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Chapter 801 - Mount Taming

After the female receptionist accepted the Stable Design, she tapped on the magic crystal ball before her.

Immediately, a miniature, half-transparent building appeared before Shi Feng. This was the construction model for the Stable. It allowed players to select and modify the building.

Unlike other buildings, which were categorized by ranks such as Ordinary, and Luxury, Stables were only differentiated by size.

There were many Wild and Demonic Beasts in the world of G.o.d's Domain, and all of these monsters came in different sizes. The larger a monster was, the larger the Stable it required.

Obviously, the larger the Stable was, the more it would cost to construct it.

A small-sized Stable could cost anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 Gold.

A medium-sized Stable cost anywhere from 4,000 Gold to 5,000 Gold.

A large-sized Stable could cost anywhere from 8,000 Gold to 10,000 Gold.

A super-large-sized Stable could cost anywhere from 40,000 Gold to 50,000 Gold.

For a high-ranking rare Mount like the Thunder Wolf, Shi Feng needed at least a medium-sized Stable.

Of course, the benefit of a larger-sized Stable wasn't limited to additional s.p.a.ce. A Larger Stable would allow a Guild to tame Mounts faster. Guild players would also have an easier time growing their Mounts. Most importantly, one could invite a powerful tamer with a larger Stable.

In G.o.d's Domain, Mount taming was considered a field of knowledge. Tamers played an important role in harnessing the power of a Mount. Half of a Guild Mount's growth depended on the tamer. Hence, hiring a powerful tamer was essential to a Guild.

"I want this large-sized Stable." Shi Feng chose a Stable with style and clicked "Confirm."

"Sir, you have chosen Stable Number 059. The total cost will be 9,450 Gold. In addition, you also have to provide the core materials required to construct the Stable." The female receptionist smiled as she produced a bill of materials. The list stated all the necessary expenditures to construct the Stable.

"Here are the materials and money." Shi Feng paid everything off without hesitation.

He had made a huge fortune in the Dark Arena.

Aside from the profits he had made from his bet with the Glorious Lions Battle Team, as the winning battle team of the compet.i.tion, the Asura Battle Team also earned a small portion from the audience's winning bets. Moreover, due to the audience underestimating the strength of the Asura Battle Team, many people had gambled on the Glorious Lions. As a result, even after splitting half of the profits with Phoenix Rain, he still walked away with a hefty income.

The battle team's shares in the Dark Arena were different from the organizer's. Only the winning battle team would get a share of the audience bets. The loser received nothing. Moreover, the winning battle team would earn 3% of the shares, 2% higher than the organizer. Only, as Shi Feng did not own the Asura Battle Team's partic.i.p.ation rights, he needed to split the 3% with Phoenix Rain.

Among the 1.5% of winnings that Shi Feng had obtained, he had sold the materials and equipment that he did not need.

Although Shi Feng had only received 1.5%, his earnings had not been meager. Every member of the Dark Arena's audience was a wealthy big-shot.

Their bets made involved several hundred Gold of materials at the very least. Since so many people had placed generous wagers on the Glorious Lions, Shi Feng's earnings had naturally been impressive.

From this single compet.i.tion, he had earned over 7,000 Gold.

He had also obtained the Stable materials from the Glorious Lions. After obtaining what he had needed, he sold excess materials to Phoenix Rain, selling each Primal Emerald Wood for 75 Gold and each Soul Cultivating Stone for 60 Gold. Overall, he sold 20 logs of Primal Emerald Wood and 12 Soul Cultivating Stones, earning him another 2,220 Gold.

Including the money he had on hand before the compet.i.tion, he now had over 11,000 Gold on him. He could easily afford the large-sized Stable.

After Shi Feng finished paying the bill, the female receptionist pa.s.sed him a Stable Certificate. In the future, if he wanted to modify the Stable, upgrading it to a super-large-sized Stable, he could simply present this certificate to make the necessary modifications. He would not need to obtain another Stable Design.


After Shi Feng confirmed the Stable's construction, a group of NPC Architects entered Zero Wing's Guild Residence in White River City and began building the Stable.

Suddenly, a large s.p.a.ce within Zero Wing's Residence, which had been vacant, transformed into a construction site. Players were barred from the area.

"What's going on?"

"We're constructing a new building?"

"What is it going to be?"

Zero Wing's members grew curious upon seeing groups of NPC Architects enter the construction site.

They had been ecstatic when the Guild had constructed a Smithy. Not only could they save money on repair fees, but they could also maintain their weapons with the Weapon Maintenance function, extending the amount of time they could spend out in the fields. Players from other Guilds were particularly envious of this benefit.

Now that their Guild had begun constructing a new building, how could they contain their excitement?


Elsewhere, Shi Feng hailed an advanced horse carriage in front of the Adventurer's a.s.sociation and headed towards the Commoner's District.

Based on Shi Feng's knowledge, there were a total of three Master Tamers in White River City.

If he relied on a Basic Tamer or Advanced Tamer, it would take a very long time to finish taming a 5-star Mount. As to how much time was needed, even Shi Feng had no idea. However, he did know how long it would take to tame a 3-star Mount.

A Basic Tamer required a month to finish taming a 3-star Mount, while an Advanced Tamer needed 20 days. Master Tamers only needed ten days to complete the job.

A Master Tamer was three times as efficient as a Basic Tamer.

Moreover, Basic Tamers could not tame 5-star Mounts. Only Advanced Tamers and above could do so.

If even a Master Tamer needed ten days to tame a 3-star Mount, Shi Feng could not imagine how long it would take to tame a 5-star Mount. He would be surprised if it only took double the time a 3-star Mount required. If he left the task to an Advanced Tamer, the required wait time would be even more frightening. Hence, he needed to hire a Master Tamer to tame the Thunder Wolf.

An hour later, Shi Feng arrived before a large courtyard in the Commoner's District. Many beasts lounged on the courtyard's lawn. The lowest level beasts were at Level 100, with the more powerful ones being Level 150. Shi Feng could also see a Level 150 High Lord. This beast was even stronger than an ordinary Level 150 Tier 2 cla.s.s.

"This is the residence of Master Owen. Master Owen does not wish to meet with outsiders, so please leave."

As soon as Shi Feng arrived before the courtyard's entrance, two Level 150 Tier 1 guards in silver heavy armor immediately blocked his path, barring him from the residence.

Although tamers were not as reputable as forgers and alchemists, after becoming a Master, their statuses were slightly higher than ordinary n.o.bles. Hence, although Owen was only a commoner, he still had two Level 150 Tier 1 guards protecting his home. Ordinary people did not qualify for his attention.

"Don't tell me that even I am refused entry?" Shi Feng flashed his ident.i.ty as White River City's Count.

Immediately, the two Tier 1 guards fell to one knee, kneeling before Shi Feng with respectful expressions. This scene dumbfounded pa.s.sing players.

"Just who is that?"

"Amazing! He can actually force Tier 1 NPCs to kneel before him!"

Normally, these Tier 1 guards thought very little of players, yet now, they knelt before one. How could they not be shocked?

"Huh? Ye Feng? Why are you here?"

Immediately after Shi Feng revealed his true appearance, a crisp voice sounded from beside him.

Turning towards the voice, Shi Feng noticed a beautiful girl in deep-purple mage robes approaching him. This girl was accompanied by a white-haired, old man.

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