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Chapter 580 - Abyssal Upgrade

In response to Discipline Paradise's question, Shi Feng only smiled while remaining silent.

Receiving such a reply from Shi Feng, Discipline Paradise didn't get angry; his eyes glowed with excitement, instead, his trust in Shi Feng growing even stronger.

Previously, he had heard from Ironwrist that Shi Feng had managed to defeat a Level 42 Chieftain ranked Dark Magic Serpent all by himself. This was definitely a feat that no ordinary person was capable of.

Currently, there were only ten parties capable of hunting Dark Magic Serpents in District Five. Other than their excellent techniques and equipment, the main reason why these ten parties were equal to the task was their having learned Tier 1 Taboo Skills that countered these Chieftains.

Otherwise, they all would be powerless against Dark Magic Serpents.

As for defeating a Dark Magic Serpent single-handedly, not even he, the leader of District Five's Third Party, had ever dreamed of attempting such a feat.

Due to this reason, he had come over personally to invite Shi Feng to join their team and aid them in competing for the Chapter of Darkness.

"When will Brother Ye Feng be able to obtain the Chapter of Darkness?" Discipline Paradise asked somewhat anxiously. Hints of reverence and elation gleamed in his eyes.

Although several Districts were partic.i.p.ating in the crusade against the Great Lord Noya this time, Noya was a Level 40 Great Lord. Even if everyone combined their power, victory over the Great Lord was still a long shot. They had made ample preparations, yet their current predicted success rate was below 10%. The odds for stealing the Chapter of Darkness weren't worth mentioning.

It was not easy for a party to survive in a Shelter. Besides constantly competing over the party rankings inside a Shelter, parties also needed to defend the Shelter every day lest the Shelter fall into ruin and all their efforts come to naught.

Now that an expert like Shi Feng had shown up, the Third Party would have a much better chance at obtaining the Chapter of Darkness.

Noya was no ordinary Great Lord; it was a Guardian Monster serving as the key for activating a new map.

Such Guardian Monsters normally tested a player's individual abilities. Having more players partic.i.p.ating in the crusade would only lead to more mistakes occurring.

Ever since G.o.d's Domain began, Mavericks had been the ones to activate many of the new maps. Hence, everyone in this place revered Mavericks greatly as they had managed to accomplish a task that most parties couldn't.

Meanwhile, this was the first time Discipline Paradise encountered a Maverick as strong as Shi Feng. Shi Feng's chances of obtaining the Chapter of Darkness were definitely much higher than their crusading army's.

"I'll give it a go as soon as possible." Shi Feng could not give an accurate timeline. After all, he had not yet seen Noya personally. However, with his equipment and means, he should have an excellent chance of stealing the item the Great Lord was guarding. "I hope that Brother Discipline can prepare the Tier 1 Taboo Skills as soon as possible."

Tier 1 Taboo Skills and Curses were not cabbages piled high in the market. Based on the information Shi Feng had collected, out of the tens of thousands of players in District Five, only the top five parties possessed six or more Tier 1 Taboo Skills and Curses. Ironwrist's Seventh Party had two; however, currently only one of his members had succeeded in learning a Tier 1 Curse. One could just imagine how difficult it was to obtain Tier 1 Taboo Skills and Curses.

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