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Chapter 574 - Curse

The battle below the cliff grew in intensity as more time pa.s.sed. Aside from the booming of violent elemental mana, there were also thundering roars and the constant clash of metal reverberating in the canyon.

That's one intense battle. Seeing the trees being shattered and felled one after another, Shi Feng could not help but take a closer look at the ongoing battle.

In the forested canyon, Shi Feng could see a ma.s.sive shadow moving through the trees. This shadow left a trail of destruction everywhere it pa.s.sed.

Such a powerful monster. Judging from its Strength, which allows it to sweep away all obstacles in its path, it should not be any weaker than a Chieftain. Shi Feng then jumped off the cliff to take a closer look at the situation below.

He had come to the Dark Den to complete his Epic Quest.

This sudden battle before him might very well have some relation to the quest. Naturally, he had to go check it out.

If an ordinary player were to jump down from a cliff that was over a hundred meters tall, they would die the instant they landed.

However, Shi Feng did not mind. When he was about 20 meters above the ground, he activated Gravity Liberation, his body suddenly becoming as light as a feather. Due to the immense air resistance, Shi Feng's descent decelerated sharply, so he landed safely.

The instant Shi Feng's feet touched the green gra.s.s, he activated Omniscient Eyes, allowing him to perceive every movement within a radius of 100 yards. With this, he would be able to react immediately at the first sign of danger.

This was a habit he had picked up from his many years of adventuring.

When dealing with the unknown, caution had the top priority. Moreover, he was currently in the Dark Den, a nest of Demons. He needed to be even more cautious.

Meanwhile, the battle happening a distance away continued to intensify, so much so that even the ground was shaking right now.

When Shi Feng arrived at the battlefield, he discovered a giant black serpent over 50 meters in length swinging its tail around. With a single sweep, the serpent easily sliced apart a tree over one meter in diameter, leaving the surface of the cut as smooth as a mirror. With another casual swipe of its tail, the serpent split the ground, opening a deep gorge. Every one of the serpent's actions was capable of causing ma.s.sive changes to its surroundings.

[Dark Magic Serpent] (Dark Creature, Chieftain Rank)

Level 42

HP 800,000/800,000

Meanwhile, fighting against the Dark Magic Serpent was a party of six players. Moreover, the players in this party were extremely powerful, with the average level of the party being Level 29. Even in Zero Wing, only Blackie had reached this level.

A Level 29 Shield Warrior currently stood at the forefront, fending off the Serpent's attacks, while two mages and a Ranger bombarded the Chieftain with a relentless stream of attacks. A Druid and a Cleric standing at the rear line were also continuously healing the Shield Warrior.

For a time, the battle remained at a stalemate.

"Ironwrist, be careful! It's using Vicious Venom!" hurriedly reminded the Ranger standing at the rear line when he saw the Serpent's belly expanding.

"Relax." The Shield Warrior named Ironwrist laughed, and instead of preparing to dodge, he took the initiative to charge at the Dark Magic Serpent.

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