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Chapter 745 - Eternally Remembered Strike

After Red Feather gave the order, the elite army the Star Alliance had sent to deal with Zero Wing's main force retreated, leaving behind only a small squadron to deal with the Battle Demon.

The elite legions of the Star Alliance and the various large Guilds, which fought elsewhere on the battlefield, also began to retreat, preparing to leave the Stoneclaw Mountains.

"It's too late to retreat now!" Shi Feng sneered as he swept his gaze across the fleeing Star Alliance army. Immediately, he sent a command through the Guild chat, saying, "All elite legions, activate the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array!"

There was why Shi Feng had previously split Zero Wing's army into ten separate elite legions.

The Stoneclaw Mountains' outer region was vast. However, there were only ten paths that led to the Dungeon's teleportation array.

As soon as the war began, Shi Feng had used the Guild War Order to seal off the Stoneclaw Mountains. Any player within could not escape with a Return Scroll; the only way to leave the Dungeon was by using the teleportation array.

There were two methods of using magic arrays in G.o.d's Domain.

The first method used a magic array aggressively to suppress the enemy.

The second use was defensive.

Due to the unique characteristics of Barrier Magic Arrays, once these magic arrays were activated, enemies trapped inside the barrier could not leave. Similarly, n.o.body would be able to enter the barrier unless they destroyed the magic array itself.

However, it was not easy to destroy a magic array. A lot of time was required to do so. Attacks from outside the array would be weakened. Normally, it was much easier to destroy a magic array from inside. The Nine-star Polar Domain was no exception.

Hence, Shi Feng had sent Zero Wing's ten elite legions to guard the ten paths. When the elite legions activated their Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array, they would prevent the Star Alliance and other large Guilds from leaving the Stoneclaw Mountains. They could then take the opportunity to gain more from this war.

With Shi Feng's command, the barrier parties mobilized, every one of them revealing the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Scroll they had held on to all this time.

As the ninety players unfurled the Magic Scrolls in their hands, ten ma.s.sive magic arrays suddenly appeared above the battlefield, enveloping a large portion of the battlefield and sealing all exits out of the Stoneclaw Mountains.

"What's going on? Why have my Attributes decreased?"

"d.a.m.n it! I don't even have 6,000 HP right now!"

The various Guilds' elite members, who had forced Zero Wing's elite legions into a constant retreat, suddenly discovered something amiss. Their Attributes had decreased by 40%. Their attacks could not cause any significant damage to Zero Wing's elite members at all. In contrast, Zero Wing's elite members, whose Attributes remained unchanged, could finish them off with just a few hits. Suddenly, Zero Wing's enemies began to panic.

Although the players caught outside the magic array tried to help and constantly attacked the barrier with Spells, the effect of their attacks were minimal. The magical cla.s.s players maintaining the Nine-star Polar Domain did not lose much Mana from their attacks at all.

"It's our turn now!" Seeing the various Guilds' panicking elites, Zero Wing's elite members rushed forward to resolve the battle.

Originally, they had needed roughly four or five attacks to defeat their enemies. Now, they only needed two or three hits to do so. On the other hand, their enemies now required roughly eight or nine hits to kill them. The battle was one-sided.

Moreover, the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array was like a knife at their throats. The magic arrays had cut off their retreat.

"Aqua, use the Mana Pulse Cannon to support the legions. Everyone else, guard the Cannon and clean up the battlefield." After Shi Feng issued his commands, he activated Wind Rider and flew down the mountain.

The Nine-star Polar Domain would not hold the Star Alliance and its allies for long. The various large Guilds would escape by the time the Battle Demon reached them. However, if he killed his enemies' commanders, the remaining elite players would run like a headless chicken. He would significantly reduce the elite army's momentum, earning more time for his army.

"Someone's flying towards us!" the retreating Star Alliance members suddenly shouted as they glanced towards the sky.

Everyone turned to see the flying figure.

"Black Flame!"

"It's Black Flame!"

As the figure approached, the elites recognized Zero Wing's Guild Leader.

"Charging at us alone? Do you really think the Star Alliance is that easy to bully?!" Red Feather also noticed Shi Feng rapidly approach their army. He bellowed," Ranged players, shoot him down! Anyone who kills Black Flame will be rewarded with a set of top-tier equipment, 500 Gold, and a promotion to core member!"

A first-rate Guild had many members. However, only a few could become core members. Without extremely powerful combat skills, becoming one of the Guild's elites was generally their limit. Meanwhile, there was a qualitative difference between the treatment an elite member received and what the core members enjoyed.

Not only did core members have priority on good equipment, but they also received a bountiful salary each month. One could earn far more Credits as a core member than they could as at an office job in a large corporation. One could say that core members were considered formal internal staff in a first-rate Guild while an elite was merely external staff. The benefits were on a completely different level.

"Black Flame, die!"

The Star Alliance's elites shouted excitedly. Thousands of ranged players began casting their Spells and nocking their arrows as they awaited Shi Feng's arrival.

As Shi Feng grew closer to the elite army, Spells and arrows began to fly towards him.

However, with Wind Rider's speed increase, Shi Feng had little trouble evading the Spells and arrows. Moreover, as these elite players launched their attacks based on their predictions of Shi Feng's movement, he only needed to fly out of range to avoid the attacks. Like this, Shi Feng advanced effortlessly, weaving his way through the rain of Spells and arrows.

From afar, it seemed as if Shi Feng danced amidst the countless Spells and arrows.

As a result of his frightening speed, Shi Feng left behind one afterimage after another, confusing the Star Alliance's elites. None of them could follow Shi Feng's movements.

Seeing Shi Feng approach, instead of being affected by Shi Feng's frightening momentum, Red Feather sneered as he took out a crimson Tier 2 Magic Scroll from his bag.

"Black Flame! You're the one who will die today!"

Red Feather acknowledged that none of his own Spells would land on the fast-moving Shi Feng. However, the Tier 2 Magic Scroll he held was a different story.

Tier 2 Spell, Holy Spears of Flame!

Suddenly, 36 Flame Spears appeared around Red Feather, the scorching fire increasing the surrounding temperature.

"Black Flame! Turn to ash!" Red Feather waved his staff when he saw that there were only 30 yards left between him and Shi Feng.

The 36 Flame Spears transformed into streams of light as they shot towards Shi Feng.

The Flame Spears were much faster than Shi Feng, taking only an instant to cross the 30 yards. The Flame Spears blocked any path of escape, giving Shi Feng no room to dodge.

Meanwhile, the Holy Spears of Flame was an unblockable Sacred Spell. Every spear rivaled a Lord ranked monster's power. It was an extremely powerful Spell.

Just as the Spears were about to strike Shi Feng, he suddenly disappeared. None of the Flame Spears. .h.i.t their mark.

"You!" Before Red Feather could react, he discovered Shi Feng in front of him. Blue arcs of electricity circled Shi Feng's body, crackling as they sparked.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Instant Strike!

Shi Feng's figure dashed past Red Feather, leaving behind a blue afterimage that remained for a relatively long time.

Red Feather fell to the ground, his body lying motionless. His HP, which had been over 8,000, dropped to nothing. Meanwhile, Shi Feng's figure had long since departed, leaving the Star Alliance elites in a daze.

They would carry this scene forever in their minds.

While thousands of players bombarded him with attacks, Shi Feng had managed to kill Red Feather with one hit. All they could do was stare at Shi Feng's back as he departed!

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