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Chapter 681 - Dual Abilities

With only 30 sets of materials remaining, Shi Feng did not dare to be careless.

A Magic Device was an a.s.sembly of different components. The core component was merely one of three parts. If he failed the final a.s.sembly, the product would be a failure as well, and the components would have to be sc.r.a.pped.

Shi Feng had seen a Master Forger a.s.semble Magic Devices in the past. Back then, said Master Forger only had a success rate of 30%. Even so, a ma.s.sive number of players eagerly searched out this Master Forger to help a.s.semble their Magic Devices for them because other Master Forgers had less than a 20% success rate.

Five sets of components were required just to a.s.semble a single Magic Device.

Furthermore, each component set, which consisted of three individual components, required roughly ten sets of materials to manufacture. In other words, at least 50 sets of materials were required to produce a Magic Device. If one were unlucky, they might actually require more than 100 sets…

Even an expert player would have to spend a long time to gather 100 sets of raw materials. The Coins involved could also put an expert player into debt.

This was precisely why Magic Devices had been extremely rare in G.o.d's Domain in the past. The players capable of obtaining one were generally either experts or wealthy tyc.o.o.ns.

After Shi Feng had gone so much trouble to obtain 100 sets of materials, he had only managed to produce three core components after expending 70 sets. It was not enough to a.s.semble a Magic Device. At the very least, he needed to prepare ten core components to have a higher chance of manufacturing a Magic Device. After all, he was only an Advanced Forger, not a Master Forger.

Time crawled by.

Shi Feng's first attempt to produce the core component with the Magical Gold failed.

The second attempt failed as well.

After four consecutive failures, Shi Feng had no choice but to give up on using the Magical Gold. Magical Gold was one of the best support tools for forging Dark-Gold and Epic items. Even Shi Feng felt a sting after failing four times in a row.

On his ninth attempt, Shi Feng finally succeeded.

“Sure enough, engraving the runes is the most difficult stage.”

Shi Feng could tell that his previous successes had not been due to luck because he had felt as if his entire being had melted into the metal while he had focused on engraving the runes on this last core. He had felt something similar during his previous successes.

This feeling of melding with the core component? Shi Feng stopped his work for a moment and pondered the sensation. It feels somewhat like improving my Skill Completion Rate. To improve my Skill Completion Rate, I had to integrate myself with the environment.

Suddenly, Shi Feng retrieved a bottle of Hundred Berry Wine from his bag and began to manufacture the core component once again. This time, he used a bar of Magical Gold.

The Hundred Berry Wine was a tool that could increase one's compatibility rate.

Since the theory behind engraving runes was somewhat similar to improving Skill Completion Rates, the Hundred Berry Wine should help him reach a higher success rate with the engraving the core component's runes.

This time, Shi Feng completed the core component's refinement much faster than before.

In just five minutes, Shi Feng finished refining and molding the metals. He also completed engraving the runes in a single breath.

As the core component felt like an extension of himself, Shi Feng's control over the rune engraving process was quite high.

System: Core component has been successfully manufactured. Forging Proficiency increased by 3 points. Obtained 50,000 EXP.

Sure enough, my guess was correct. Excitement bubbled in Shi Feng's chest as he heard the sound of the notification. I never realized that the Hundred Berry Wine could be used like this as well.

Immediately, Shi Feng used the remaining materials in one go.

Of the remaining 20 sets of materials, he successfully produced four core components. Among them, Magical Gold had been incorporated into three. His success rate had reached the level of a Master Forger.

With this, he had managed to produce nine core components with the 100 sets of materials. Among them, four had Magical Gold. He was only one core component from his goal of ten. Now, all that was left was to a.s.semble the Magic Device. If he succeeded, he would be the first player in G.o.d's Domain to birth a Magic Device.

As the weapon that had brought about the end of the era of Demons and G.o.ds, one could just imagine how powerful a Magic Device was. A Magic Device's most valuable effect was its ability to strengthen weapons, allowing these weapons to inflict damage to Demons and G.o.ds. To put it simply, Magic Devices had given humans the ability to resist Demons and G.o.ds.

Of course, the Magic Device Shi Feng had obtained was not that powerful as it was only Bronze rank.

Even so, a Bronze Magic Device should not be underestimated.

As players reached higher levels in G.o.d's Domain, the monsters they encountered would grow stronger as well. At some point, even Dark-Gold and Epic Weapons would not deal much damage.

However, after one equipped a Bronze Magic Device, even a Secret-Silver Weapon could cut through the tough hide and scales of monsters, not to mention Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Weapons.

If players did not possess a Magic Device, however, the difficulty of defeating those powerful monsters would increase significantly.

Hence, in the past, the various large Guilds throughout G.o.d's Domain had been extremely desperate to obtain Magic Devices. Even the design for a Bronze Magic Device could incite a war between first-rate Guilds.

Now that Shi Feng had obtained a Magic Device Forging Design so early into the game, he could begin to manufacture them much sooner than anyone else. He would also be prepared when everyone began encountering monsters that could not be easily defeated with normal weapons.

The first a.s.sembly failed…

The second a.s.sembly failed…

The third a.s.sembly was successful!

System: Bronze Magic Device has been successfully manufactured. Forging Proficiency increased by 5 points. Obtained 100,000 EXP.

Shi Feng was stunned when he heard the system notification.

“This can't be real, right? Success on the third try?” Shi Feng muttered, astonishment filling his voice, as he stared at the fist-sized metal ball in his hand. The black metal ball overflowed with light; the surging Mana within was visible to the naked eye. “I wonder what kind of Attributes it possesses?”

After a Magic Device's successful a.s.sembly, it would gain a random Ability.

Although the bonus a Magic Device provided varied in strength, the Magic Device's basic function would not change; the layer of Mana that covered the weapon, or Mana Blade, was invaluable. This Mana Blade could interfere with the Mana that radiated off a monster's body, thereby weakening its Defense significantly and allowing players to inflict damage. Otherwise, a monster's body with that protective layer of Mana was tougher than diamond. Even scratching the monster would be extremely difficult, not to mention taking it out.

[Magic Device] (Bronze Rank)

Strengthens a weapon, giving it the Basic Reduced Weight effect and weaken target's Mana Body by 30%.

“What a pity. Although the weakening effect is quite powerful, the Reduced Weight effect isn't particularly useful to a one-handed weapon. It would be very useful towards a two-handed weapon though.” Shi Feng inwardly felt disappointed. Both the Abyssal Blade and Purgatory's Shadow fit him perfectly right now. If they became any lighter, he might not be able to exert his full strength with them.

Following which, Shi Feng returned to a.s.sembling Magic Devices.

One… Two… Three…

As his stock of components dwindled, the sound of a system notification rang by his ears once more.

System: Bronze Magic Device has been successfully manufactured. Magical Gold's effect triggered. Forging Proficiency increased by 5 points. Obtained 100,000 EXP.

When Shi Feng heard that the Magical Gold's effect had been triggered, his excitement stole his breath.

Originally, he had only used the Magical Gold to increase the success rate of manufacturing the Magic Device's core component. Hence, he had not expected the Magical Gold's effect to trigger.

Immediately, Shi Feng clicked to inspect the evolved Magic Device's statistics.

“Dual Abilities?! Isn't this a little too much?!” Shi Feng could not believe what he was seeing.

A Magic Device could only strengthen a single Attribute. Even the higher ranked Mysterious-Iron Magic Device was no exception to this rule. Only the strengthened effects were slightly better. However, the Magic Device in Shi Feng's hands actually offered two buffs.

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