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Chapter 678 - Top of the World

As the sky darkened, the magic lamps lining the streets of White River City lit up, brightly illuminating the entire city.

Quite a number of Merchant players crowded the streets, purchasing equipment and materials. At this time, many combat players were returning to the city after a day of hard work. These combat players usually sold their unwanted materials as well as spent a portion of the day's earnings on some delicacies and alcohol.

By now, everyone had already adapted to their new lives in the world of G.o.d's Domain.

The players on the streets of White River City were currently chatting merrily with each other, the hot topics either relating to Zero Wing or the currently popular Stoneclaw Mountains. After returning to the city, Shi Feng reverted his appearance to that of Ye Feng's. When he walked through the city streets, he immediately became the center of attention.

"Look, that guy's a member of Zero Wing!"

"His equipment looks awesome! He must be an elite member of Zero Wing at the very least. It would be great if we could get him to carry us."

"Zero Wing really is amazing. Even a random member of the Guild is Level 30 and has such enviable equipment. It's a pity I failed to get through their test today. I'll definitely have another go at it in a few days."

The six-winged emblem was something extremely familiar to the players of White River City. Unfortunately, the number of players who could sport this six-winged emblem was quite low. From time to time, female players would send flirtatious glances at Shi Feng, causing some male players to look at him with disdain.

"Tsk. What's so good about him? Isn't he just some lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d basking in Zero Wing's limelight? If I got into Zero Wing, I'd definitely have much better achievements than him," a Level 25 male Summoner snorted in discontentment.

"If you have the ability, you can go take Zero Wing's test. If you manage to become an elite member of Zero Wing, I'll come fawn over you as well," a beautiful short-haired woman said to the male Summoner, giggling. "Only, I'm afraid you don't have that ability."

The crowd near the male Summoner broke into laughter.

Nowadays, Zero Wing was very famous. Countless players were trying to join the Guild. Plenty of elite members of other Guilds had also withdrawn from their Guilds to transfer to Zero Wing. But despite so many players applying to Zero Wing, the Guild's member count did not increase by much. One could just imagine how difficult it was to enter the Guild.

Zero Wing's entrance examination was rigorous and had very high requirements. The Guild had always put quality before quant.i.ty. However, anyone who pa.s.sed the test would only be an ordinary Guild member. Those who wished to become an elite member would have to acc.u.mulate a certain amount of GCPs to qualify for the elite test to become an elite member. In short, Zero Wing's requirements were far more stringent than other Guilds'. Hence, it was incredibly difficult to become an elite member of Zero Wing.

Any person who managed to become an elite member of Zero Wing was already an expert in the eyes of ordinary players.

Shi Feng simply smiled at the gossiping of the crowd. Shaking his head, he donned a Black Cloak and quickly made his way to the City Hall.

A female receptionist dressed in neat office attire came up to Shi Feng and asked, "Good day, sir. How may I be of service to you today?"

"I wish to meet with Lord Weissman." Shi Feng showed his Count Emblem.

"Lord Count, please follow me." Upon seeing the Count Emblem, the receptionist immediately led Shi Feng to the inner sanctum of the building.

After waiting for several minutes, Shi Feng was then shown into Weissman's office.

"Young man, what brings you to this old man today?" Weissman asked warmly as he stroked his white beard.

"Lord Weissman, please take a look at this." Shi Feng retrieved the Elemental Core from his bag.

The instant Shi Feng took out the Elemental Core, Weissman squinted his eyes, a serious expression appearing on his face.

"Young man, you really are something." Weissman felt a little surprised as he carefully inspected the Elemental Core. "Logically speaking, this thing should not exist in this world anymore, yet you've actually managed to obtain it. Your luck truly is extraordinary. It's no wonder that little girl Sharlyn says that you have heaven-defying luck."

"Lord Weissman, do you know what this item is?" Shi Feng asked hurriedly. Judging from Weissman's reaction, he could tell that there was more to this item than met the eye.

After inspecting the magic array engraved on the Elemental Core, Weissman could only shake his head and say, "It is still too early for you to come into contact with this thing. If you wish to challenge this, I advise you to do so only after you become stronger."

"Lord Weissman, may I know how strong I need to be?" Shi Feng asked.

"Reach Tier 3." Weissman immediately provided Shi Feng with a definite answer.

"Tier 3?!" Shi Feng could not help his surprise. "Is it really impossible for me right now?"

Although he knew that the quest would not be simple, he had not thought that the difficulty would be so excessive. He was still a long way from obtaining his Tier 2 cla.s.s, not to mention the Level 100 Tier 3 cla.s.s.

In the past, even after a decade had pa.s.sed, Tier 3 players were still considered peerless experts as the majority of the player population failed to attain their Tier 3 cla.s.ses at all. For Solomon's Treasure to be a quest that required him to have a Tier 3 cla.s.s to complete it, its difficulty was simply ridiculous.

However, this revelation also further convinced Shi Feng that Solomon's Treasure might be somehow related to Solomon's Sword.

"It's not exactly impossible. The problem is, with your current strength, you won't be able to reach that place," Weissman laughed.

"Won't be able to reach?" Shi Feng came to a realization. He did not lack the strength to complete the quest but only the strength to arrive at the quest location. "Lord Weissman, can you tell me where that place is?"

"The Top of the World, Mount Sogar." Weissman did not try to withhold the answer from Shi Feng. On the contrary, he sincerely explained, "The magical array carved onto this Elemental Core is not only a map but also a key. Meanwhile, the location indicated in the map is Mount Sogar. Setting aside how far that place is from Star-Moon Kingdom, on your way there, you will have to pa.s.s through places with powerful monsters. Having a Tier 3 cla.s.s is already the minimum. If you wish to arrive safely at Mount Sogar, you should reach my standard at the very least. Hence, you had best give up on that place for now. It won't be too late to go there once your strength reaches a sufficient level. You are still young. What you have is time."

"The Top of the World?" Shi Feng smiled.

Shi Feng knew of this place. Although he had never personally been to Mount Sogar before, its fame as the Top of the World was most likely known throughout G.o.d's Domain. And indeed, just like Weissman had said, a Tier 3 cla.s.s would be no different from food to the monsters one would encounter on the way to Mount Sogar. Even if he were still a Level 200 Tier 3 Sword King right now, he would barely manage to reach Mount Sogar. He would also have to spend a long time traveling to get there as the teleportation point nearest to Mount Sogar was ten days away. Moreover, that was a.s.suming that he could continue running for ten days straight and did not encounter any powerful monsters throughout the entire journey. Although he could shorten the travel time by using a Mount, even then, it would still take a long time.


Shi Feng had the Position Teleportation Scroll, a Tier 4 Scroll that allowed him to teleport to any location in G.o.d's Domain, except for a few special s.p.a.ces. Mount Sogar was not one of these exceptions. In other words, he could teleport there directly.

Shortly after, Shi Feng bade farewell to Weissman and immediately ran back to the Candlelight Trading Firm.

As its moniker suggested, Mount Sogar was the tallest location in the entire G.o.d's Domain. At the same time, it was also a domain that humans did not willingly enter, as a mult.i.tude of powerful monsters lived there. Even the human empires were powerless against the monsters there. In the past, there had been many players who had tried challenging that place.

Although Shi Feng could head to Mount Sogar right now, he still needed to make a lot of preparations.

After he returned to his forging room, he immediately contacted Melancholic Smile.

"Melancholic, send the top-ranking Alchemist and Engineer within the Trading Firm to my forging room, please."

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