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Chapter 573 - Another World

Such a powerful killing intent!

Shi Feng's five senses already felt greatly weakened. Whether it was his vision or intuition, it felt as if a layer of mist shrouded his entire body. He could not see clearly at all.

However, compared to the Demonkin army before him, what shocked Shi Feng more was the sound of the system notifications reaching his ears.

System: Player has discovered the Dark Den.

System: All communications with the outside world will be temporarily severed.

System: Player has been affected by the power of darkness. All Attributes decreased by 30%.

Line after line of system notifications rang out, leaving Shi Feng utterly speechless.

He could still accept his communications being severed, but reducing his Attributes by 30% as well? Wasn't this a little too harsh?

Originally, the monsters here were of a higher Level than him. Moreover, their numbers were also very frightening. Now that he was significantly weakened as well, the difficulty of collecting the Bible of Darkness was undoubtedly considerably higher.

Looking at the group of Level 40 black-skinned Demonkins charging at him like a tidal wave, Shi Feng felt his scalp tingling.

Currently, he was only Level 32. Although the Demonkins did not have a level suppression effect on him, with this many of them, even if he possessed large-scale destruction spells, they would not be enough to get him out of this predicament. Having no better option, he turned around and fled to a narrow pathway.

Although Shi Feng's Attributes had been reduced by 30%—his HP falling from over 10,000 to just over 8,000, and his Strength and Agility likewise seriously compromised—Shi Feng's equipment was simply too good. Despite his 30% Attribute reduction, his speed still greatly surpa.s.sed that of the Demonkins chasing after him. Very quickly, the Demonkins on his tail were eating his dust.

Seeing a horde of Demonkins blocking the entrance to the narrow pathway he was heading for, Shi Feng immediately took out an Intermediate Frost Grenade.

[Intermediate Frost Grenade]
Effective against monsters (and players) below Level 70.

Deals 800 frost damage to a radius of 12 yards, freezing targets for 5 seconds, then reducing Movement Speed by 60% for a duration of 12 seconds.

Each grenade cost 10 Silver—enough money to sustain an ordinary player in G.o.d's Domain for quite some time.

To ensure he could complete this Epic Quest of his and obtain the Bible of Darkness, Shi Feng had been provisioning all this time. Meanwhile, the Frost Grenades were one of these provisions of his. He had even ama.s.sed plenty of Advanced Frost Grenades, which cost 70 Silver each.

The number of Demonkins before him was simply too frightening. This was no longer a problem he could solve by relying on technique. He could only use absolute power to break through. Hence, this was the best time to employ the Frost Grenades.

Tossing out one Intermediate Frost Grenade…

A large patch of Demonkins was instantly frozen solid, damage of -800 emerging above their heads. A large ice flower suddenly bloomed within the originally pitch-black area. Inside this dark cave, this ice flower looked extraordinarily beautiful and holy.

Another dozen or so Intermediate Frost Grenades followed in rapid succession. Flowers of ice bloomed one after another, and in the blink of an eye, practically all the Demonkins in Shi Feng's way were frozen. As for the few Demonkins that remained unscathed, they were no threat to Shi Feng whatsoever. After a few evasive maneuvers, he was already past the Demonkin's blockade. He then leaped into the narrow pathway.

However, the instant Shi Feng set foot in the narrow pathway, he suddenly felt death looming over him. He hurriedly activated the Aura of Earth's Activatable Skill, Absolute Defense, becoming immune to all damage for five seconds. This could be considered Shi Feng's most powerful Lifesaving Skill.

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