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Chapter 74 - Ironsword Lion

It would be a miracle not to attract attention, getting involved in a robbery in the middle of the bustling Trade Area.

As expected, just after Ironsword Lion finished speaking, a crowd of players surrounded them to get in on the fun.

“Huh, isn’t that Ironsword Lion from Martial Union?”

“Is he awesome or something?”

“You don’t say! Why don’t you look at his level and equipment? He’s one of the rare few Level 5 experts, and he is wearing at least 6 pieces of Bronze Equipment. I’ve also seen the weapon in his hand before. It’s called Knight’s Longsword, a very awesome weapon amongst Level 4 Bronze Weapons. Moreover, he previously killed a lot of players outside the town, earning him a lot of glory.”

“Che… they’re just relying on numbers to bully others. How can that even be considered being skillful? If they’re that good, they should fight those large Guilds. At most, they can only bully newbies. They’re even asking that guy for 20 Silver Coins; isn’t that just going overboard? Gaming experts would only have 3 or 4 Silver Coins on them, not to mention carrying 20. They are clearly forcing him into a corner.”

“Shh! Speak softer! That Ironsword Lion isn’t bullying people with numbers. His strength is the real deal. Previously, he was a top-tier expert in a Wuxia virtual reality game, but he was compelled to transition to G.o.d’s Domain. Yesterday, he kill-stealed[1] outside of town with other players and single-handedly defeated all four of them. Those four players were not noobs but gaming veterans. They are stronger than us by at least a few leagues. If Ironsword Lion were to hear you, then tough luck, buddy. At that time, your only way out would be to delete your account and start all over again…”

Listening up to this point, the surrounding players all sucked in a breath of cold air. They no longer dared spout baseless gossip, their eyes sending pitiful gazes towards Shi Feng. Of all the people Shi Feng could provoke, he had chosen to provoke an expert. Moreover, an expert that covered up the shortcomings of his subordinates. Unless Shi Feng deleted and recreated his account, he would definitely have to pay the 20 Silver Coins. However, leveling up to Level 4 was a difficult task. If Shi Feng chose to delete his account, then two days of his effort would be wasted. The average person would rather pay up than delete their accounts.

“This guy is just meeting one misfortune after the other. If it were normal times, he would just have to spend a few Credits to collect the 20 Silver Coins. Now, however, not only are the prices for G.o.d’s Domain game currency ridiculously high, but it is also extremely hard to buy any.”

“Right! Seeing such a high buying price, even I am thinking of selling my game currency. However, going with this trend, the prices will still increase in the future. I want to stock up a little more, putting them up for sale later on.”

Just as the surrounding players were lamenting over Shi Feng’s bad luck, at a stall by the street, several players were quietly watching Shi Feng. These players all wore luxurious equipment on their bodies, and each of them carried a faint smile on their faces.

“Brother Stabbing Heart, should I go lend a hand? That way, Ye Feng will have to owe us a favor,” a male Cleric that resembled a skinny monkey asked as he looked at Stabbing Heart.

Stabbing Heart fell into deep thought. He felt that the Cleric’s words were logical. Indeed, Shi Feng had very powerful techniques, and he was also acquainted with a great character like the Snow G.o.ddess. However, Ironsword Lion was a brutish expert. He also had the support of his Guild. Overall, Shi Feng was definitely in a disadvantageous situation. If Stabbing Heart were to lend Shi Feng a helping hand, Shi Feng would definitely be grateful to him.

The favor of a great expert was extremely valuable. Often, a great expert such as Shi Feng was necessary for clearing a large Dungeon. However, without good relations, such experts would usually pay zero heed to invitations, and some would go so far as to look down on them in contempt. Who did you think you are? Have you not received any education?

“Go, we definitely must go. However, let us wait for a while. Our value will only stand out in a crucial moment. It is also a good chance to let those plebeian Guilds know of our might,” Stabbing Heart softly said, a cold glint flashing in his eyes.

After spending so many years within the virtual gaming world, Stabbing Heart understood a single principle. Every additional expert he befriended was an additional path he could take in the future. What’s more, Shi Feng was a great, hidden expert that was acquainted with the Snow G.o.ddess. If he were to antagonize instead of befriending Shi Feng, he would be digging his own grave. He would be creating a great enemy for himself in the future.

Alas, a small Guild was doomed to remain a small Guild. After mingling about for so many years, they did not even possess the eyesight to differentiate an expert from average players. It definitely wouldn’t be long before natural selection eliminated them.

When the moment came, a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance would kill the chicken to warn the monkey[2], utilizing Marital Union to raise their influence in Red Leaf Town.

“Little fool, weren’t you so awesome? How come you’re acting like a fool now? I’ve said before that I would return, and when that time came, it would be your time of death. If you obediently hand over 20 Silver Coins right now, you can continue mingling about. Otherwise, delete your account and start all over again.” Standing behind Ironsword Lion, Drifting Blood watched Shi Feng stand there in silence. He felt immensely pleased with himself, thinking Shi Feng had become afraid. However, such a reaction was only natural. Boss Ironsword’s strength was a profound mystery, and even ten of himself would not be a match to Boss Ironsword. If a mere leisure player like Shi Feng were to meet the tyrannic Boss Ironsword, he might have already been shocked dumb.

“Enough, Drifting Blood. I’m not an evil tyrant, nor do I wish for more trouble. These 20 Silver Coins can be considered as a lesson to him. I want him to know who he should and should not provoke.” Ironsword Lion looked Drifting Blood in the eye, then turned towards Shi Feng and proudly said, “You don’t have to worry, either. I, Ironsword Lion, am a person who holds true to my words. Hand over 20 Silver Coins, and as long as you don’t provoke Martial Union, we will not find trouble with you.”

Hearing Ironsword Lion say so, Shi Feng really took out 20 Silver Coins from his bag, the silvery glow given off by the coins attracted people’s hearts.

At this crucial period of the game, 20 Silver Coins were extremely hard to procure, even if one spent Credits to purchase them. As for taking out 20 Silver Coins in one go…

“c.r.a.p, brat, you really are rich! So, what Drifting Blood said was indeed true. How about we become friends, and I’ll cover for you in the future. Anybody who provokes you will be provoking Martial Union,” Ironsword Lion was greatly shocked at seeing the 20 Silver Coins, gulping down his saliva. Even he did not possess 20 Silver Coins right now. He did not imagine that Shi Feng, a leisure player, could bring out 20 Silver Coins. With that much money, Ironsword Lion would have much more confidence in competing for the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design.

When the surrounding players saw all these Silver Coins, their mouths all gaped wide in shock.

Shi Feng was truly rich. He was definitely a tyc.o.o.n.

Some of the upper echelons of large Guilds also had their eyes turn red after seeing this scene. Ironsword Lion’s luck was truly good. He was able to meet a Brother Tyc.o.o.n just by simply searching for a player.

“How could it be?” From afar, Stabbing Heart’s expression was one of incomparable shock after witnessing Shi Feng’s actions.

However, what Stabbing Heart was shocked about was not the amount of money. Instead, he was shocked by Shi Feng’s unexpected action. Even if Shi Feng could not win in a fight against Martial Union, this place was currently a Safe Zone; n.o.body would dare to take action in here. After leaving the Town, with Shi Feng’s skills, escaping was definitely not a problem. So, just why did Shi Feng compromise and offered up 20 Silver Coins?

“You wanted 20 Silver Coins, right?” Shi Feng asked Ironsword Lion with a smile.

“Mmhmm, let’s trade.” Noticing that he had lost his composure, Ironsword Lion immediately turned serious.

Just as everyone was watching Ironsword Lion with envy…

An incomparably pitch black longsword pierced through the pit of Ironsword Lion’s stomach. Ironsword Lion’s HP was instantly reduced by over 100 points. Just as the person himself wanted to resist, he had discovered many chains binding him, preventing him from even moving a muscle.

Shi Feng calmly pulled the Abyssal Blade out from Ironsword Lion’s stomach. He then followed up with a Chop and an Earth Splitter, his sword slashing down on Ironsword Lion’s body. As a result, Ironsword Lion’s HP madly fell without any signs of stopping.

The might of a Magic Weapon was incomparably shocking, even more so when coupled with a Level 6 Chop and a Level 4 Earth Splitter. Killing a Level 5 Swordsman fully geared with Bronze Equipment was a truly simple matter, not to mention that Shi Feng had been the one to take the initiative and carried out a sneak attack. Even an expert would fall under such circ.u.mstances.

These two attacks took all of Ironsword Lion’s HP. Ironsword Lion did not even get the chance to retaliate before letting out a pitiful cry, his body falling to the ground, never to move again. Then, his body turned into starlight, vanishing and leaving behind a piece of equipment.

“Who else wants it?” Shi Feng fixed his gaze on the members of Martial Union, giggling as he asked.

The entire street of the Trade Area suddenly became deathly silent. Not a single person was able to mutter a word.

TL Notes:

[1]kill-steal: practice of obtaining credit for killing an enemy, when another player has put more effort into the kill.

[2]kill the chicken to warn the monkey (idiom): to punish an individual as an example to others.

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