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Chapter 818: Abyss Set
Translator: h.e.l.lscythe_ Editor: FluffyGoblyn

Chapter 818 - Abyss Set

"It's over?" Autumn Goose wondered if she were dreaming as she stared at the two fallen Great Lords before her.

In the current G.o.d's Domain, Great Lords struck fear into every player's heart.

Even a 100-man elite team, led by an expert, would find it extremely difficult to defeat one. They might even be annihilated.

Yet, now, this team of twenty players had defeated two Great Lords simultaneously. Moreover, a few of the team members had held back. No matter how she looked at this situation, it simply could not be real.

Looking at it now, Autumn Goose found that the Wind G.o.d's Spear simply could not compare to Zero Wing in terms of strength. They lived in entirely different worlds.

If not for Thoughtful Rain, they probably would never have met Shi Feng and the other core members of Zero Wing. When she thought back to how they had tried to persuade Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo to leave Zero Wing and join the Wind G.o.d's Spear, she could not help her embarra.s.sment.

"Rain, hurry up and collect their Life Force. If you do not collect them within five minutes after the Great Lords die, you will lose your chance," Shi Feng hurriedly reminded his companion.

Thoughtful Rain finally woke from her daze as she retrieved the giant, pitch-black egg and collected the Life Force of the two Great Lords.

While Thoughtful Rain collected the dissipating Life Force…

Shi Feng gathered the loot the two Bosses had dropped. The two Great Lords had dropped a total of seven pieces of equipment. Although this did not seem much, in the Abyss Battlefield, this was a considerable harvest.

It was easier to find high-ranking monsters in the Abyss Battlefield than it was elsewhere. Hence, the drop-rate of the top-ranking monsters had been reduced. With the increase in levels, monsters' drop-rate for weapons and equipment also decreased.

The drops this time are fairly nice. Joy surfaced on Shi Feng's face after he finished appraising the items with his Omniscient Eyes.

Among the seven pieces of equipment, five were Level 40 Fine-Gold Equipment. They had even obtained a piece of Level 40 Dark-Gold Weapon.

[Ice Spirit Staff] (Staff, Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 40

Attack Power +1,045

Strength +51, Agility +47, Intelligence +92, Vitality +87, Endurance +66

Casting Speed increased by 15%.

Magic damage increased by 20%.

Casting range +5

When casting, 20% chance to obtain the Power of Frost, causing 220% frost damage and reducing target's Movement Speed by 30% for 5 seconds.

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill-

Frost Blessing: Increases Ice-type Spell effects by 30%.

Additional Active Skill-

Waterfall: Causes 300% frost damage every second in a radius of 20 yards for 8 seconds, freezing everyone within range for 10 seconds. Effective radius increases by 10 yards every second.

Cooldown: 3 hours

Once Shi Feng shared the Ice Spirit Staff's information in the team chat, everyone fell speechless.

"Although the staff's Basic Attributes are average at best, it increases all of them. Moreover, its Active Skill is insane!"

"This is the first time I've seen a Skill that can cover a radius of 100 yards. Even Stars of Light can't compare to this Waterfall."

"If one uses Waterfall on a battlefield, it will devastate the enemy forces."

"It's a pity, though. It would be amazing if it were an Epic ranked staff."

Large-scale destruction Spells were priceless treasures to every Guild in G.o.d's Domain, not to mention Waterfall, a Spell with so much AOE range. On a battlefield, this Spell could easily wipe out several thousands of players.

In a battle of ten or twenty thousand players, this Spell could decide the victor on its own.

The Active Skill was worth more than an Epic item.

Shi Feng chuckled as he watched everyone admire the Ice Spirit Staff's Active Skill. Among the seven pieces of equipment and weapons, the Ice Spirit Staff's Active Skill was astonishing. However, rather than the Ice Spirit Staff, what surprised Shi Feng was the dark gray breastplate. A faint, b.l.o.o.d.y glow surrounded the armor, giving the equipment a creepy feeling.

Sure enough; Divine Providence is a G.o.dly Skill. Shi Feng could not help but sigh. He then shared the statistics of this item through the team chat.

Upon seeing the breastplate's Attributes, even the excellently-geared core members gasped.

[Abyss Armor] (Breastplate)

Level 40 - Level 60

Equipment Requirement: Strength 700

Defense +1,240 (Level 40)

Magic Resistance +10

Strength +42, Endurance +40, Agility +35

[Abyss Set Equipment]

Level 40 - Level 60

Equipment Requirement: Berserker

Set consists of eight parts: head, shoulders, chest, hands, wrists, waist, legs, and feet.

Set effect

Two-piece effect: Increases all Attributes by 10%.

Four-piece effect: All Skill damage increased by 20%, Attack Speed increased by 20%, and Movement Speed increased by 15%.

Six-piece effect: Obtain Abyss Rampage Skill: Increases all Attributes by 100% and gain immunity to all control effects for 1 minute. Cooldown: 5 hours.

Eight-piece effect: Obtain Blade of Abyss Skill: Transforms equipped weapon into the Blade of Abyss, increasing Strength Attribute by 300%, Attack Speed by 100%, and attack range by 10 yards for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 3 hours.

"What a powerful Set!" Blackie nearly drooled when he saw read the Abyss Set Equipment's information.

The breastplate's Basic Attributes were only the equivalent of a Dark-Gold item. However, as one obtained more pieces of the set, their combat power would grow exponentially. If one gathered all eight pieces, although the set's Basic Attributes might not compare to Epic items, the boost it granted would only be slightly weaker than a set of Epic Equipment.

"Of course, it is strong. This Set Equipment is purely intended to increase violence. Even the Tier 1 Set Equipment for Berserkers cannot compare to the Abyss Set. After reaching Tier 2 at Level 50, no Tier 1 Set Equipment will be able to compete with the Abyss Set," Shi Feng explained.

The Abyss Set Equipment was the Battlefield's representative equipment. Moreover, it was not exclusively for Berserkers. All cla.s.ses had their own Abyss Sets, and their Attributes were all specialized for violence. These sets were extremely well-suited for PvP.

However, the Abyss Sets drop-rates were extremely low. It was practically impossible to collect all eight set pieces for a single cla.s.s. If one could collect six pieces of a set, they could increase their prowess in combat far more than with a Tier 1 Set Equipment. After all, the Tier 1 Set Equipment only consisted of five pieces. If one gathered all eight pieces of an Abyss Set, they would be practically invincible in PvP fights.

"I wonder if we'll gather a complete set." Aqua Rose was eager to find out.

If they gathered all eight pieces and let either Rampant Blade or Shadow Sword equip the set, the Berserker's abilities would soar, becoming one of the Guild's top fighters. Most likely, aside from Shi Feng and Fire Dance, n.o.body in the Guild would be able to match them.

"Alright, rest up. We're going to look for the next Great Lord soon," Shi Feng commanded as he stored the equipment.

Meanwhile, Immortal Light's members, who had watched from a distance, had not recovered from their shock after watching Zero Wing easily defeat the two Great Lords.

Their team of 100 had failed to defeat even one Great Lord, yet Zero Wing had taken two down at once with a team of 20. The difference between their Guilds was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Sinned Heart suddenly said, "Follow me!"

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