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Chapter 581 - Epic Weapon

The moment Shi Feng's finger made contact with the system window, the pitch-black Abyssal Blade released a dragon's roar.

The deafening roar sounded as if an actual dragon stood before Shi Feng right now.

With such a ferocious roar, even the birds in flight were petrified, falling out of the sky one after another.

Immediately after letting out the dragon's roar, the Abyssal Blade struggled free from Shi Feng's hand and flew into the air.

In the blink of an eye, the pitch-black Abyssal Blade transformed into a cloud of black mist that devoured the eleven sacrificial weapons.

As it consumed the weapons, Shi Feng could also hear a strong heartbeat coming from the black mist. It was as if an ancient creature was awakening. A terrifying aura washed over Shi Feng and his surroundings; the nearby greenery even withered.

"Why is there such a huge difference in power from the last evolution?" Shi Feng looked at the black mist floating in midair, frowning. "Is this the beginning of a Backlash?"

Shi Feng had never witnessed or heard any details about the Backlash of a Magic Weapon before.

In the past, players who obtained Magic Weapons had never disclosed any information regarding Backlashes. They only advised others to stay as far away as possible from Magic Weapons.

The pressure the Abyssal Blade was currently emitting was incredibly terrifying. Back when Shi Feng upgraded the Magic Weapon to Level 25, he could still move about relatively easily under the aura the weapon emanated. Now, however, even motion was a luxury. He could only stand still and watch quietly as all of this happened.

After a while, the magnitude of the heartbeats gradually increased. The black mist in the sky also took the shape of a black heart. Meanwhile, with this black heart as the core, a vaporous phantom of a black dragon appeared.

The black dragon silently looked down on Shi Feng, a human-like playful expression contained within its blood-red eyes. In the next moment, the phantom dissipated into nothing, this time transforming into a silver sword that landed at Shi Feng's feet.

The phantom of the black dragon is becoming more realistic with each subsequent evolution. Even the pressure it emits is growing stronger. No wonder so many players dared not use Magic Weapons even though they had obtained them. Shi Feng frowned slightly as he looked at the Abyssal Blade, which had stabbed into the ground.

When and where a Backlash would occur, n.o.body knew.

Continuously strengthening the Abyssal Blade was equivalent to enhancing the power of the Magic Weapon's Backlash. Just the current Abyssal Blade could already make him feel fearful. If he continued upgrading the Abyssal Blade, he might really fail to cope with the Backlash.

This should be the so-called "the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

"Forget it. Let's take things as they come." Shi Feng shook his head, dispelling the negative thoughts in his head. He then pulled out the Abyssal Blade and took a look at its Attributes.

[Abyssal Blade] (One-handed Sword, Magic Weapon)

Attack Power +633

All Attributes +42

Attack Speed +15

Ignore Levels +15

Attacks have:

50% chance to cause 200% damage.

25% chance to cause 300% damage.

Every attack increases Attack Speed by 2%, up to a maximum of 20%.

If wielder belongs to any Swordsman-related cla.s.s, all Skill Levels +3.

Increase Free Ability Points received for every increase in Level by 2 points.

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