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Chapter 579 - Crusading Army

"Join the crusading army?" Shi Feng began pondering silently.

He did indeed want to go and take a look at Gloomy Valley, with his goal for going there being the Chapter of Darkness. After all, there might be some sort of connection between the Chapter and the Bible of Darkness. However, he had intended to go there by himself.

There was only a single Chapter of Darkness. With so many people wanting to obtain it, how was he supposed to get it if he went with a group?

It was also unlikely that everyone would give him the Chapter of Darkness.

Hence, the only way for him to obtain it was to move alone. That way, he would not have to share the Chapter with others.

Based on the information he had gathered earlier, there was no need to defeat the Great Lord Noya to get the Chapter of Darkness. The Great Lord was simply guarding the Chapter of Darkness. Hence, Shi Feng could just steal the Chapter. There was no real need for him to conquer the Great Lord. The difficulty of obtaining the Chapter of Darkness this way was undeniably much lower.

Moreover, he had already succeeded in carrying out similar feats in the past.

Previously, he had stolen an Imperial Heirloom from the Anubis's Gatekeeper, a Great Lord ranked monster.

Afterward, he had also s.n.a.t.c.hed the G.o.d Crystal from a Tier 4 Mythic Creature, the Orc King Tresik.

The first theft was difficult, but the subsequent one was easy.

Currently, he had much more confidence in stealing an item from a Great Lord.

"That's right, join the crusading army. To be precise, I am asking you to join our Third Party," Discipline Paradise said, his eyes filled with sincerity.

Hearing Discipline Paradise's words, all the players inside the bar could not help but turn to look at Shi Feng, envious expressions appearing on their faces.

The crusade this time was not something just anyone could partic.i.p.ate in.

As it was a crusade against Gloomy Valley, the number of players they could bring was limited. Naturally, they would only allow elites to partic.i.p.ate in it. That way would increase the chances of success considerably.

Meanwhile, in District Five, only the top ten ranking parties received direct admission into the crusading army. Everyone else had to go through a test, and only the best could join the crusade.

There were many players in District Five. Meanwhile, only a total of 100 slots were allotted to District Five for the crusade. Among them, 60 were already a.s.signed to the top ten parties, so everyone else would have to fight for the remaining 40 slots. One could just imagine how intense the compet.i.tion would be.

Now, Shi Feng could join the Third Party directly and partic.i.p.ate in the crusade without having to compete over those 40 slots. This was practically a gift from the heavens.

As long as the crusade succeeded, the 100 players partic.i.p.ating in it would receive a bountiful harvest, particularly in terms of Contribution Shares for the Shelter. How could this situation not make others envious?

"Discipline, how can you be so underhanded?!" Ironwrist suddenly called out. "Even if Brother Ye Feng is going to join the crusading army, he should be joining my Seventh Party, not your Third Party! I only invited you over to discuss matters relating to the Dark Den!"

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