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Chapter 723 - Power of the Bible of Darkness

The Bible of Darkness was a treasure created by the Lord of Destruction. It possessed the power to rule over all Demons, allowing one to become the Lord of Demons.

Since ancient times, Abyssal Demons were one of the top races in the Endless Abyss and were one of the human races' greatest enemies.

Even Tier 6 Demons wandered in the Endless Abyss, not to mention Tier 5 Demons.

Through the power of s.p.a.cetime, the Bible of Darkness could summon a Demon from the Endless Abyss.

However, the Bible of Darkness had already been destroyed, so it could not exert its true power. Summoning a Tier 5 Great Demon King was its limit.

“Your Imperial Majesty, may I know if this will be of some help?” Shi Feng took out the thick, heavy Bible of Darkness. The dense Power of Darkness that radiated off the Bible was more than enough to instill fear.

NPCs that were not quest-related could not steal items from players. Hence, Shi Feng was not worried about Kaiser s.n.a.t.c.hing the Bible of Darkness. Although NPCs could not steal a player's items, they could use them.

However, Shi Feng was not sure if Kaiser could use the Bible of Darkness as he was now.

“The Bible of Darkness?!” Kaiser recognized the thick book immediately, shock appearing on his face. “I had never expected a little guy like you to have such a treasure. It's unfortunate that the Bible has been destroyed and cannot exert its true power. Otherwise, with this book's original strength, it could seal the pa.s.sage to the Endless Abyss easily.”

Shi Feng was stunned.

The pa.s.sage to the Endless Abyss could not be opened and closed as one wished. Otherwise, the War G.o.d Temple would not have tried so hard to search for the Seven Treasures to suppress the pa.s.sage between the two worlds.

However, listening to Kaiser, the Bible of Darkness actually possessed the power to open and close the pa.s.sage.

In other words, the completed form of the Bible of Darkness was as powerful as the Seven Treasures.

“Although the Bible of Darkness has been damaged, it could be of some help,” Kaiser said. In the next moment, the Bible of Darkness flew out of Shi Feng's hand and fell into the bottomless pit. “Little guy, back away.”

At Kaiser's warning, Shi Feng did not dare remain where he stood. Immediately, he turned and ran out of the Thunder Beast Courtyard.

The pressure exuded by a DemiG.o.d-level existence was no laughing matter. Previously, Kaiser had used his aura to bind and render Shi Feng immobile. If a DemiG.o.d like Kaiser flicked his finger, Shi Feng would likely turn to dust.

After Shi Feng fled the Thunder Beast Courtyard, the Mana density begin to rise rapidly. In the next moment, a ma.s.sive pair of gates made of bone appeared above the courtyard. Compared to the Demon Gates that appeared when Shi Feng summoned Tier 3 Demons, this Demon Gate was colossal. The Demon Gate loomed like a mountain, and the pressure it radiated warped the courtyard's atmosphere.

This is the Demon Gate a DemiG.o.d can summon? Shi Feng finally realized how terrifyingly powerful the Bible of Darkness was after seeing the towering Demon Gate. It was no wonder why so many NPCs in G.o.d's Domain were so keen to obtain it. The power he could currently exert with the Bible was just the tip of the iceberg.

If the wielder could summon an army of Demons during battle, who could stand against them?

It was uncertain whether a Tier 5 player could even defeat a Tier 5 Great Demon King, not to mention a group of them. Moreover, said player would also have to face the summoner, who was also a Tier 5 cla.s.s.

This alone allowed the Bible's wielder to defeat Tier 5 cla.s.ses.

If the Bible were complete, even at Tier 5, one could challenge Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked players and Tier 6 G.o.ds.

As the gates slowly opened, a one-horned Demon that was over 30 meters tall emerged. The Demon's body was pitch-black, and it wielded a sword covered in emerald fire. Shi Feng felt his breath catch in his throat as the Demon's dark eyes swept over him.

Shi Feng tried to appraise this one-horned Demon's statistics. However, all he found was “Unknown.” Since the Demon's information was hidden from normal observation, he would have to move closer to use Omniscient Eyes.

“Despicable human! You have the gall to summon me, the Great Demon King Andos?! Prepare to die!” Andros bellowed, glaring at the bottomless pit. The fire devouring his ma.s.sive sword suddenly blossomed into a raging inferno. One swing was all it would take to destroy the Thunder Beast Courtyard.

So powerful! This is definitely the most powerful Tier 5 monster I have ever seen! Shi Feng was shocked as he watched the Great Demon King. Despite standing so far away from the Demon King, its aura left him unable to move. This strength was so close to that of a true G.o.d. Of course, it was also possible that Serena, the Tier 5 Fallen Angel he had encountered before, had not displayed her true strength.

Just as the emerald fire was about to descend, countless blue chains suddenly shot out of the bottomless pit, binding Andros and his emerald fire.

“Andros, don't try to resist. I have the Bible of Darkness. Even if you are as strong as I am, under the power of the Bible, you cannot strike against me,” the Thunder Emperor threatened the Demon in a low growl. Andros moaned painfully. “You Demons are born with a higher life order than humans. However, there are also constraints on your power. If you submit now, I can allow you to retain your will. Otherwise, I will turn you into a puppet.”

“I… submit.” In the end, the Great Demon King Andros agreed reluctantly.

Demons originated from the Bible of Darkness. They were born without the ability to resist the Bible. Although the Bible had been damaged, it contained enough power to compel a Great Demon King. Currently, only Tier 6 Demon G.o.ds had the power to resist the Bible's restrictions.

“Suppress the Mana from the Abyss for me,” Kaiser ordered, not wasting any time with nonsense.

Having no other choice, Andros controlled his endless emerald fire to seal the bottomless pit. Suddenly, the Mana from the Abyss was contained.

The Thunder Emperor Kaiser then flew out of the pit.

Shi Feng could finally see the true Thunder Emperor Kaiser. The emperor wore a suit of golden armor with a set of white robes. Electric arcs were faintly visible as they surrounded Kaiser. Two Sacred Swords hung from the emperor's waist, one red and one blue. His smooth golden hair and young face left one speechless. Female players would consider this man to be a G.o.d of male beauty.

[Kaiser (Thunder Emperor)] (Human, Sword Saint)

Level ? ? ?

HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

After Kaiser emerged from the pit, he unsheathed his two Sacred Swords. As the blades left their scabbards, the surrounding s.p.a.ce froze. It was as if the connections between the s.p.a.ce around the swords and the outside world had been severed.

What are those weapons?! They can freeze the world around them?! Shi Feng's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when he saw those Sacred Swords. Could one of them be one of the five fragments I am looking for?

Just as Shi Feng fantasized about the weapons, Kaiser used the twin swords to draw divine runes in the air before him.

Divine runes of the highest quality formed, line after line.

A short moment later, the emperor had drawn over a hundred lines of runes. The Spell Kaiser was casting was far more complex than any Tier 5 Spell Shi Feng had seen before.

“Seal! G.o.d Banishing Domain!”

With a shout, Kaiser brandished his two swords. A golden, sixfold magic array appeared above the Palace. This magic array wrapped around the Palace, sucking in the Mana of the Abyss like a hungry beast. This was the first time in his life Shi Feng had seen anything so magnificent.

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