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Chapter 869 - Monster of Legends

"Sir, this is all the Mana Source Ore that we have in our Shop. Please confirm the amount," the demonic shopkeeper said after stacking numerous crates of Mana Source Ore before Shi Feng.

After tallying up the total, Shi Feng stored the crates in his bag s.p.a.ce.

If he resold all of the Mana Source Ore, he could easily make dozens of times what he had paid for them. He could only dream of how rich the Book's wielders had been in the past.

"When will you restock?" Shi Feng asked.

"We've only recently restocked. It will be roughly another ten days before the next shipment arrives through the Abyss Pa.s.sage," the shopkeeper explained. He then added, "Although this little Shop has now sold out of Mana Source Ore, we still have plenty of rare products. I believe that you will find them to your liking, sir."

Glancing at the other products in the gla.s.s cabinets, Shi Feng shook his head.

Although there were many rare products on display, the profit he could make off of them wasn't anywhere near what he could gain from the Mana Source Ore.

However, as Shi Feng was about to leave, a blood-red pendant caught his eye.

[Abyss Pendant] (Fine-Gold Rank)

Although this item did not provide any bonus to Attributes, many players had dreamed of obtaining it in the past.

Generally, the item would only drop from high-tiered abyssal monsters, and its drop-rate was horrendously low.

Despite being so rare, this pendant only had one function.

Fixed Teleportation!

After marking a location, one could use the pendant to teleport there. Fixed Teleportation's Cooldown lasted five hours, and only one location could be marked at a time.

Even so, it was an extremely valuable pendant.

After all, players hated travel more than anything. Unfortunately, due to problems such as equipment Durability and running out of Consumables, players had to return to cities often to resupply. It was extremely troublesome to travel back and forth constantly. Hence, it was easy to imagine why so many valued the Abyss Pendant.

In the past, this Abyss Pendant had been one of the main reasons to farm abyssal monsters.

"How much are you willing to sell that pendant for?" Shi Feng pointed to the Abyss Pendant.

"You have great eyes, sir! This is our Shop's main attraction!" The shopkeeper smiled. He then took the Abyss Pendant from its cabinet and said, "If you are interested in purchasing it, I can sell it for 5,000 Gold!"

Shi Feng frowned when he heard this price.

A single Epic item only cost around 2,000 Gold, whereas Epic Weapons cost around 5,000 to 6,000 Gold.

In the past, people had only spent around 3,000 Gold to purchase Abyss Pendants.

Although the pendant's Fixed Teleportation was a convenient ability, there was one downside: its long Cooldown. After reaching Level 40, players would have Mounts, saving a ma.s.sive amount of time when traveling. For distances that one could cross in five hours or less, Fixed Teleportation was a waste.

If the Cooldown could be reduced from five hours to three hours, the Abyss Pendant might be worth nearly 8,000 Gold.

Time was money. To any expert in G.o.d's Domain, time was far more valuable than Gold.

Seeing Shi Feng's dimming interest, the shopkeeper hurriedly advised, "Sir, are you sure you won't consider it? This pendant is extremely hard to obtain. It is highly unlikely that you will come across another one anywhere else."

Shi Feng pondered his choices as he stared at the blood-red pendant.

The Abyss Pendant was extremely rare. Even if he farmed high-tiered abyssal monsters, the chances of one dropping were abysmally low. Moreover, this could be considered an advantage the system gave the Abyss Ancient Book's wielder.

"Alright, then. I'll take the pendant." In the end, Shi Feng decided to purchase it.

Although the five-hour Cooldown was a big problem, he needed the Abyss Pendant right now. Moreover, he had a way to shorten the pendant's Cooldown. The pendant would be worth far more after he did so.

Shi Feng spent another 5,000 Gold to purchase the Abyss Pendant. He then left the abyssal town, searching for a suitable location to set up a teleportation array.

This was the nest of abyssal monsters. Unfortunately, there were far too many abyssal monsters nearby. If the players without an Abyss Imprint ventured this far, a swarm of abyssal monsters would slaughter them. Hence, he needed to choose his location for the teleportation array carefully.

Time flew by.

After spending over three hours searching, Shi Feng finally found a suitable teleportation point in the middle of a valley.

The valley was relatively far from the abyssal town, and the surrounding abyssal monsters had spread out. Moreover, few abyssal monsters wandered the several paths leading out of the valley, and those that did were not high-leveled. This area was perfectly suited for G.o.d's Domain's current players. Even if one were not an expert, they could easily survive if they formed a party.

Following which, Shi Feng began to set up the teleportation point.

In G.o.d's Domain, the most troublesome aspect of establishing a Teleportation Array was producing the array itself. Fortunately, if one had already produced the required components, setting it up was much easier.

Just as Shi Feng was about to use the Ancient Abyssal Book's power to establish a barrier, a sudden commotion shook the valley. A pillar of black fire had emerged in the valley's center. Even from the valley's entrance, Shi Feng could see the pillar of fire quite clearly.

"Soul Fire!" Shi Feng recognized the black flames with a glance, and he could not help his shock. "What is going on over there?"

Soul Fire was not a trivial matter.

Its appearance signified that an intensely powerful monster lurked in the area. At the very least, the monster had reached the Tier 4 standard.

To current players, a Tier 4 monster was practically invincible. It was not something that should be provoked.

However, before Shi Feng could investigate, several explosions shook the valley, the center's ground caving in and forming a gigantic pit. Following which, a dragon's roar echoed throughout the valley; Shi Feng even unconsciously trembled.

"A Dragon?" Shi Feng wanted to flee the area immediately.

Dragons were symbols of strength and violence in G.o.d's Domain. They were the natural-born rulers over the game. Even Higher Beings like Demons and Angels feared Dragons.

The appearance of a Dragon was cataclysmic.

Just as Shi Feng considered leaving, he suddenly noticed several dozens of players floating up from the forest's floor. These players had formed a gigantic, golden magic array that covered an extensive area.

"How are there players here?" Shi Feng was astonished.

Snow Field City had already fallen to the abyssal monsters, becoming a nest. Theoretically, players should have long since fled this place.

Suddenly, a Dragon with a wingspan of over a hundred meters suddenly flew up from the gigantic pit, its silver scales shimmering in the sunlight. The instant the Dragon appeared, Shi Feng realized how powerless he was.

Although this silver Dragon was smaller than the Frost Bone Dragon, in terms of power, the two were on entirely different levels. The pressure the silver Dragon radiated was many times stronger than Shi Feng's Abyssal Blade when he used a Skill…

If not for the distance between Shi Feng and the Dragon, he would even struggle to say standing.

However, just as the silver Dragon was about to escape the golden magic array, the magic array launched countless, golden chains, binding the Dragon's limbs and wings.

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