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Chapter 575 - Twenty-four Consecutive Strikes

"d.a.m.n, it actually called a companion!" Ironwrist frowned.

The other party members also grew anxious at the arrival of another Dark Magic Serpent.

Facing one was already their limit. Moreover, their only Curse was on Cooldown, and it would be quite some time before they could use it again.

"Ironwrist, what are we going to do now?" the Cleric at the rear line asked hurriedly.

Ironwrist looked at the Dark Magic Serpent that they had injured heavily, before turning to look at the newly arrived Chieftain that was rapidly slithering towards them. Gritting his teeth, he said, "Let's retreat!"

Although the heavily injured Dark Magic Serpent only had 30% of its HP remaining, they would still need quite some time to kill it.

Meanwhile, the Dark Magic Serpent was unlike other Chieftains. It was a Chieftain that possessed a potent venom.

When fighting against a Dark Magic Serpent, if one failed to interrupt the Chieftain's Vicious Venom Skill in time, even a team of 100 players would die. If their party was fighting just one of these Serpents, they could still manage to interrupt its Skill. However, going up against two at the same time was impossible since their party did not have a second person capable of interrupting the other Dark Magic Serpent's Vicious Venom. As long as the venomous mist of the Skill spreads, only death awaited them.

Hence, their only option right now was to retreat.

When the others heard Ironwrist's command, they immediately withdrew without hesitation.

Unfortunately, although Ironwrist and the others had made the correct decision in this situation, the heavily injured Dark Magic Serpent had no intentions of letting them go. Widening its mouth, it shot jets of venom at Ironwrist and his team.

A short moment later, the other Dark Magic Serpent caught up with the party, circled around to their rear, and used its Tail Swipe Skill at the party's Cleric and Druid.

"d.a.m.n!" Ironwrist's complexion sank. Although he wanted to go save the two healers, the distance to them prevented him from doing so. Moreover, the Dark Magic Serpent in front of him was also bombarding him with venom attacks. Not to mention saving others, he was having a tough time just trying to avoid being hit himself.

"Leave us!" the Cleric named Off Fire shouted. He could not help squeezing his eyes shut when he saw the Serpent's tail swiping at him.

Against a Level 42 Chieftain like the Dark Magic Serpent, even their party's Shield Warrior, Ironwrist, could only survive two direct hits. As for cloth armor cla.s.ses like them, the Chieftain would need only one hit to end their lives.


The earth shattered.

"Huh? Why am I still alive?" Despite waiting for a long time, Off Fire did not feel any pain from the impact of the Serpent's tail. He then cracked open his eyes, taking a peek at the Dark Magic Serpent. Immediately, a dumbfounded expression appeared on his face. "How is this possible?"

At this moment, whether it was Off Fire or his fellow party members, all of them had their mouths hanging wide open.

Standing before Off Fire right now was a person. Meanwhile, this person had actually blocked the Dark Magic Serpent's attack using just one hand without so much as taking half a step back. Only, due to the immense force contained within the Serpent's tail, the ground beneath this person's feet had shattered.

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