptly retreated and activated Stealth.

Hearing his command, the members of the Falcon Legion sprang into action. The three Shield Warriors of the team abruptly shifted to the forefront, the healers retreated, the a.s.sa.s.sins entered Stealth, and the magical cla.s.ses began chanting their Spells. Everyone reacted with practiced motions.

"What is Big Brother Ye Feng trying to do?" Blue Bamboo could not help but gape when she witnessed this scene.

"Let's give him a hand. I'll help open a path for him. Blue, you heal him," Thoughtful Rain said hurriedly.

However, as the two of them rose from their hiding place, a gigantic crimson magic array appeared on the ground where the Falcon Legion stood.

This Skill was none other than the Aura of Fire's Skill, Firestorm.

Suddenly, flames devoured the Falcon Legion. Despite the three Shield Warriors of the team reacting very quickly and activating Shield Wall the instant the flames appeared, when bathed in the violent flames, the three of them still lost over half of their HPs in the blink of an eye. Naturally, the other cla.s.ses fared much worse.

By the time the flames dissipated completely, the entire area had turned into a scorching h.e.l.l.

Just like that, thirteen out of the eighteen players died.

All at once, the situation of the Falcon Legion took an abrupt turn.

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