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Chapter 809 - Power of a Tier 3

"Although we don't think that joining Zero Wing would be a mistake, we have many friends in the Wind G.o.d's Spear. Various Guilds are also targeting the Wind G.o.d's Spear in the Dark Night Empire. It is not in a favorable position right now. We won't abandon the Wind G.o.d's Spear during such a crucial time, so please forgive us for rejecting your good will."

Autumn Goose spoke with determination. Shi Feng could tell that the Berserker loved and was devoted to the organization.

After all, they were all companions who had experienced life and death with each other. How could they abandon that for personal gain? If he were in their shoes, he wouldn't do such a thing, either.

Moreover, Autumn Goose understood that should they join Zero Wing, if they were seen fighting with the members of the Wind G.o.d's Spear, those Guilds would turn to Zero Wing and cause trouble. Zero Wing would be dragged into the Wind G.o.d's Spear's mess.

"I understand. If you wish to join a Guild in the future, please consider Zero Wing." Shi Feng nodded. "However, you cannot refuse the War Spirit Possession Skill Book. We cannot complete this quest without it."

Shi Feng had understood that it would be very difficult to poach members from the Wind G.o.d's Spear. After all, it was an organization of players that detested Guilds, to begin with.

However, he had still wanted to try.

He would take any opportunity he was given. After all, on the off chance he succeeded, he would make a huge profit.

Meanwhile, Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo, who had watched this from the side, were somewhat disappointed. If Autumn Goose and the others had joined Zero Wing, they would have a much easier time questing and adventuring together.

Following which, after a brief discussion, it was decided that Autumn Goose would learn the War Spirit Possession.

"Ah, right, take these," Shi Feng said. He retrieved five silver Magic Scrolls from his bag, handing them to his five party members.

"Is this a Tier 1 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll?" Death Wind could not help his shock after examining the Scroll.

There were all kinds of Magic Scrolls in G.o.d's Domain. Among them, the most precious were the Summoning Scrolls, although the Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls followed closely behind.

Instantaneous Movement Magic Scrolls allowed players to teleport from one location to another, although it was limited.

Players could travel 300 yards in the blink of an eye with a Tier 0 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll, 1,000 yards with a Tier 1 scroll, and 4,000 yards with a Tier 2 scroll. It was one of the best tools for retreat.

However, these scrolls were extremely rare. Even Dungeon and Field Bosses rarely dropped them. Death Wind had only ever heard about such scrolls.

On the market, one Tier 0 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll sold for more than 1 Gold, not to mention a Tier 1 Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll.

Now that they had these scrolls, they could immediately escape the area once they obtained the egg. They could even avoid the Icefire Cheetah that still guarded the cave's entrance.

Autumn Goose and Gunfire were similarly speechless.

"Big Brother Ye Feng, you're rich! Can I mooch off of you in the future?" Blue Bamboo joked as she smiled at the Tier 1 Magic Scroll in her hands.

"Blue!" Thoughtful Rain immediately flicked her friend's forehead. To think that the girl was still in the mood to fool around at such a crucial time.

"Begin the operation!" Upon seeing Autumn Goose in position, he charged towards Gerard the Illusionist.

When he was 80 yards from the NPC, Gerard discovered Shi Feng's presence.

"Foolish fellows. You rush to your deaths. I'll send all of you to h.e.l.l!" Gerard smiled disdainfully as he swung his staff.

Immediately, a black magic array appeared beside Gerard.

A two-headed h.e.l.lhound launched itself from the magic array.

"Are you kidding me?! A Level 100 Lord ranked monster?! Isn't this cheating?!" Blue Bamboo's jaw dropped when she saw the crimson h.e.l.lhound.

A Tier 3 NPC was already enough trouble. Now, said NPC had summoned a Level 100 Lord. This was absurd.

Everyone else's expressions similarly darkened.


Shi Feng, however, only revealed a faint smile. The h.e.l.lhound hadn't surprised him in the least. An Illusionist was a Tier 3 cla.s.s. It was not unusual for one to summon a Tier 2 Lord. Powerful Illusionists were even capable of summoning Tier 3 Lords. A Tier 3 Illusionist was even more effective in battle than a Tier 3 Great Mage.

Of course, while Illusionists were capable of summoning powerful monsters, they were very weak.

After emerging from the magic array, the h.e.l.lhound opened its two mouths and spewed crimson flames. The fire engulfed over half of the cave, and any rock that these flames touched instantly turned into molten magma.

At this time, Shi Feng activated Thunder G.o.d's Descent, increasing his Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 150%. He then transformed into a shadowy streak as he dodged the oncoming fire before continuing towards Gerard.

By the time the h.e.l.lhound ceased its fiery attack, Shi Feng was less than 40 yards away from the Illusionist.

Following which, Shi Feng activated Absolute Time, silencing Gerard and canceling his spell-casting.

"Despicable ant! You dare to ruin my work!" Gerard grew enraged.

However, under a Silenced state, even Gerard could not cast any Spells without leaving Absolute Time's effective area.

Suddenly, Shi Feng threw the Blazing Meteor in his hand.

Flame G.o.d's Fury!

A streak of crimson light appeared before Gerard.


"What?!" The party members exclaimed when the saw what had happened.

Gerard had actually caught Shi Feng's Blazing Meteor between his fingers…

Sure enough, the difference between our Attributes is simply too ma.s.sive. Shi Feng smiled bitterly.

However, he had already achieved his initial goal. Gerard focused solely on him.

In the next moment, both Gerard and the h.e.l.lhound charged at Shi Feng.

Both the Tier 3 Illusionist and the h.e.l.lhound's Attributes were far higher than Shi Feng's. Like a powerful gale, the two enemies closed the distance between themselves and Shi Feng.

Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng immediately swapped the Aura of Time for the Aura of Wind and activated Wind Rider. His speed soaring once more, he made a mad dash for the cave's exit.

Autumn Goose had also activated War Spirit Possession and dashed for the giant egg.

However, Shi Feng's situation was precarious. To avoid receiving the brunt of Gerard's full strength, he had to remain inside Absolute Time's field.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng was slightly slower than the h.e.l.lhound. However, by relying on his understanding of the terrain, dodging the Lord's direct attacks was still relatively easy. Only, the h.e.l.lhound's attack range was quite long. In addition to the limited amount of s.p.a.ce he had to dodge to, he received some splash damage from the Lord's attacks.

The flying rubble alone devoured nearly 2,000 of Shi Feng's HP. He could only survive a few hits.

Autumn Goose was extremely anxious. Upon arriving before the giant egg, she began to collect it.

"Why is there a collection time?!" Autumn Goose's anxiety jumped as she glanced at Shi Feng.

While she had approached the giant egg, Shi Feng had lost one-quarter of his HP. If she delayed any longer, they would all be in extreme danger.

Time seemed to crawl by.

Autumn Goose had spent a total of three seconds collecting the giant, black egg. As for the locked Fine-Gold Treasure Chest, she simply chucked the thing into her bag. Meanwhile, Shi Feng had less than one-third of his HP remaining.

"d.a.m.nable thieves! Don't even think of leaving this place alive!" Discovering that the giant, black egg had been stolen, Gerard was furious. Waving his staff, he shattered the restriction Absolute Time placed on his magic power. Over a dozen silver-colored Elemental b.a.l.l.s appeared around his body before flying towards Autumn Goose and Shi Feng.


Shi Feng shouted sternly. He then unfurled his own Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll and vanished from the cave.

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