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Chapter 578 - District Five

Time pa.s.sed little by little. Before he knew it, Shi Feng had spent over an hour inside the bar already.

Although he had not done anything in particular, he had gained an enormous harvest.

The bar was somewhere players often conversed and exchanged information with each other, so collecting information was effortless, particularly information regarding District Five.

After going through the information he had, Shi Feng finally understood what kind of place District Five was.

He could not help but admit that it was similar to the real world.

To put it simply, District Five was a simple Shelter that allowed players to stay at a close distance to high-leveled monsters, removing the need to waste large amounts of time on travel.

As there were no teleportation arrays here, players had to rely on their own two feet to get anywhere.

Due to the large number of ferocious monsters in the area, players would generally form parties when venturing into the fields, not daring to go solo. Any player capable of moving solo in the fields was an expert among experts. These solo players were known as Mavericks, and they were the definition of strength. Hence, they were admired by many players.

Besides that, Shelters also served as a defensive measure against monster a.s.saults because the nights in this place was extremely terrifying.

How terrifying were they?

At nighttime, monsters would group up and actively a.s.sault players. Even a 100-man team would not survive without the protection of the Shelter.

Moreover, even if players were inside the Shelter, they still needed to face the tsunami of monsters. Hence, the players here had no choice but to work together to fend off these monsters.

If the Shelter were compromised, then the activity range of players would be similarly affected. They would have no choice but to move their base of operations to a lower-level region. In the future, if they wished to grind high-level monsters, they would have to waste a lot of time traveling from a low-level region to a high-level region.

Meanwhile, the nights here were longer than days. Out of the 48 hours in each day, 30 hours consisted of nighttime with only 18 hours of daytime. The time available for players to level up and improve themselves was much more limited.

This situation further emphasized the importance of Shelters.

After all, if players were to waste eight to nine hours on travel every day, how were they supposed to level up? Nevertheless, it was this dire situation that allowed the players here to have very high levels.

District Five was one of the Shelters located in a high-level region.

The players here did not have to waste a large amount of time on travel to encounter high-level monsters, go to high-level Dungeons, or take on high-level quests.

As the players here had to face the a.s.sault of a monster army every night, not only could they gain a considerable amount of EXP from killing these monsters, but they could also take the opportunity to complete high-level quests, obtaining significant sums of money and equipment.

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