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Chapter 756 - Fief

Compared to Shi Feng's previous visit, a new, large collection of ancient books filled the Star-Moon Hall. Some of these books even radiated Mana that could rival Tier 4 Magic Scrolls.

Tier 4 Magic Scrolls were almost as rare as Legendary items in G.o.d's Domain.

Tier 4 Magic Scrolls had survived since the ancient era. Shi Feng had yet to hear of anyone who could produce Tier 4 Magic Scrolls.

If a book could exude so much Mana that it rivaled a Tier 4 Magic Scroll, one could easily tell that these books were extraordinary.

Meanwhile, Sharlyn, who sat high above the hall, had also changed significantly.

Although her Level, statistics, and clothing had not undergone any transformations, the pressure she gave off had changed tremendously. She did not have the usual, oppressive aura of a powerhouse. Instead, she felt like the all-encompa.s.sing sky. Her presence could be felt from anywhere within the room.

Before Shi Feng had approached Sharlyn, he felt his mind clear far more than ever before. He also noticed that the endless streams of Mana in the room were actually moving towards Sharlyn. It was as if Sharlyn were G.o.d's Domain's heart.

This… How could this be possible! Shi Feng was shocked when he arrived before Sharlyn.

Shi Feng had discovered something that shook him to the core.

After reaching the Void Realm, he felt his environment as clearly as the palm of his hand. He could sense everything within a fixed radius of himself to an astonishingly accurate degree. Previously, as Sharlyn had still been outside his range, he had not thought much about not noticing Sharlyn's energy. Yet, despite standing so close to the woman, he couldn't feel her at all.

Before, the two Tier 3 Paladins had clearly been able to feel her presence. Shi Feng doubted that his sense had failed him.

“Has something happened that has led you to find me so urgently?” Sharlyn, who had been reading a book, asked with great interest as her beautiful eyes turned towards Shi Feng.

“Lady Sharlyn, I've collected the Immortal Souls you requested.” Shi Feng displayed the Spirit Seal imprinted on the back of his right hand. Immortal Souls filled the Seal to the brim.

“Oh? Good job. With this many Immortal Souls, I'll be able to repair the Immortal Crown quickly.” Sharlyn nodded and tapped her finger in the air. Suddenly, golden divine runes began circling Shi Feng's right hand. Countless golden threads flowed out of the Spirit Seal, gathering into a ball before flying into Sharlyn's hand. “Since you have completed your quest, I will fulfill my promise as well. Here, this is for you.”

Sharlyn waved her hand. In the next moment, a leaf of lambskin parchment appeared in her hand. The parchment then flew towards Shi Feng.

The lambskin parchment looked quite ordinary. However, the words on the parchment could tempt any Guild in G.o.d's Domain.

Star-Moon Kingdom City Building Order!

As long as it was within Star-Moon Kingdom's jurisdiction, one could construct their own city with this City Building Order.

To a Guild, even a Legendary item was not worth as much as this single piece of parchment.

Cities were different from towns. In G.o.d's Domain, cities could be built, whereas towns could not. Meanwhile, captured towns' locations were fixed, but built cities could be chosen casually. One could even build a city in the middle of monsters' territory.

A town's maximum population usually ranged between 30,000 to 50,000. On the other hand, even the smallest city could hold 200,000 players.

This was why, after obtaining their own towns, Guilds would focus all of their efforts on developing the town in the hopes of promoting it into a city as soon as possible.

Moreover, as a city demanded a sufficiently large plot of land, one could construct a Mana Tower in the city. With the Mana Tower, any player residing in the city would enjoy increased Stamina and Concentration recovery rates. They could even acc.u.mulate the Double EXP buff. Although the acc.u.mulation rate was not as generous as a Guild Residence's, one could still acc.u.mulate 10%'s worth of Double EXP buff after 48 hours of rest.

Once players reached higher levels, the needed EXP to level up increased tremendously. Currently, Level 30 ordinary players required roughly three or four days to reach the next level. Hence, even a 10% Double EXP buff would significantly reduce the time players needed to grind.

Aside from improving one's Stamina and Concentration recovery rates, hotels would also offer the Guild Residence effect, allowing players to acc.u.mulate 20%'s worth of Double EXP buff after 48 hours of rest.

Meanwhile, the Guild that controlled the city would also see some benefits. When Guild members rested in the Guild Residence, they would acc.u.mulate 30%'s worth of Double EXP buff after 48 hours.

In addition to receiving this Double EXP perk, a player-established city would also receive a Specialty Product.

Aside from being able to construct a Mana Tower, one could also construct a Black Market Auction House in the city. This Auction House would function like the Auction House in Blackwing City. It would offer a large stock of products once every three days. Sometimes, even Epic items were available for bidding.

Because of these benefits, many Guilds in G.o.d's Domain desperately wanted to establish their own cities, regardless of the price.

A player-owned town could only make travel more convenient for players. A city, on the other hand, made it easier for players to level up.

The size of a Guild Residence and the number of members it could house were limited. Not every Guild member could enjoy the Double EXP buff. However, it was a different story if a Guild owned a city. With a city, every Guild member could enjoy the Double EXP buff.

A city was also a great source of income for a Guild.

As a player city had various benefits that an NPC city did not, many players wanted access to a player city. Unless a Guild offered Private Housing within the city, all players were required to pay an entry fee.

The entry fee was an important source of income for a player city. In comparison, a Guild would only earn pennies from the opening a shop. A Shop could never compete with a city regarding profits.

When Shi Feng gazed down at the City Building Order in his hands, he nearly drooled. Despite having been the Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild in his previous life, the Guild having owned ten city-states, he struggled to maintain his calm now that he knew he would have his own.

His very own city!

In the past, something like this could only happen in his dreams!

Yet, now, he held this dream in his hands.

While every other Guild competed over the golden Lands in NPC cities, n.o.body had any clue that Shi Feng would no longer compete on the same stage. Because from now on, Shi Feng would begin the compet.i.tion for the kingdom's Territories.

Calm! I need to stay calm! This is only the beginning! Shi Feng continuously advised himself.

In G.o.d's Domain, like NPC cities' golden Lands and ordinary Lands, there were poor Territories and Territories with excellent resources in every kingdom and empire. The sooner one constructed their own city, the sooner they could occupy these resource-rich Territories.

What counted as a resource-rich Territory?

First, it was in an easily accessible location. As players reached higher levels, they would have to venture further from NPC cities. If a city were close to these high-level maps, it would save players a lot of travel time. It was a similar concept to capturing certain towns.

However, most towns were still quite far away from the truly excellent leveling areas.

Meanwhile, a city that was close to multiple high-level maps would attract large amounts of players.

Second, it was an area that was near consumable resources. This would provide convenience for players who needed to farm materials. After all, rare herbs and ores were necessary for players, regardless of Level.

Third, the Territory needed to be close to high-level Regional dungeons. Most Regional Dungeons were particularly far from NPC towns and cities. Furthermore, Regional Dungeons had their own specialty products such as the Stoneclaw Mountains' Magic Crystals. Even after reaching Level 200, Magic Crystals were still must-have items.

Where should I construct the city? Shi Feng grew troubled as he stared at the City Building Order.

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