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Chapter 576 - Maverick

In G.o.d's Domain, a Chieftain ranked monster normally dropped around four or five items since a 20-man team could easily deal with a Chieftain of the same level.

As for Lords, these monsters usually required 50-man or 100-man teams of the same level to defeat, and the number of items they usually dropped was above ten pieces.

At Dark-Gold rank, Icarus's Heart possessed 14 Luck. Moreover, Divine Providence gave an additional 32 Luck when activated.

In total, Shi Feng could raise his Luck up to 46 points.

With so much Luck, Shi Feng had a high chance of triggering a jackpot even if he were to kill a Lord, not to mention a Chieftain. Yet, the Dark Magic Serpent had only dropped seven items…

Moreover, all seven of these items were very ordinary.

Usually, players would have a tiny chance of obtaining Fine-Gold Equipment from Field Chieftains. However, among the seven items Shi Feng obtained, there was no Fine-Gold Equipment at all. There were only two pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment and two pieces of Secret-Silver Equipment. All four were Level 40 equipment. As for the remaining drops, they were three gray crystals. Taking a look at the crystals' information showed that all three were Common items.

What is going on here? Shi Feng was astonished when he saw the items the Dark Magic Serpent dropped. Despite his having such high Luck, the Chieftain dropped only such low-quality items. It was practically the lowest possible drop one could get from a Chieftain. Shi Feng then shook his head, dispelling his thoughts as he quickly stored the drops. Whatever. Best to take a look at the situation on other side for now.

Although the drops he obtained were unsightly, Shi Feng felt that it was somewhat reasonable after giving the matter some thought.

The higher the level one reached in G.o.d's Domain, the more difficult it was to obtain good equipment.

When players reached Level 40, the difficulty of obtaining Level 40 Secret-Silver Equipment was no less than the difficulty of obtaining Level 30 Fine-Gold Equipment at Level 30.

While Shi Feng was hurrying over to Ironwrist's side of the battlefield, the fight there had yet to end.

Currently, the Dark Magic Serpent still had 10% of its HP remaining. However, Ironwrist and the others were not doing too well right now. Due to the unexpected ambush earlier, the party's mages and healers had depleted themselves considerably. Now that they resumed their conquest of the heavily injured Dark Magic Serpent, they found the battle extremely taxing.

Hence, even after fighting for so long, they had managed to take away only 20% of the Dark Magic Serpent's HP.

"Everyone, keep it up! It has only 10% of its HP left! We should hurry up and finish off this Dark Magic Serpent, so that we can go help on the other side!" Ironwrist said as he blocked the Chieftain's Tail Swipe using his shield.

Everyone nodded in agreement, and they began using everything they had.

The two mages each took out a Tier 1 magic scroll and started chanting.

Tier 1 magic scrolls were lifesaving items. Although the scrolls only contained Tier 1 Skills, the might of the Skills was much more than that of any ordinary Tier 1 Skill. Most importantly, these Tier 1 magic scrolls did not require any Mana to use.

The Ranger had also taken out 20 Special Arrows. These Special Arrows were Consumable items. Although they were not as expensive as a Tier 1 magic scroll, the combined value of 20 Special Arrows was no less than that of three Tier 1 magic scrolls.

The spells contained in the Tier 1 magic scrolls bombarded the Dark Magic Serpent one after another, each dealing over -3,000 or -4,000 damage—three or four times more damage than what the mages' own Tier 1 spells were capable of.

The two mages' bombardment instantly reaped over 20,000 HP from the Chieftain.

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