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Chapter 841 - Taboo Skill's Might

"You're not getting away."

Shi Feng deflected the Elemental Bullets using Killing Ray while activating one of the Abyssal Blade's Skills.

Abyssal Curse!

Immediately, a black magic array appeared on the ground. With Shi Feng as the center, it covered a radius of 30 yards, instantly enveloping the Undead Lizard, which was the size of a small house, as well as Ordinary Stranger and Thunder Tiger. Endless streams of black mist flowed into their bodies.

"Not good! It's an AOE Control Skill!" Ordinary Stranger frowned. Right now, it felt as if his body was stuck in quicksand. He could not move at all. He had never imagined that Shi Feng would have such a trump card as well.

At this moment, not to mention him, even the Lord ranked Undead Lizard was immobilized. As a result, Shi Feng had readily broken through the Lord's defensive line and was currently charging rapidly at them.

"Tiger, delay him; buy me some time." Ordinary Stranger no longer tried to hold back as he activated his Berserk Skill, Mana Detonation, his Attributes increasing by a large margin. At the same time, he used Mental Exemption, becoming immune to all Control effects for five seconds. He then began chanting an incantation, causing the surrounding Mana to churn violently.

Thunder Tiger nodded in response to Ordinary Stranger's instructions. Activating Brilliant Will, he removed the Control effect of Abyssal Curse, then shifted in front of his Summoner companion.

"Come! Let me have a look at the abilities of the Sword King!" Thunder Tiger bellowed as he stomped down, shattering the ground underfoot. He then swung his two-handed saber abruptly at the Swordsman rushing straight at him.

Tier 1 Skill, Storm Slash!

Over a dozen wind blades flew at Shi Feng, every one of them targeting his blind spots. Unlike the normal attacks of players, the wind blades of Storm Slash appeared simultaneously. There was no time-lag between each attack, preventing Shi Feng from evading them entirely.

Moreover, Storm Slash was a Skill that could not be blocked, only dodged. It was an extremely rare Skill of the Berserker cla.s.s.

This Skill was also the trump card Thunder Tiger usually used to kill experts of equal standards.

For players who did not know the intricacies of this Skill, they would generally defend themselves with their weapons. The outcome of doing so would be these players receiving the strikes of the dozen or so wind blades. Currently, Thunder Tiger had his Berserk Skill activated. The destructive power of his Storm Slash could easily instant-kill Shi Feng.

"Try to block it if you can!" Thunder Tiger could not help but sneer as he saw Shi Feng remaining steadfast in his charge forward.

Unfortunately for Thunder Tiger, he had grossly underestimated Shi Feng's understanding of G.o.d's Domain.

When the wind blades arrived before Shi Feng, he was already within 20 yards of Thunder Tiger. He promptly used the Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Instant Strike.

Suddenly, Shi Feng vanished before the wind blades of Storm Slash and reappeared in front of Thunder Tiger, faint arcs of electricity circling Shi Feng's body.

Thunder Tiger panicked. He instinctively executed Whirlwind Slash.

However, before the Berserker's Whirlwind Slash could complete even half a rotation, numerous blue arcs of lightning devoured him whole. In the next moment, Thunder Tiger's HP dwindled at a rate visible to the naked eye until it finally hit zero.

How is he so fast?! Thunder Tiger's eyes widened as he looked at where the strikes had landed. He simply could not bring himself to believe that what he was seeing was real.

He had activated his Berserk Skill. He should have received significant improvements in speed, yet he still failed to keep up with Shi Feng's swords. Not to mention his body, before his eyes could even react, the Swordsman's swords had cut through him multiple times.

This was definitely his first time witnessing such speed.

Standing a short distance away, fear similarly covered Ordinary Stranger's face. He had never dreamed that Thunder Tiger would not manage to delay Shi Feng for even a short while despite having activated his Berserk Skill.

Fortunately, Shi Feng was still roughly ten yards away. The time it would take for the Swordsman to reach Ordinary Stranger was more than enough for him to finish casting his Spell. At that time, although the Spell would not kill Shi Feng, at the very least, it would help buy Ordinary Stranger time to escape.

"Huh? Where is he?" During the brief moment Ordinary Stranger was lost in his thoughts, Shi Feng, who had been standing in front of Thunder Tiger, actually vanished.


Suddenly, Ordinary Stranger felt a pang at his heart. Without him noticing, a longsword wrapped in blue electric arcs had emerged from his chest.


Turning his head around, Ordinary Stranger discovered Shi Feng standing right behind him. He had actually failed to notice the Swordsman approaching him altogether. It was as if Shi Feng's presence was completely nonexistent.

Seeing his HP decreasing without any signs of stopping, Ordinary Stranger was at a loss for words. He and Thunder Tiger were both top-tier experts of King's Return. They could easily become top-cla.s.s existences in any kingdom they went to. Although he had long since known that he and his Berserker companion were no match for Shi Feng, he had never imagined that the gap between them was actually so enormous.

At this moment, even if he related everything that had happened here to someone else, most likely, n.o.body would believe him.

Although Ordinary Stranger still wished to say something, he was already out of time as his vision suddenly turned gray, his body falling to the ground. When he died, he dropped two pieces of cloth armor.

"There were actually two Refinement Realm experts. It's no wonder Rain and the others were no match for them." Although Shi Feng had failed to discover the ident.i.ties of Thoughtful Rain's a.s.sailants, he clearly grasped the combat standards of the two from the battle just now. With the strength of those two players, they would be hard-pressed to find any opponents capable of opposing them. Unfortunately for them, they had encountered him today. Not to mention, he had even activated a Tier 2 Taboo Skill to deal with them.

Following which, Shi Feng picked up the items that the two dropped. He then summoned the Demonic Flame Tiger and headed straight into the Crystal Maze.


Deep inside the Crystal Maze, the members of the Falcon Legion were currently busy clearing out the Crystal Wolves blocking their path. They were moving increasingly closer to the lair of the Crystal Wolves.

"These two beauties sure know how to run. They're hiding wherever there is danger. However, let's see how you'll continue escaping once you enter the lair of the Crystal Wolves," Quirrell muttered as he switched his footwork. Like a black gale, the dagger in his hand struck at a Level 45 Special Elite wolf.

Without giving the Special Elite wolf any opportunity to react, Quirrell landed blow after blow with his daggers. Although the Special Elite tried to resist, none of its attacks could connect with the a.s.sa.s.sin's body. Little by little, Quirrell plundered away the Special Elite's HP, wielding the pitch-black daggers in his hands rapidly. A short moment later, the Special Elite wolf, whose HP had been in the hundreds of thousands, fell to the ground. From start to end, the wolf had never once managed to land a hit on Quirrell.

"Team Leader Quirrell sure is amazing. His skill level has improved again. In the Guild's next cla.s.s compet.i.tion, his ranking will no doubt increase once more," a nearby Level 37 female a.s.sa.s.sin said, her face filled with admiration as she looked at Quirrell.

"Don't make a fool of yourself. Team Leader Quirrell has very high expectations. With your standards, do you think you will be able to gain his favor? Let's just hurry up and clear away these Crystal Wolves. Otherwise, they're going to call for more reinforcements. If we make Team Leader Quirrell angry, we'll definitely suffer miserably," a Level 37 male Ranger criticized.

The female a.s.sa.s.sin, who possessed an above average appearance and figure, remained unperturbed by the Ranger's comment. Instead, she retorted, "Hehe, so what if I'm trying to gain his favor? If you were as capable as Team Leader Quirrell, I would try to gain your favor, too."

In the opinion of outsiders, once one became an inner member of a Super Guild, a wonderful future awaited them.

In reality, however, this was a big misconception.

Super Guilds were far crueler than other Guilds. The compet.i.tion among its inner members was extremely intense. All those who managed to become a part of the middle management of the Guild were indeed experts among experts, dragons among men. They were experts who could easily wipe the floor with the so-called top ten newcomers of the virtual gaming world. This strength was also the reason why the various Super Guilds paid no particular attention to the super newcomers of each year.

Meanwhile, as long as Quirrell improved just a little bit more, he could enter the middle management of King's Return. At that time, he would become a celebrity-level character, enjoying endless fame and glory.

"Team Leader Quirrell, something happened! Ordinary Stranger and Thunder Tiger are dead!"

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