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Chapter 656 - Crazy Decision

"Don't give them the chance?" Gentle Snow grew curious.

There were over 300,000 Guild elites stationed close to Stone Forest Town. Of them, 70,000 belonged to the Star Alliance, while Ouroboros only had 50,000. Even if both first-rate Guilds banded together, they still wouldn't be able to do anything to the other Guilds. Hence, every Guild was maintaining this temporary peace. n.o.body dared provoke anybody else.

However, if a Guild decided to attack Stone Forest Town, so much commotion would attract the other Guilds' attention. At that time, no one would not sit by and let someone else capture the town. The other Guilds would definitely work together to exterminate the mutual enemy. Because of this, even Star Alliance, with its numerical advantage, would not dare to take action.

Now, however, Shi Feng insisted that they attack Stone Forest Town without giving the other Guilds the opportunity to retaliate.

How would that even be possible?

There were Level 55 and Level 60 NPCs defending the town. Among them, there were even Tier 2 NPCs. A Level 60 Tier 2 NPC was even stronger than a Level 30 Great Lord. Not to mention, there was more than just one Level 60 Tier 2 NPC defending the town. The Great Leader Sareya, who wielded large-scale destruction Spells, also defended the town.

With Ouroboros's 50,000 elites, it would be a bitter battle to capture Stone Forest Town. There was also no certainty that they would succeed.

"Yes, don't give them the chance," Shi Feng nodded as he repeated himself. "When the time comes, everyone needs to dispose of the town's NPCs as quickly as possible and leave the rest to me."

Shi Feng had conquered many towns in the past, so he was quite familiar with the method.

It was not an easy task for a Guild to gain control of a town.

First, players had to dispose of every NPC within the town. Leaving even one NPC alive would result in failure.

Second, players had to obtain the Town Token that the leader of the town guarded.

After completing these two tasks, one would obtain the authority to rule over the town. Hence, it was extremely difficult to capture a town with a large number of compet.i.tors nearby.

In the past, after the Stoneclaw Mountains' profits had been distributed, no Guild bothered with capturing Stone Forest Town.

However, things were slightly different in this life. Currently, various large Guilds' main forces and elite members had gathered near the Stoneclaw Mountains, making this the perfect opportunity to capture Stone Forest Town. However, they only had a small timeframe to do so, as it took less than two hours to travel from the Stoneclaw Mountains to Stone Forest Town on foot or 30 minutes on a Mount. Fortunately, no one had reached Level 40 yet.

"Are you planning to hold off all of those Guilds by yourself?" Gentle Snow asked, flabbergasted. She highly doubted that Shi Feng could achieve this feat. They were talking about more than 250,000 elite players. How could one person possibly hold off that many players?

Shi Feng's words stupefied everyone else in the Tent as well.

Although they had long since realized that Shi Feng was crazy, they had not thought that he was this crazy.

Sitting beside Shi Feng, Fire Dance and Aqua Rose were similarly shocked. Shortly after, however, they both smiled bitterly. Although they had no doubts that Shi Feng could escape the clutches of 250,000 elite players, no matter how they wracked their brains, it was impossible to fend off 250,000 elite players, preventing this army from hara.s.sing them while they attacked Stone Forest Town. Yet, Shi Feng had never once failed to keep his word, regardless of how insane his claim sounded. He would never give his word if he were not confident of keeping it.

One man holding off 250,000 elite players?

Just thinking about it gave them gooseb.u.mps.

"Relax, it'll be fine. However, whether or not we succeed will depend on how fast you can clear the NPCs in the town," Shi Feng said confidently.

Following which, Shi Feng gave Fire Dance and Aqua Rose their respective orders. In the upcoming battle, Fire Dance was tasked with leading the main force, while Aqua Rose was tasked with leading the Dark G.o.ds Legion. As for Gentle Snow and the others, they still hesitated to make a decision.

"Snow, are we really going to do this? You know how insane this is, right?" Zhao Yueru asked softly.

Gentle Snow took a deep breath. In the next moment, cold determination flashed in her eyes as she said, "We have no other options. The Star Alliance grows stronger by the day. Other Guilds constantly hara.s.s us as well. At this rate, the Star Alliance will overtake us. "

Afterward, Gentle Snow began organizing her Guild's forces, preparing for battle.

Shi Feng, however, was in no hurry. First, he investigated the various large Guilds, particularly their main forces.

Before they took action, Shi Feng used the Bible of Darkness to summon a Tier 2 Demon. Three hours later, Shi Feng summoned another Tier 2 Demon.

The two Level 35 Tier 2 Demons were as large as small hills.

Tier 2 Demons were the equivalent of Lord ranked monsters. It was quite rea.s.suring to have two Level 35 Lords on their side.

"I never imagined that Black Flame would have something like this. It's no wonder he was so confident of fending off the other Guilds." Gentle Snow was stunned when she saw the two powerful Tier 2 Demons.

Even a 100-man team could deal with an ordinary Tier 2 Demon, although they might struggle. However, a Tier 2 Demon under a player's control was far more terrifying. It could annihilate even a 1,000-man elite team. If two Tier 2 Demons banded together, their impact would be multiplied several folds. With these two Tier 2 Demons, Shi Feng could successfully delay the other Guilds for some time.


Just as Zero Wing and Ouroboros were about to mobilize their forces, the various large Guilds received news of this matter.

The various large Guild each had their own information network. With Ouroboros mobilizing such a large army, how could news of it escape the eyes and ears of the various large Guilds?

"Has Gentle Snow gone mad? She really believed Black Flame? Does she think Black Flame is a G.o.d that can fend off an army of 250,000 players?" Galaxy Past, who was currently in the Stoneclaw Mountains, laughed madly when he received this information. "Notify the others immediately. If Ouroboros dares attack Stone Forest Town, find an opportunity to strike."

Galaxy Past wasn't the only person with such thoughts. The other Guild Leaders similarly thought that Gentle Snow had lost her mind. Black Flame was similarly insane. Did he really think that their Guild's elite members were blockheads that would just stand by and die for him?

If all 250,000 players worked together, the ranged attacks alone could kill a Lord of the same level instantly, not to mention a player.

Suddenly, the various large Guilds surrounding Stone Forest Town began mobilizing their forces, preparing to take action at a moment's notice. Now, all that was left was for Ouroboros and Zero Wing to move.

As for the various large Guild's main forces and elite members, they all continued grinding for Magic Crystals in the Stoneclaw Mountains.


"News sure flies. However, this isn't too bad, either. It would have bothered me if they didn't make a move," Shi Feng chuckled. He then activated the Aura of Wind's Wind Rider, transforming into a blur as he flew to Stone Forest Town.

"What is he trying to do?" Gentle Snow muttered in confusion.

Shi Feng's actions even confused Fire Dance and Aqua Rose as Shi Feng had not revealed his true plans.

"Let's begin, then!" Shi Feng grinned. Immediately, he swapped the Aura of Wind for the Aura of Fire. He then cast Firestorm on Stone Forest Town's NPC stronghold.

Suddenly, flames engulfed the third and highest floor of the stronghold. Some nearby players turned to ash instantly. As for the NPCs inside the stronghold, they sustained heavy damage as well.

In the blink of an eye, the stronghold's third floor was nothing more than scorched ruins.

The crowd watching from afar was stupefied.

Shi Feng had actually attacked the NPC stronghold by himself. He was seeking death!

At this moment, a white-haired old man in black robes emerged from the ruins. This old man was Sareya, a Level 60 Tier 2 NPC. Looking at Shi Feng, Sareya shouted angrily, saying, "Intruder! You actually dare to provoke me?! I will show you how terrifying it is to anger a Mage!"

[Sareya] (Great Leader, Professional Mage)

Level 60

HP 5,500,000/5,500,000

In addition, two NPCs with imposing auras stood beside Sareya, and they were the Second Leader, Lyme, and Third Leader, Paddo.

[Lyme] (Second Leader, Sword Master)

Level 60

HP 6,500,000/6,500,000

[Paddo] (Third Leader, Berserker Master)

Level 60

HP 7,000,000/7,000,000

Shi Feng's Firestorm had only dealt around -80,000 damage to the three Leaders, a meager amount comparing to the millions of HP they possessed. However, their stronghold's destruction was what truly infuriated the three Leaders.

At this moment, the three Leaders glared at Shi Feng, their eyes containing the promise of a painful death.

Laughing, Shi Feng turned and flew away.

"n.o.body can escape our fury!" Sareya and the other two Leaders summoned their Mounts and chased after Shi Feng.

The difference between having a Mount and not having a Mount was ma.s.sive. Despite Shi Feng having activated Wind Rider, the three NPCs caught up with him very quickly.

"s.h.i.t, they're heading towards us!"

The spectating Guilds quickly noticed that something was off as Shi Feng flew towards them.

Wind Rider only had a short duration of 24 seconds. Shi Feng could cover just enough distance in that time to land right in the middle of the various large Guilds.

At this moment, Sareya, who rode his horse, drew line after line of runes in the air. He then flicked his finger, and suddenly, thunderclouds began to condensing above the army of players.

"Turn to ash!" Sareya revealed a sinister smile as he cast the Tier 2 Spell, Lightning Storm, on Shi Feng's location.

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