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Chapter 729 - Rules of War

Stone Forest Town:

Under Shi Feng's command, Zero Wing's main force and the Dark G.o.ds Legion quickly gathered in Stone Forest Town's Guild Residence.

"I heard that the Star Alliance has gathered a lot of experts. I will finally have the chance to stretch my muscles," a Berserker, Shadow Sword, said as he caressed his Tier 1 Weapon, Tempest's Breath, his fighting spirit burning in his eyes.

Standing beside Shadow Sword, Cola, Ye Wumian, Rampant Blade, Flying Shadow, Minor Wind, Turtledove, and the other members of Zero Wing's main force nodded in agreement.

Ever since the Flower of Seven Sins had targeted Zero Wing's main force, Shi Feng had ordered them to stay inside the city and train in the Divine Colosseum.

Although their EXP bars had barely moved over these past few days, their combat techniques had improved significantly.

Everyone's Skill Completion Rates, in particular, had improved by leaps and bounds with the help of the Hundred Berry Wine.

Previously, only Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, and Aqua Rose could maintain their Skill Completion Rates at 85% and above. Now, however, they could do so as well.

Although their techniques were still weaker than Fire Dance and the other two women, with their top-tier equipment and Tier 3 Gemstones, the Flower of Seven Sins' a.s.sa.s.sins should not mistake them for easy targets.

After a short wait in the Guild Hall, Shi Feng appeared in the Residence's Hall after using a Guild Transfer Scroll. The Zero Wing members immediately saluted out of respect.

"Aqua, have you finished organizing the magical cla.s.s teams?" Shi Feng asked as he turned to Aqua Rose.

He had obtained plenty of information regarding the Star Alliance from Gentle Snow. With just 10,000 elite members, they had no chance against an army of more than 100,000 elite players. If they wished to challenge such a large army, they would have to rely on the Nine-star Polar Domain.

Meanwhile, it was safest for the players maintaining the Intermediate Magic Array to have as much Mana as possible. Hence, Shi Feng had asked Aqua Rose to choose magical cla.s.s players who had focused their Free Attribute Points on Intelligence.

"Everything has been arranged. Following your instructions, I have formed twenty groups of nine players. Every player has been supplied with plenty of Isolation Scrolls and Invisibility Potions," Aqua Rose reported.

"Alright. Give these to them. Each person will only get one scroll, no more." Shi Feng revealed the newly-produced Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Scrolls.

If one entered combat, one would lose the effects of both the Isolation Scrolls and the Invisibility Potions.

However, they were very useful to an ambush.

Suddenly, Melancholic Smile burst into the Guild Hall. Panting, she said, "Guild Leader, I've brought what you've requested."

"Good. Distribute them to the main force and the Dark G.o.ds Legion. Each person will get 10 Advanced Frost Grenades and 100 Intermediate Frost Grenades. Additionally, members of the main force will get two Glare Bombs. Lastly, elite members partic.i.p.ating in the war will each get 10 Intermediate Frost Grenades," Shi Feng instructed.

The Glare Bomb was very easy for engineers to manufacture, and it did not share the same Cooldown as the Frost Grenades. Furthermore, like the Frost Grenade, the Glare Bomb was an invaluable tool for war. Unfortunately, Shi Feng had only found a single design. Even with the Starstreak Trading Firm's Intermediate Engineer producing them constantly, he had only managed to craft around 200 bombs, barely enough to supply the main force.

Although Shi Feng's words had been leisurely, his subordinates were shocked.

They had used the Frost Grenade before. It was one of the Guild's strategic items that they kept in reserve. However, though they knew that the item sold only in Blackwing City, none of them knew exactly where they could buy them. Currently, Shi Feng had only revealed the location to Aqua Rose and Melancholic Smile.

[Intermediate Frost Grenade]

Effective against monsters (and players) below Level 70.

Deals 800 frost damage to a radius of 12 yards, freezing targets for 5 seconds, then reducing Movement Speed by 60% for a duration of 12 seconds.

Price: 10 Silvers

[Advanced Frost Grenade]

Effective against monsters (and players) below Level 120.

Deals 2,000 frost damage to a radius of 15 yards, freezing targets for 5 seconds, then reducing Movement Speed by 60% for a duration of 12 seconds.

Price: 70 Silvers

Although these tools would only be half as effective against players, it would still leave an impact. Only, these items were incredibly expensive.

Yet, for this battle, Shi Feng had prepared so many.

The Guild had spent 6,800 Gold on the main force and the Dark G.o.ds Legion. After including the allocation for 10,000 elite members, the Guild spent a total of 16,800 Gold…

Even the Star Alliance, which received financial support form Open Source Corporation, could never spend that many Coins in a single breath. The Alliance would never willingly part with such a sum of money. Yet, Shi Feng did not hesitate at all.

Even to Zero Wing, 16,800 Gold was not pocket change. This was the money that Zero Wing had ama.s.sed after many difficulties.

However, Shi Feng did not particularly mind the expenditure. He had not only requested Melancholic Smile to purchase the Frost Grenades. He had requested something even more powerful as well. That item was more expensive than all the Frost Grenades they had purchased combined.

To others, it might not be easy to deal with an army of more than 100,000 elite players. To Shi Feng, who had Coins to spend, it was not difficult at all.

Even top-tier players would be limited under the iron hoof of an elite army. To increase their chances of overcoming the Star Alliance, Shi Feng needed to increase the Guild's overall strength. The best method to do so was to arm every elite member with Intermediate Frost Grenades.

Shi Feng had played G.o.d's Domain for more than ten years now. He had lost count of the number of Guild Wars he had partic.i.p.ated in. Hence, he was extremely familiar with how Guild Wars worked.

To secure victory in a Guild War, relying on elite and expert players was far from enough to emerge victorious.

In G.o.d's Domain's battles, magical tools were crucial as well.

Take the Twin Snake Ring, which had once been famous throughout the continent, for example. It was a kind of strategic weapon that, even in the hands of an ordinary player, could send hundreds of thousands of elite and expert players running with their tails tucked between their legs. It was a weapon that could cause the various kingdoms and empires to tremble in fear.

In the end, after the various kingdoms and empires had paid an unimaginable price, they manage to destroy the Twin Snake Ring.

Thus, in the past, the various large Guilds had invested money desperately to research these items.

Only, current players had yet to realize just how powerful magical tools could be. Hence, they felt that they could rely on numbers and experts to secure victory in battle.

Even though the Frost Grenades' effects were halved against players, they were more than enough to give the Star Alliance's elites a run for their money. If used properly, the Frost Grenades could even teach the Star Alliance an important lesson.

Battles in G.o.d's Domain could not necessarily be won with a larger army.

One could also drown their opponents to death with money.

After everyone from Zero Wing was equipped with the necessary supplies, under Shi Feng's lead, they boldly made their way towards the Stoneclaw Mountains.


"Quick, look! They are from Zero Wing!"

"Wow! They're really going to fight! They must've lost their minds!"

"What do they intend to do with so few people? Are they trying to get themselves killed?"

Many independent players watched Zero Wing's army, which consisted of just slightly more than 10,000 players, with disdain. It should be known that the Star Alliance had more than 100,000 elite players on their side.


"What is Black Flame trying to do? Why did he send so few people?" Waiting at the Stoneclaw Mountains' Dungeon entrance, Gentle Snow frowned when she saw Zero Wing's army approach. "Could he have given up?"

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