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Chapter 765 - Grinding Field Bosses

Shi Feng simply chuckled in response to Fire Dance's worries.

Inferno Gold was beyond current players.

Only Master Forgers or better could use Inferno Gold. It was used specifically to melt materials, particularly extremely rare materials such as those of Epic or Legendary rank.

A single ingot was worth as much as an Epic item as it was a necessary component in crafting Epic and Legendary items.

In his previous life, Shi Feng had often led teams to farm Inferno Gold. However, Inferno Gold was hard to find, and they had never managed to collect much at all.

Only Field Bosses has a chance to drop the ingots. Moreover, the Bosses had to be Level 50 Great Lords or above.

Level 50 Field Great Lords were extremely rare in G.o.d's Domain. These monsters were walking treasure troves, so Guilds with sufficient strength would dispatch their forces to kill these Great Lords upon encountering or receiving information on one.

Meanwhile, Field Great Lords' Inferno Gold drop-rate was not particularly high, averaging around 3%. Because Master Forgers needed the ingots to produce Epic Weapons, Inferno Gold's market price had only increased as time pa.s.sed in the past.

Scanning through Zero Wing's current database, it was natural that Fire Dance had not discovered anything regarding the valuable metal. She would find less than nothing if she scanned the internet.

I need to find time to update the Guild's database. Fire Dance's question had reminded Shi Feng.

In G.o.d's Domain, players who joined Guilds would have access to three main benefits: expert nurturing, the Guild Warehouse, and the Guild's database.

These benefits were also the three main criteria most independent players based their decisions on when choosing a Guild.

Needless to say, any Guild that wished to grow stronger needed its own experts. However, it was extremely difficult to develop experts. Ordinary Guilds would not have the necessary means; only first-rate Guilds and above had the appropriate environment.

After all, the task that required a lot of manpower and resources. It was as costly as the upkeep of an entire first-rate Guild. Second-rate Guilds' backgrounds weren't strong enough. Although second-rate Guilds received financial support from corporations as well, they received far less funding than first-rate Guilds. Maintaining normal operations already taxed their budgets. Second-rate Guilds never had enough time or money to nurture experts.

This was also the reason why there was such a ma.s.sive gap between first-rate and second-rate Guilds.

Meanwhile, a Guild's Warehouse allowed members easy access to the equipment and items they needed. Unlike independent players, Guild players did not need to purchase items from Auction Houses or trading firms. Usually, a Guild Warehouse also offered a wider array of items.

A Guild's database was even more valuable to players. Generally, players needed to look for clues regarding the whereabouts of quest-related items themselves, which required a lot of time. Fortunately, Guilds usually had players who specialized in collecting such information. Guild members could easily obtain the information they needed by accessing the Guild's database, saving precious time. This was one of the reasons that Guild players leveled up much faster than independent players.

Veteran Guilds in the virtual gaming world would strike at these three factors when entering a new game. Hence, many players preferred joining well-known, long-standing Guilds.

However, there were differences between each Guilds' information. Moreover, collecting and registering information was not easy as it had to be transcribed in the Guild's database by hand. Meanwhile, every Library in G.o.d's Domain contained an overwhelming amount of information. Transcribing it all into the Guild's database was a vast project that needed a lot of manpower.

Although Aqua Rose had invested a lot of effort into developing Zero Wing's database, at the end of the day, Zero Wing was merely an upstart Guild that had only recently established. Naturally, it could not compete with other large Guilds in terms of resources. Hence, its database was inferior to those long-standing Guilds that had spread their roots throughout G.o.d's Domain.

"Knowledge is power" was a suitable term in G.o.d's Domain.

If Zero Wing's current database had even half of the information Shadow had ten years ago, Zero Wing's strength would soar.

Although Shi Feng could not remember every shred of information Shadow had collected, he remembered how to acquire a few Hidden Quests and rare materials. If he recorded this information in the Guild's database, it would be a ma.s.sive help to Zero Wing's upper echelons and the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Moreover, thanks to his Demon Hunter t.i.tle, Shi Feng was a World n.o.ble. He could easily visit the Libraries of various major cities without needing to complete quests and grind for Reputation. He could also take others with him into a Library. With this, Zero Wing could send at least one person to every Library in G.o.d's Domain. The Guild would be able to gather information even faster than a first-rate Guild. It wouldn't be long before Zero Wing surpa.s.sed their first-rate neighbors.

While Shi Feng pondered, his system communicator rang.

Phoenix Rain, who had not reached out to him for quite some time, waited for him to accept the call.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, congratulations on your victory in the Stoneclaw Mountains. With this, you have stabilized Zero Wing's position in Stone Forest Town. Really though, you are full of surprises. You actually managed to join the top 100 on the G.o.d's Domain Experts List. I doubt that there is any major power in G.o.d's Domain that hasn't heard of you now," Phoenix Rain said, chuckling.

"May I know what business you have with me?" Shi Feng did not think that Phoenix Rain had called him just to congratulate him.

"It's nothing urgent. Your first opponent for the Dark Arena has been decided, so I've called to notify you." Phoenix Rain revealed a charming smile that could melt one's heart. "The fight will be in three days. The venue is in the Fire Dragon Empire's imperial capital. Don't be late. I'm eager to earn some money off of you."

"Who's our opponent?" Shi Feng asked.

"Ah, I nearly forgot. It's a battle team called Glorious Lions. Everlasting War is their leader. This battle team has already won twice in a row, so it is very strong. I'll send you the information we have on them in a moment," Phoenix Rain said before disconnecting the call.

"Everlasting War is my opponent?" Shi Feng could not help his smile when he heard this name. He had originally planned to join the Glorious Lions Battle Team. He had never imagined that they would be his opponents. Immediately, he turned to Fire Dance. "Fire, contact the main force members and have them gather in Star-Moon City. Tell them to bring all of the Barrier Crystals and Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Scrolls we have left. We're going to grind Bosses."

Currently, the various large Guilds were either busy in the Stoneclaw Mountains or Team Dungeons, so they were not particularly focused on hunting Field Bosses, not to mention Level 50 Field Great Lords. Guilds typically avoided such Bosses like the plague.

With the strength of Zero Wing's main force, killing a Level 50 Field Great Lord was practically a dream.

Fortunately, they had the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array. Shi Feng could think of a few Level 50 Field Great Lords they could test their strength on.

Previously, to avoid the Flower of Seven Sins's a.s.sa.s.sins, Zero Wing's main force had taken a break from leveling, hiding safely in the city. Hence, their Levels were not particularly high.

There were no level restrictions or strength suppression in the Dark Arena. Even a difference of one level could lead to a huge difference in Attributes. Zero Wing was at a disadvantage. Hence, he needed to raise everyone's levels as quickly as possible.

By killing these Bosses, not only could he farm for Inferno Gold, but he could also help his team level up, killing two birds with one stone.

"Understood! I'll notify them right away! Everyone will be excited to hear this!" Fire Dance burst with energy. It had been a very long time since Shi Feng had taken them along to kill Bosses. Moreover, after breaking through into the Refinement Realm, her strength had improved significantly. She could use these Bosses to get used to her new strength.

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