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Chapter 702 - Swift and Ruthless

"Become your enemy?" Galaxy Past let out a laugh as he raised an eyebrow, a flame of anger igniting in his eyes. However, he quickly suppressed the emotion. Chuckling softly, he said, "Guild Leader Black Flame really hasn't changed.

Although he had known about Black Flame's arrogance, he could not help his anger when it turned on him.

However, he had to admit that, up until this point, not one Guild had managed to do anything to Zero Wing.

"Aqua, you're saying that Zero Wing intends to go to war if the Star Alliance refuses to become its ally?" Purple Eye asked, a hint of cold surfacing on her white, delicate cheeks. The killing intent she radiated even dropped the surrounding temperature by several degrees.

The Star Alliance was a first-rate Guild. Its survival until now spoke volumes to its strength; why would it possibly cower due to an upstart Guild?

Besides, the Star Alliance currently had OSC's support.

Star-Moon City was the Star Alliance's home ground. If an all-out war broke out between their two Guilds, Zero Wing would suffer tremendous losses.

If not for Stone Forest Town, the Star Alliance would have lashed out against Zero Wing in the Stoneclaw Mountains long ago.

"You can interpret it as such," Aqua Rose nodded in acknowledgment.

Shi Feng's method was indeed crazy. Dealing with Open Source Corporation was already a huge headache. Now, he planned to tear away all pretenses with the Star Alliance. This decision would only place Zero Wing in even greater danger.

Currently, Zero Wing was not in particularly advantageous position. Aside from Overwhelming Smile, Heaven's Burial, and the other White River City Guilds eyeing Zero Wing covetously, now, they needed to deal with Open Source Corporation and the Star Alliance.

If Zero Wing declared war on the Star Alliance, it went without saying that Overwhelming Smile and Heaven's Burial would also take action. At that time, Zero Wing would be exposed to attacks from the front and the rear.


When dealing with a problem, one must be both swift and ruthless.

Since they already knew that the Star Alliance had fallen under OSC's control, there was no doubt that the first-rate Guild would become Zero Wing's enemy in the future. If they maintained the current peace, they would only prolong the inevitable. Zero Wing would eventually be at risk. Moreover, by declaring war on the Star Alliance, it would deter the other Guilds. They would have to think twice before plotting against Zero Wing.

Currently, as the Star Alliance had the home ground advantage, even without Stone Forest Town, the Guild could continue their development in the Stoneclaw Mountains. However, the other Guilds did not have that advantage.

"So what if we don't become allies?" Galaxy Past sneered. In a low growl, he asked, "Do you think the Star Alliance needs a rest stop like Stone Forest Town? Once the 15-day protection period is over and Zero Wing losses their NPC guards, the Star Alliance will be able to occupy the town at any given moment. Moreover, I believe that the other large Guilds will also be very interested in the town."

"Guild Leader Galaxy is correct. However, might I remind you that Zero Wing has not yet started a war with the Star Alliance; our Guilds have not had any conflicts with each other in the Stoneclaw Mountains. If we go to war, however, Zero Wing cannot guarantee the safety of the Star Alliance members in the Stoneclaw Mountains.

"Guild Leader Galaxy, you know that Star-Moon City doesn't have only one first-rate Guild."

Aqua Rose paid no attention whatsoever to Galaxy Past's threat. Zero Wing had the support of Stone Forest Town. Even if its members died, they could simply revive in the town. Ouroboros's members, Zero Wing's allies, could also revive in Stone Forest Town. Hence, Ouroboros could quickly send reinforcements into the Stoneclaw Mountains.

Aside from Stone Forest Town, the nearest town players could revive in was over ten hours away.

If a fight broke out in the Stoneclaw Mountains, the Star Alliance's members would have to waste a lot of time to return. Aqua Rose refused to think about the resources and manpower that would go to waste. If the war persisted, it would definitely wear down the Star Alliance.

Galaxy Past and Purple Eye's expressions grew serious upon hearing Aqua Rose's words.

Yet, if they allied with Zero Wing, Open Source Corporation would not be pleased.

How could the Guild Elders ever agree to an alliance that would anger a G.o.d of fortune like Open Source Corporation? Even his position as the Star Alliance's Guild Leader would be at risk.

However, Galaxy Past did not wish to start a full-blown war with Zero Wing right now.

Seeing Galaxy Past's troubled expression, Aqua Rose stifled a sigh heavy with emotion.

Zero Wing had only recently established, yet with no backing whatsoever, it had become an existence that could even trouble the Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild. Nothing like this had ever occurred during the virtual gaming world's long history.

"If the Star Alliance allies Zero Wing, our Guild Leader has promised to let the Star Alliance repair its equipment in Stone Forest Town at market price; its members will also be able to revive in Stone Forest Town. In addition, the Star Alliance will be allowed to construct a Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town, allowing its Guild members to transfer to the town swiftly and save on travel time," Aqua Rose said, her bright, charming lips curling into an alluring smile.

"What did you say?!" Galaxy Past's composure shattered. For a moment, he wondered if he had heard wrong.

If Aqua Rose's words were true, then the Star Alliance's development speed in the Stoneclaw Mountains would rise by multiple times.

Purple Eye was similarly shocked. She had never imagined that Zero Wing would be so generous.

"I've said all that needed to be said. I look forward to Guild Leader Galaxy's decision. We will only wait one day." After saying so, Aqua Rose turned and left the VIP room.

Zero Wing's biggest problem right now was not the Star Alliance, but the Flower of Seven Sins.

Hence, the Guild's upper echelons needed to improve their strength quickly and prepare.

Aqua Rose would not waste her time with the Star Alliance. Right now, she needed to challenge the Divine Colosseum's Trial Tower.

Shi Feng was going all-out to provide the upper echelons with the Hundred Berry Wine. They would be fools not to use it. Hence, both Fire Dance and Aqua Rose fully immersed themselves in the Trial Tower. As for the Stoneclaw Mountains, they could leave that to the Guild's core members.

After Aqua Rose left, Galaxy Past and Purple Eye remained within the luxurious room.

"Guild Leader, what should we do?" Purple Eye asked, a hesitant expression on her face. Both the OSC's funding and Stone Forest Town's resources were sorely tempting. However, both organizations were just as threatening. No matter which side they chose, the consequences would not be light.

"If it were up to me, I would agree to Zero Wing's offer. However, the Guild's main purpose when it established was to earn money for the company. The investment of a G.o.d of fortune like OSC is something all Guilds strive for," Galaxy Past laughed bitterly. "However, now that I think about it, this was all due to Zero Wing. OSC only chose to invest in the Star Alliance to deal with Zero Wing.

"Purple, gather the Guild Elders for a meeting immediately. They must all be present; I don't care if they're busy."

"I'll contact them right away."

Suddenly, the Star Alliance's Elders received a message. All of the Elders, regardless of where they were, were required to attend the meeting in Star-Moon Kingdom. This situation shocked the Star Alliance's members.

As a first-rate Guild, their development was widespread. The Star Alliance had created Branches in several other kingdoms, each one managing themselves on their own. This was the first meeting since they had joined G.o.d's Domain that required the presence of every Elder.


Time flowed quickly. Before he knew it, a day had pa.s.sed in G.o.d's Domain.

Inside the Blood Refining Pa.s.sage, Shi Feng had killed Blood Fighters almost without rest. He only took small breaks to recover his exhausted Stamina, before returning to grinding Blood Fighters.

After Shi Feng killed another Blood Fighter, the sound of a system notification suddenly reached his ears.

System: The Blood Refining Stone has collected 1,000 points of Blood Energy. Do you wish to evolve it into a Blood Refining Crystal?

There was no guarantee that each Blood Fighter killed would generate Blood Energy. The more Blood Energy Shi Feng acc.u.mulated, the less he could collect from the slain Blood Fighters.

Who knew how many Blood Fighters he had slaughtered throughout the day to collect the 1,000 points of Blood Energy?

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