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Chapter 803 - New Expansion Pack

After the Stable appeared within Zero Wing's Residence, news of it spread at the speed of light.

"Even first-rate Guilds have yet to construct a Stable, yet Zero Wing has theirs already! This is insane!"

"Zero Wing's members are so lucky. They can purchase a unique Mount as soon as they reach Level 40. On the other hand, we have to ride horses…"

"I've heard that Guild Mounts only cost 25 Gold. That's 15 Gold cheaper than Common Mounts!"

"This won't do! I need to join Zero Wing! I want to buy a Guild Mount, too!"

For a time, the official forums exploded with threads about Zero Wing's latest development. Many Guild players drooled over the image of Zero Wing's Stable.

Field battles in G.o.d's Domain were growing more difficult. Not only had the monsters become far more of a challenge, but the burden these monsters placed on Durability also added a hefty expenditure to their daily budgets. If they could purchase a Guild Mount, not only would they save 15 Gold, but they could also obtain a growing Mount. Once they managed to nurture their Mounts to Bronze rank, their Mounts could a.s.sist them in battle. Field battles would become easier to take down. The consumption of equipment Durability could also be decreased significantly.

At the same time, the various large Guilds throughout Star-Moon Kingdom also felt an immense weight drop onto their shoulders.

To obtain the Stable Design and the necessary materials to construct the Stable, they had spared no effort. Yet, not only had they failed to obtain the Stable Design thus far, but they had also only collected a small stock of the materials. On the other hand, Zero Wing had already finished its own Stable.

"How did Zero Wing construct a Stable so quickly?!" When Feng Xuanyang heard the news, jealousy overwhelmed him. At the same time, he was somewhat relieved.

Now that Zero Wing had revealed this trump card, no other Guild would have a chance of dominating White River City.

This incident also confirmed for Feng Xuanyang that a Super Guild did indeed back Zero Wing. Otherwise, how could the Guild have possibly constructed a Stable so quickly?

Shortly after Zero Wing's Stable was complete, a system announcement reached every player in G.o.d's Domain.

System Announcement: G.o.d's Domain's new expansion pack, "Abyss Battlefield," has been activated. All players can now register at the War G.o.d's Temple in the various cities to partic.i.p.ate in the war.

System Announcement: G.o.d's Domain's new expansion pack, "Abyss Battlefield," has been activated. All players can now register at the War G.o.d's Temple in the various cities to partic.i.p.ate in the war.

System Announcement: G.o.d's Domain's new expansion pack, "Abyss Battlefield," has been activated. All players can now register at the War G.o.d's Temple in the various cities to partic.i.p.ate in the war.

The system announcement repeated three times, echoing in everyone's minds.

Immediately, players began to search for information on the new expansion pack. They were shocked by what they found.

After they read about the new expansion pack, every player, ordinary and Guild players both, were ecstatic.


Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who had hurriedly led Owen to Zero Wing's Residence, was also stunned when he heard the system announcement.

Why has the Abyss Battlefield appeared so soon? Shi Feng could not help his frown. Is it because of the Stable?

The more Shi Feng thought about it, the more he agreed with the possibility.

In the past, the Abyss Battlefield expansion had released when mainstream players neared Level 40. At that time, Super Guilds had almost finished constructing their Stables.

Although the Abyss Battlefield was called an expansion pack, in reality, it was just the introduction to another way for players to experience the game.

Ordinary players had almost no opportunities to experience a true battlefield. Guilds also tried to avoid ma.s.sive wars involving hundreds of thousands of players. Hence, to give ordinary players the experience of a true battlefield, the system had introduced the Abyss Battlefield.

Through the War G.o.d's Temple in the various cities, players had one chance to enter the Abyss Battlefield each day. If they died, they would be returned to their respective cities.

The Abyss Battlefield was a ma.s.sive map. Players transferring in from different cities would appear in different towns within the Abyss Battlefield. Players were required to defend their respective towns, preventing the Abyssal races' invasion.

The system awarded players depending on their contributions. EXP and Honor Points were the usual rewards. These Honor Points could be exchanged for various rare potions and Magic Scrolls. Players could also trade the points for the Double EXP buff.

In the Abyss Battlefield, players received EXP from the monsters they killed. These monsters' drops were also relatively good. Moreover, even if players died in the Abyss Battlefield, they would not suffer the usual penalties. On the contrary, they would be rewarded depending on their performances. Hence, when the Abyss Battlefield had been introduced during Shi Feng's previous life, players had flooded the area.

Shi Feng could only manage a bitter smile.

Although constructing the Guild Stable had provided ma.s.sive advantages, it had also hastened G.o.d's Domain's evolution.

Following which, Shi Feng led Owen to the underground Warehouse of Zero Wing's Residence.

"Heavens! Are my eyes playing a trick on me?!" Owen's face lit up when he saw the Thunder Wolf inside the ma.s.sive Cage. "I never thought I would actually meet a 5-star beast in my lifetime!"

"Master Owen, may I know how long it will take for you to tame it?" Shi Feng asked.

"This is my first time encountering a 5-star beast. However, based on my calculations, I will need roughly 25 days." Owen caressed his white beard before offering his answer.

"I'll leave the task to you, then," Shi Feng said. When he heard how long the Thunder Beast's taming would require, he was shocked.

Even a Master Tamer required 25 days to tame the Thunder Beast. If he had hired a weaker tamer to do the job, even ordinary players would have their Mounts before the Thunder Beast was ready.

"Please leave it to me! I will nurture the Thunder Beast into the best Mount you've ever seen!" Owen said, his eyes glowing with excitement.

After Shi Feng finished dealing with the Guild Mount issue, he took a horse carriage to the Flame Bar.

On his way, Shi Feng could clearly hear the fevered discussions regarding the Abyss Battlefield.


Meanwhile, in the Flame Bar, many players who had come to relax could not pull their eyes from the establishment's corner and the three great beauties sitting there. The girl in long, purple robes, in particular, moved the male players' hearts with every movement.

However, as soon as these players saw the six-winged emblem on two of these beauties, they immediately discarded any thoughts of approaching the women.

Zero Wing's Guild Emblem was a taboo in White River City.

No player dared to provoke Zero Wing's members inside White River City. Even the domineering members of Overwhelming Smile proceeded with caution.

"Blue, is this person really that strong?" a female Berserker in deep-blue heavy armor could not help but ask. This female Berserker had a graceful body and pearly white teeth.

"Of course! He is one of our Guild's experts!" Blue Bamboo said pridefully.

"An expert?" The female Berserker smiled.

Even the two men beside her smiled.

Ordinary layers might think of Guild players as experts, but to them, Guild experts were a joke. They had killed well over a hundred Guild experts in the fields by now.

"Look! He's here!" Blue Bamboo said as she pointed towards Shi Feng after he entered the building.

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