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Chapter 691 - Red List

In G.o.d's Domain, not only did Rangers possess both melee and ranged combat capabilities, but their perception and scouting abilities were also superior to other cla.s.ses.

Particularly, out in the dangerous fields, if a party had a Ranger among its members, the party could avoid many potential dangers.

As the number one Ranger of Zero Wing, not only did Minor Wind wear excellent equipment, but he had also learned some Rare Skills thanks to Shi Feng's guidance, particularly Scouting and Perception Skills. Some of these Skills could strengthen a player's five senses, even allowing them to see a blade of gra.s.s that was over 100 yards away. If they could detect a powerful monster approaching, they could avoid unnecessary battles. As a Ranger expert, Minor Wind could reach even greater heights with these Skills.

If an enemy did not possess Skills like the a.s.sa.s.sin's Stealth, Minor Wind would easily discover them as they shifted through the gra.s.s, even from 150 yards away.

"Are they Guild players?" Fire Dance asked.

This was the Stoneclaw Mountains' inner region. Not only were the monsters very high-leveled, but they were also much stronger than ordinary monsters of the same Level. Generally, only large Guilds' main forces were capable of grinding here.

"No. None of them are wearing any Guild Emblems. Moreover, they all are Red Names," Minor Wind reported and shook his head after observing them carefully with Eagle Eyes. "Based on how they're moving, it is clear that they are coming straight for us."

"They're charging at us?" Cola could not help but laugh. "Do these Red Names think that we are easy targets?"

The others also began laughing.

With their team's skills and equipment, even an army of 1,000 elite players would not be a problem, much less a small team. Other players should celebrate their peaceful coexistence. Yet, now, an unknown group of players intentionally sought them out to cause trouble. These people did not understand the difference between life and death.

"Alright, enough. Everyone get ready," Fire Dance commanded. She felt that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. She then directed a question to Minor Wind, asking, "Roughly how many of them are there?"

"There should be around 300 people. Among them, there's one person I've seen before. He's an expert ranked on Star-Moon Kingdom's Red List," Minor Wind could not help his surprise after he could observe more details about the approaching enemies.

The Main G.o.d System had not comprised nor did it handle the Red List. Rather, players had established it to keep a record of powerful Red Names.

Star-Moon Kingdom's Red List only kept a record of the top 100 Red Names in the kingdom.

Every one of these Red Names was an expert. Among these Red List experts, there were even a few that Guilds would not casually provoke. Fortunately, however, these experts also avoided provoking the various large Guilds. Hence, the relationship between them had always been relatively peaceful, each minding their own businesses.

Yet, now, an expert on the Red List had actually come to challenge them.

This was certainly unexpected.

"Since they want to target Zero Wing, make sure their visit is a one-way trip." Fire Dance glowered. She felt there was more to this than what appeared on the surface. Although she did not know what it was, dealing with the approaching Red Names took priority over all else.

Immediately, Fire Dance led the team to welcome their aggressors.


"Big Brother Traceless Blood, it seems that we've been discovered," a sharp-faced male Ranger in tight, gray leather clothes hurriedly reported to the male a.s.sa.s.sin beside him. This a.s.sa.s.sin had eyes like a venomous snake, and he hid his face behind a black scarf.

Although this male a.s.sa.s.sin had a thin body, among the nearly 300 Red Names present, not a single person dared to underestimate him.

It was because this man was an expert ranked within the top ten of Star-Moon Kingdom's Red List.

Although there was more than one Red List expert among the crowd, none of them could even hope to hold a candle to Traceless Blood. After all, Traceless Blood had once ma.s.sacred a third-rate Guild's main force. Moreover, even though said third-rate Guild had attempted to corner Traceless Blood many times, they had never once successfully killed him. On the contrary, the a.s.sa.s.sin had claimed their Guild Leader's life multiple times. For a time, that Guild had been a laughingstock.

From that moment on, no Guild out there dared to underestimate Traceless Blood.

Aside from Guilds, Traceless Blood had also killed many of Star-Moon Kingdom's experts. His most notable a.s.sa.s.sination attempt so far was his a.s.sa.s.sination of the Star Alliance's Guild Leader, Galaxy Past. In the end, although he had failed to kill Galaxy Past, he had escaped the Star Alliance's many experts. This outcome had angered Galaxy Past greatly, and the man had even ordered a bounty on Traceless Blood, rewarding 50 Gold each time someone manages to kill him.

If converted to Credits, 50 Gold was the equivalent of more than 100,000 Credits. This was sufficient to tempt many people.

Unfortunately, until this day, not a single person had managed to kill Traceless Blood even once. On the contrary, Galaxy Past's bounty had only served to boost the a.s.sa.s.sin's fame, becoming an infamous Red Name on Star-Moon Kingdom's Bounty List.

"Good, then. I've wanted to experience the skills of Zero Wing's experts for a while now. You guys should be careful. Although we have the numerical advantage, our coordination is definitely no match for theirs. Try to split their members up as much as possible," Traceless Blood commanded. He then activated Stealth and vanished before the crowd.

Everyone nodded in response. In truth, however, they all looked down on Zero Wing.

They were all PvP experts. Hundreds, if not thousands, of players had died at each of these Red Names' hands.

Particularly in field battles, the various large Guilds' experts were no different from pampered, flowers. These experts mainly focused on raiding Dungeons. When it came to PvP in the fields, such experts were nothing to them.

"I heard that the equipment of Zero Wing's main force is superb. We're going to make a fortune."

Many Red Names drooled when thinking about Zero Wing's equipment.

"Someone's charging towards us," a Red Name Ranger shouted.

Immediately, every Red Name went on alert, focused on the group of players charging towards them.

"Hahaha! Sure enough, they're just a bunch of noobs that don't know what a real battle is! Rather than attacking from a distance first, they've decided to jump into their graves!"

Many of the ranged Red Names began to launch attacks at Zero Wing's three MTs.

These three were none other than Cola, Ye Wumian, and Turtledove.

Facing more than a hundred ranged attacks, the three MTs immediately utilized the trees as cover, avoiding the oncoming attacks while advancing. Even when an attack landed, they only received a few hundred damage. All three MTs had over 10,000 HP, so this damage was barely a scratch. A single heal from the rear line healers was all they needed to recover.

"Such high Defense and HP. However, do you really think you can win by relying on your equipment?" a few melee Red Names could not help but curse disdainfully as they watched the three MTs. They then readied their weapons and charged to meet Zero Wing in battle.

Equipment was only one of the many aspects of battle. Even if their HPs and Defenses were higher, they could not live if they could not move.

Suddenly, dozens of melee players surrounded the three MTs, halting their advance.

Knowing that Cola and the others had superior equipment, these Red Names did not take them head-on. Instead, they used Skills to restrict the trio, creating opportunities for the ranged players to chip away their HPs.

Turtledove was only a Guardian Knight. Even if her dodging capabilities were more powerful, against more than a dozen players, she was bound to be hit sooner or later. Red Name's normal attacks usually dealt around -400 damage to her. If a powerful Skill stuck her, she would receive more than -1,000 damage. She would not last long even if she cast Protection Blessing on herself.

"I can finally test out this move." Turtledove smiled calmly as she activated Freezing Air.

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