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Chapter 587 - Frightening Harvest of a Great Lord

"He won...?"

Blue Frost and the others, who had waited patiently for the time to save Shi Feng, were dumbfounded. They could not bring themselves to believe what their eyes had just witnessed.

A single player had actually defeated a Level 40 Great Lord.

Although they had seen other Mavericks defeat the monsters serving as gatekeepers to new maps, that was in the past. The monsters those Mavericks had gone up against had merely been Lords. A Great Lord, on the other hand, was on a completely different level.

This fact had been reinforced after they witnessed Noya's ultimate move, Death's Tribute.

Everything within 50 yards of the Great Lord had turned into sand and dirt. No living creature could survive in that domain.

"Isn't that person way too powerful? He actually survived the Great Lord's ultimate move. Just how high are his HP and Defense?!" a Level 29 Shield Warrior exclaimed.

Back when the Shield Warrior had received Noya's normal attack, despite having activated Shield Wall, he had still received over -4,000 damage. If he had not possessed Shield Wall's 50% Damage Reduction effect, he would have died on the spot.

Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights wielded shields. Not only could one's shield increase a player's Defense, but they also possessed a Block Rate. It was why these two cla.s.ses could serve as a team's MTs.

However, Noya's Death's Tribute was not a normal attack. It was a powerful AOE Skill.

Yet, Shi Feng had still managed to survive after receiving it…

His Defense and HP were inconceivable.

In reality, Shi Feng was also rejoicing.

He truly had not expected to survive Noya's last attack.

The power of the Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Death's Tribute, was no joke. Even against a player of the same Level, their chances of survival were practically nil. It was the same even if said player was an MT who had activated a Lifesaving Skill.

Although Heavenly Dragon's Power increased both his Defense and HP by 300%, the might of a Tier 2 Taboo Skill rivaled that of a Tier 3 Skill. Defeating a mere Tier 1 player like himself would be child's play for Noya. Even a Tier 2 player would be badly crippled if they managed to survive.

With the remaining 30,000 HP he had at the time, he should have had no chance of surviving the ordeal.

Shi Feng could only think of one reason for his miraculous survival.

Magic Resistance!

Death's Tribute was an attack that combined both physical and magical damage, with magical damage as the main component. Meanwhile, his high Magic Resistance had negated a large amount of the Taboo Skill's magical damage, and as a result, allowed him to survive.

"Leader, are we still going over to meet him?" Evening Lotus asked after recovering from her stupor.

"Yes! Of course, we're going! He has just achieved such a feat, and we are the witnesses of this legend. How can we not go and congratulate him?" At this moment, Blue Frost's eyes were filled with reverence as he looked at Shi Feng.

To them, a Great Lord was an immovable mountain. Blue Frost even had yet to hear of anyone throughout G.o.d's Domain overcoming this mountain. Yet, the man before them had easily scaled it, achieving a miracle that n.o.body had managed until now.

On the other side, Shi Feng did not remain idle. After killing Noya, Shi Feng's Level instantly rose by one, pushing him to Level 33 and allowing him to recover significantly. Immediately after, Shi Feng sent a few slashes at the gray barrier.

Blade Liberation was still in effect, so it was the best chance for him to shatter the barrier around the gate.

Previously, before Shi Feng had used any of his Berserk Skills, the gray barrier barely defended against Shi Feng's attacks. Now, however, it had only taken a few swings to shatter the gray barrier. Like a balloon being poked with a needle, the barrier released a "pop" as it shattered completely.

Shi Feng then jumped up and retrieved the black slate tablet from the stone gate.

"I've finally got it." Shi Feng grinned at the Chapter of Darkness that was shrouded in a faint layer of demonic aura.

[Chapter of Darkness] (Dark-Gold Rank Item)

The Chapter of Darkness brims with Soul Energy. You may pa.s.s it to a Shelter's Caretaker to enhance the Shelter's power and activate a portion of the Chapter of Darkness's ability.

Shi Feng then stored the Chapter of Darkness away with satisfaction.

Now that he had obtained the Chapter of Darkness, his task here was finally complete. What's left for him now was to collect the loot from Great Lord Noya.

The moment Shi Feng arrived before Noya's body, Blade Liberation's effect ended. Suddenly, his whole body lost strength, and his feet caught air. His Attributes sharply reduced by 80% as well. At this moment, he was not even as powerful as an ordinary player.

"The aftereffects of using twofold berserk sure is severe. Even my mental power has nearly depleted." Shi Feng suddenly felt a powerful migraine a.s.saulting his head, and all he wanted was to lie down and sleep. If not for the Great Lord's enticing loot, he would have logged out to rest that instant.

Noya was as tall as a three-story building. Despite Shi Feng having activated Divine Providence before killing the Gargoyle, a jackpot had not occurred. Loot had not covered the ground around Noya's body at all. On the contrary, Shi Feng only saw six items beside Noya's body.

"Are the monsters in the Dark Den all so stingy?" Shi Feng frowned.

If he had killed a Great Lord outside the Dark Den, the monster would have dropped a minimum of ten items.

Although Shi Feng had not hoped that Divine Providence would grant him a jackpot from a Great Lord, was there a need to be this shabby? After all the trouble he went through, he had only obtained six items…

Shi Feng then picked up one item after another.

With each subsequent item Shi Feng picked up, his heart grew increasingly colder.

He had only managed to encounter such a heaven-sent opportunity after much difficulty, yet, in the end, this was all he got in return?

Out of the three items he had already picked up, all three were pieces of Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment. None of these pieces were even set equipment, not to mention weapons..

When Shi Feng collected the fifth item, however, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

"Teleportation Magic Array Design!" When Shi Feng saw this item, he began to have visions of mountains of gold.

Players residing in the Dark Den might be unfamiliar with teleportation arrays as their only form of travel was by foot, but to players outside the Dark Den, they were quite familiar with the concept.

After all, when players outside the Dark Den traveled to faraway maps to grind monsters, they normally used teleportation arrays to save on travel time.

However, teleportation arrays could not teleport a player to every corner of G.o.d's Domain, as a majority of the locations in G.o.d's Domain did not possess a teleportation array. For such locations, players could only teleport to the nearest map and run the rest of the way. Even then, they would still have to waste a large amount of time.

Meanwhile, the Teleportation Magic Array Design could easily solve this problem.

As long as one paid a certain price and constructed a Teleportation Magic Array at a grinding spot, players could easily teleport to that location.

Of course, unlike the teleportation arrays one would normally find in the Teleportation Halls, which allowed teleportation between various large cities, the teleportation arrays one could construct with this forging design were the simplest version—a one-to-one teleportation array. These teleportation arrays only allowed teleportation between two locations. Even so, it was something many Guilds dreamed of obtaining.

Only, Teleportation Magic Array Designs were not that easily obtainable.

Normally, Great Lords or above dropped them. Moreover, their drop-rate was horrifically low. There was no guarantee one would obtain a design even after killing a hundred Great Lords.

On the market, a single Teleportation Magic Array Design was worth more than ten Epic items. Its value was only less than Fragmented Legendary items. However, n.o.body would be so foolish as to sell the Teleportation Magic Array Designs they obtained. For such a strategic-level item, not a single player would willingly trade it even if they were offered 20 or 30 Epic items.

Depending on the Level of an Epic item, there would come a time when it would lose its value. However, Teleportation Magic Array Designs would never have such a problem. In the past, even after G.o.d's Domain had been in operation for over a decade, these Forging Designs were still incomparably valuable. These were better at maintaining their value than any other item in the game.

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