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Chapter 610 - Higher Realm

Arcs of electricity continuously sparked around Shi Feng. Although the electric arcs were tiny, the destructive power they contained was practically equivalent to a Tier 2 lightning spell.

"He actually succeeded!" A shocked expression appeared on Serena's beautiful face.

Learning a Taboo Skill was an enormous challenge. It was the same for both players and NPCs with high intelligence. In order to learn a Taboo Skill, one had to go through long periods of arduous training as well as achieve a certain degree of comprehension regarding the Taboo Skill.

Serena wasn't the only one who was shocked by this result. Even Shi Feng himself was quite shocked.

It was extremely difficult for a Tier 1 cla.s.s to learn a Tier 1 Taboo Skill, not to mention a Tier 2 Taboo Skill.

Moreover, Instant Strike's requirements were exceedingly high even for a Tier 2 Taboo Skill.

Achieving 100% Completion Rate on a Taboo Skill was a feat Shi Feng had never managed, despite having been a Tier 3 Sword King in the past.

In this life, however, he had actually done so while he was still a Tier 1 cla.s.s. This was simply a dream.

Ninety-nine more times to go. I need to hurry up. Although Shi Feng was currently somewhat drunk, he was still able to maintain a relatively clear consciousness. To make sure he did not forget the feeling from before, he hurriedly continued with his rehearsal.

Unfortunately, none of his next three tries managed to achieve a 100% Completion Rate at all. The highest he reached was 97%.

He had only managed to achieve the 100% Completion Rate before due to luck. On this point, Shi Feng was very certain.

However, now that there was a first, achieving 100% again would become much easier.

Following which, Shi Feng continuously tried to recall the feeling he had felt before. His Skill Completion Rate gradually increased as well, and soon after, he managed to maintain a stable 99%. He was only a thread away from 100%.

Not only do I have to control my own body, but I also have to learn how to adapt to the external environment around me and constantly adjust to the environment. As Shi Feng reviewed his memories, he did not only think about when he achieved a 100% Completion Rate with Instant Strike but also when he had achieved a 101% Completion Rate with Chop.

Whether it was the Refinement Realm or the Flowing Water Realm, both pursued internal control.

Before, the Tier 5 Fallen Angel Serena had stated that he had already done very well in terms of movement and that he was only missing a little comprehension.

If it was said that comprehension was compatibility, and that compatibility was adaptation, then what he needed to do was adapt to the environment. If he used the same methods to execute a Skill in different environments, the results would naturally be different.

This was just like how going from an ordinary environment to a high-gravity one would greatly affect a player's Skill Completion Rate. However, what if this change to the environment was extremely subtle?

It was highly possible that ignoring this minor change was the reason why players would never able to achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate, regardless of how perfect their movements were.

Just as Shi Feng continued drawing his sword and adapting to the surrounding air flow, the friction between his sword and the air suddenly generated a small spark. This small spark immediately attracted countless arcs of electricity to circle around Shi Feng's body.

System: Instant Strike Skill Completion Rate 100%.

Sure enough, the progression in control goes from internal to external. Is this what the higher realm feels like? Shi Feng finally discovered the direction he needed to take to advance.

With a clear direction in mind, Shi Feng no longer focused his concentration on his own body but instead shifted it towards his environment.

As Shi Feng grew increasingly familiar with his surroundings, the 100% Skill Completion Rate of Instant Strike grew more frequent as well.

Currently, Shi Feng was achieving a 100% Skill Completion Rate about once every four times he executed Instant Strike. Moreover, during the process of swinging his sword, Shi Feng was also constantly making minor adjustments to better adapt his movements to the external environment.

After training for another half an hour, Shi Feng's improvement was undeniable. He was able to achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate practically every other time he executed Instant Strike.

Before an hour had even pa.s.sed since drinking the three bottles of Hundred Berry Wine, he had already executed a hundred Instant Strikes with a 100% Completion Rate.

After Shi Feng completed an Instant Strike that achieved a 100% Completion Rate for the hundredth time, electricity purified his entire body, his skin becoming glossier and the muscles all over his body growing denser and more powerful.

System: You have learned Instant Strike. Obtained Basic Lightning Physique.

"Why does my body feel a lot lighter?" Shi Feng was greatly shocked when he saw the faint blue electric arcs coursing around his body. Carefully feeling out the changes to his own body, he exclaimed, "This Lightning Physique really is mysterious. The gravity my body is under should still be 3 g. Yet, the effect the increased gravity has on my body has clearly decreased significantly even though none of my Attributes have changed. Right now, the effect feels like the equivalent to a gravity of 1.5 g."

After the third evolution of G.o.d's Domain, the Gravitational System had impacted the combat power of players significantly. Meanwhile, now that Shi Feng's body had undergone such changes, it would become much easier for him to adapt to his environment. The current state he was in was similar to being under the effects of the Hundred Berry Wine. Although the Lightning Physique's effects were very much inferior to the Hundred Berry Wine's, the fact that it was always active was a huge advantage.

This Instant Strike is simply fantastic. It is actually able to improve a player's Physique as well. No wonder it was so difficult to learn!

In the past, Shi Feng had heard of some Taboo Skills in G.o.d's Domain that when successfully learned, would provide players with additional rewards. However, these Taboo Skills were usually high-tiered ones. He never expected that the Tier 2 Instant Strike was one such Taboo Skill.

Physique was a kind of Hidden Attribute in G.o.d's Domain. If a player's Attributes reached a certain level, they would be able to trigger an extraordinary Physique, allowing them to carry out feats that were definitely impossible in the real world. This kind of Hidden Attribute could not be viewed by players, so it was extremely difficult to alter or improve it.

However, this kind of Hidden Attribute would have a significant impact on a player's combat power.

After resting for a while and recovering his mental state, Shi Feng walked up to Serena, smiling as he said, "Miss Serena, sorry for the long wait. Let us begin now."

Currently, not only had he mastered the Tier 2 Taboo Skill Instant Strike, but he had also obtained the Basic Lightning Physique. Not only did his body feel lighter right now, but its flexibility had also increased significantly. Shi Feng even felt that his reflexes had sped up. However, his reaction speed was still a far cry from that of a gifted talent like Soaring Snake.

"Not bad. Despite being a mere mortal, you have actually managed to grasp a Tier 2 Taboo Skill while still being at Tier 1. Come, give me your best shot. Hopefully, you are able to entertain me for a little while," Serena said, licking her lips as she looked at Shi Feng.

The moment Serena was done speaking, the surrounding magma started roiling. The ground also began trembling as the Fallen Angel released a frightening aura.

Is this the power of a Tier 1 Fallen Angel? Shi Feng gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

He knew that Serena had finally gotten serious. Just her aura alone was enough to render him breathless.

Heavenly Dragon's Power, activate!

Blade Liberation, activate!

Shi Feng was unwilling to lag behind. After activating Heavenly Dragon's Power and Blade Liberation, his Strength Attribute was now equivalent to a High Lord of the same level.

The instant Shi Feng activated Twofold Berserk, he tilted his body forward slightly. He then activated Phantom Kill and had his doppelganger get ready as well.

Shi Feng's sudden increase in strength surprised Serena somewhat. She had not thought the little human before her was capable of reaching such a level. She then stretched out her right hand. Instantly, a golden holy sword appeared in her hand. Countless wind blades wrapped around her weapon.

She cast a Tier 2 Skill, Storm Blade, at Shi Feng right away. Countless swords of light instantly surged towards Shi Feng and his doppelganger.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng and his doppelganger also simultaneously activated the Tier 2 Taboo Skill Instant Strike.


Both Shi Feng and his doppelganger disappeared from where they stood to instantly appear beside Serena. Both Swordsmen then began brandishing their swords at the Fallen Angel.

Instant Strike, when activated, increased its user's Attack Speed by 500% for a short period of time.

Originally, Shi Feng's Attack Speed was already terrifying. Now, Shi Feng and his doppelganger sent out dozens of sword lights in the time it took to take a single breath. Moreover, these sword lights had appeared practically simultaneously, with none ahead or behind the others.

"Such a fast attack!" Serena's gaze sharpened as another golden holy sword appeared in her other hand. She then parried the barrage of attacks sent at her.

Peng… Peng… Peng…

Serena's sword technique was flawless. Every movement of hers was utterly efficient as she blocked dozens of attacks continuously.

However, even if Serena's defense were more perfect, there was still a limit to her Attack Speed. In the end, Shi Feng managed to cut Serena's arm with the Abyssal Blade, causing -1 damage to the Fallen Angel.

When Shi Feng saw the compulsory -1 damage he dealt, his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

"Such a powerful Tier 2 Taboo Skill. You were actually able to break through my defense." Serena looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y cut on her arm. Gently moving her finger across the wound, she instantly returned her skin to its unblemished state. Then she looked at Shi Feng, saying, "Although I don't want to admit it, since you were able to injure me, it is your win. You may take these items and leave."

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